BB wakes the HGs up at 10 am. Josh tries to convince Sharon that Sheila is Matt’s mother and she finally concedes that he may be right. He mentions that James and Chelsia have been having sex right next to them. Josh, Sharon, Sheila and Ryan spend some time outside while Chelsia brings James breakfast in bed and they cuddle. James tries to give her pointers on how to campaign for votes. He mentions that her mean alter ego’s name is Chelly. They both say they care about each other.

While on outdoor lockdown, Ryan and Chelsia laugh off her behavior the previous night as Natalie and Sheila say they are trapped in there with her with no where to go. Indoor lockdown called as soon as the other is over, Josh gets in bed and falls asleep. As Sharon and Chelsia watch, James climbs into bed with him to scare him.

Natalie complains that Chelsia is nice to her all day and then attacks her at night. Sheila tells Natalie to watch out for Adam, because he has played Sheila and she was surprised that he didn’t put her on the block. They talk about previous seasons of BB and the HOH competitions in them. Sheila tells Natalie that she has had on three bathing suits today. They join Sharon out in the sun where Sheila repeats herself again about how many suits she has worn. They start talking about music and Natalie says she has a “ballot” by Goo Goo Dolls on her myspace page. BB calls each HG into the DR one by one throughout the afternoon. Natalie tells Adam and Ryan that if they win HOH next week, they should put up James and Josh because the best birthday present for Matt would be to get James voted out next week.

Sheila tells Sharon that Josh thinks that Matt is her son and he isn’t. Sharon plays stupid like Josh hadn’t told her. Sheila thinks that Adam wants her out and would have put her up on the block if they didn’t need the numbers to get Chelsia out.

Ryan plays barber to Adam and James and cuts their hair. Both Adam and Ryan then shave their own chests. Ryan continues on with shaving his arm hair. Josh asks Chelsia what she wants to eat tomorrow for her “roast” where everyone will tease her and pick on her. She says she wants roasted chicken.

The girls club, Natalie and Sheila, talk in the bedroom after Natalie finishes her prayers to God to let her or Sheila win HOH, and Natalie says that she can’t sleep knowing that she voted James back in and that she was the reason that Matt got evicted. She says she can’t sleep for making such a dumb decision. Sheila is scared that there is only going to be 3 girls against the 4 boys. Natalie is once again delusional saying that Chelsia is just jealous of her and Matty’s relationship but he’s going to be disgusted by Chelsia for not keeping him. She thinks that her and Matt turn people on.

Chelsia and Josh get into the hot tub and she asks him what she can do to stay. She tells him that James isn’t going to give her a vote. She says it sucks and calls it the Evil Easter Bunny week. Ryan comes out and shows them his shaved arms before going back to play a game of pool. Chelsia and Josh talk about her 4 weeks in sequester and the possibility of a double eviction. Adam and Ryan ask Chelsia why she isn’t fighting to stay and working people and she says she is. James tells her inside to tell the house that she will hang him if she has their vote. James wants Chelsia to turn on him or act that way as a way of campaigning. They talk about how Adam and Ryan need to go because getting rid of the boys will affect Natalie more than getting rid of Natalie first.

Sheila goes on and on about how BB knows what is going to happen because humans are predictable and Natalie asks what preordained means because Sharon had once said that something about the game was preordained or predeteremined. Sheila replies “Ordained? That’s like a minister” and they don’t realize that preordained is in fact very similar to predeteremined. Natalie then goes on to quote bible verses and show Sheila how they pertain to the game. Natalie thinks the siren will go off one more time in week 8 for a double eviction.

BB gives the HGs a bottle of win and some beer. They noticed that the tv in the living room was messed up and just had a mac desktop on it.

On the upstairs couch, Sheila is playing up the fact that she and Adam aren’t playing together (AGAIN!) to Natalie because she didn’t get stuck with someone hot like everyone else did in the couple thing, but she was stuck with Adam when she could have gotten an Evel Dick or Dr. Will.

Ryan, Sharon and Adam go to sit by the hot tub and talk about how Chelsia gave up and James isn’t even going to give her a vote. They talk about how in 48 hours, Adam has to give the HOH key to someone else and hopefully it will be someone that won’t evict them. Adam thinks the HOH competition is going to be questions. Adam thanks Sharon for volunteering to go on the block and she says she can handle it because she’s not a very negative person. Natalie and Sheila join them and admit they are tipsy. Natalie admits that she doesn’t even like to drink and would rather smoke pot.

Ryan heads inside and with James, Josh, Chelsia and Adam they try to figure out Natalie’s timeline because they don’t think it adds up. Ryan says that Natalie is a compulsive liar because he heard the BJs and she denies giving them. Adam says that in Natalies twisted mind, Matt was playing everyone but her. They decide to go with the story that Natalie is a recovering drug addict and that she found God after something big went down. They also don’t believe that she has only been with 4 guys because she is the type of girl that will give a BJ on national television. Adam says there are 2 years of Natalie's history that are unaccounted for and he is going to ask her.

Josh, James, Chelsia and Sharon are all in their room and Sharon is telling the story of her and Jacobs demise. James twists words of what she is saying around which riles her up more and more where she is waving her hands more and more. They all lay down to go to bed. James and Chelsia talk quietly about farting before falling asleep.

Adam lays in bed reading the bible, occasionally scratching “down there.” Everyone else is in bed, asleep.

James wakes up and plays a little air guitar while his food is heating up on the stove. He eats and cleans up after himself, picks up some candy from the Easter basket and plays chess against himself. His side of the board wins and he sets up to play another game but decides not to. He tries to do a split in the living room while smiling up at the camera. Then he heads back to bed.