The house guests are awoken at around 8:30 BBT to a few tunes. It looks like a beautiful day and everyone gets up and goes about usual morning routines. Everyone eventually makes their way outside to enjoy the sun (ed. must be nice). It doesn’t take long before the whispering starts. Sheila seems to be playing all sides as usual. Adam thinks she is just covering her a$$. Ryan hopes that she is not telling others what they have been talking about.

A lot of general chit chat as the girls lay in the sun and the boys shoot pool. Alone with Natalie in the kitchen, Chelsea tries some damage control by telling Nat that if she was to stay she would put James up and there would be no more “we”. Chelsea asks Nat what she would have to do to redeem herself (ed. she is campaigning?). Nat never really answers but says before Chelsea’s big blowup she was in HOH campaigning for her to stay. Nat denies the BJ rumors and Chelsea that Matt told everyone himself. Chelsea still telling Nat that Matt that he kissed her. They are both calm and not fighting during this conversation.

Nat says she feels the calm before a storm coming on and Sheila says possibly if the dole out the alcohol. Sheila still holds a grudge against Ryan for taking the 10 grand from her on the last POV.

Quickie Show Recap

Natalie runs up to HOH room and congratulates Adam on his nominations of James and Chelsea and his speech. Then Sheila joins them and tells them how James and Chelsea are reacting (like kids. jumping up and down and laughing). James and Chelsea scheme on who would be a good back door. Sheila and Natalie worry about James pulling himself off the block if he wins the veto.

Sharon, Sheila, Josh, and Chelsea get to see a private screening of the new film “21”. As Adam brings out their tubs of popcorn he informs them since Ryan lost his blackjack hand, the VIP Vegas trip is still up for grabs and there is a golden ticket inside 1 tub of popcorn. Chelsea wins this. So then the 4 head to HOH room that has been set up w/ popcorn and candy galore and enjoy the film.

In an unusual move, the POV players are picked at night. Chelsea, James, Adam, Josh, Sheila and Sharon are playing in the Veto, whose time will be announced later. Evel Dick gives house guests and early wakeup call the next morning by banging pots and pans. He leads them to the BY, where he tells them the name of the game is Club Evel.

Like last years veto contest, each player will have a chance to drink 10 nasty drink concoctions. They will get as many tries at the Giant BB Croquet as their finished drinks. James drinks all 10 drinks and ultimately wins POV.

Chelsea realizes that her voting James back into the house was a mistake. Josh and Ryan are working their secret alliance by telling Adam to put Sharon up against Chelsea. Josh says that he is so good that he talked Sharon into telling Adam to put her up as a pawn. Sharon tells Adam it would be an easier HOH for him to put her up as a pawn and she is confident she has the votes to stay. Natalie thinks Josh would be a better choice and Ryan quickly squashes that by saying that they need to weaken James.

Veto Meeting is held and James saves himself and Adam replaces him with Sharon.
End show.

Chelsea asks Sheila about her vote. Sheila says I’m not going to flip flop. I'm going to vote for Sharon to stay. The reason why is because I know she went up on the block to save either me or Josh. People in this house don't want me to be here and I know Sharon asked to go on the block to save her. Sharon has a breakdown with Josh in the BY. She tells him that people are turning on her (meaning him). He asks her who is saying this and she doesn’t give specifics. Josh told Sharon that Sharon is staying and Chelsea is leaving. Josh tells Sharon that Sheila is the worst. Josh tells Sharon that he hopes she trusts him. Sharon said that she does. But she keeps repeating that she is done.

Sheila tells Nat to be careful that people are coming after her. James told Nat that Sheila was planning to back door her. Sheila says that is impossible because you know I don’t even understand the concept. Sheila is breaking down votes (a little early) for final 2 saying that no one would vote for James against either one of them in the final 2. Ryan comes in and tells them not to let anyone persuade them to change their votes and they say don’t worry. Well folks….they are gonna go back and forth all night (ed. it sucks to live EST and have to get up at 6 for work….LOL) so tune in tomorrow to see who gets evicted. I’m D-U-N! Bueno!!!
**A special thank you to Nicole89 for taking over for me last Tuesday. You did a great job and I owe ya one!