Another day another drama.

As we start off the day with the houseguests, the usual prepping is going on. Showering, tweezing, plucking, make-up, shaving. You name it those houseguests do it.

Shelia talks about how, when she wins there is going to be a girls only + Josh sleepover tonight. Chels and James enjoy what they believe to be their last breakfast together, in bed. After breakfast and grooming the houseguests are informed of the typical live show day HOH lockdown and they head upstairs. They do some napping and also some random talking while locked up in the HOH room, and after an hour they are let out and begin their pre-live show cleaning.

Natalie and Sharon start talking about who Sharon is aligned with and Sharon says she's still with Josh and James. Natalie starts talking about how this is her week she will win this HOH competition. No doubt. Natalie: Yeah.. A real good feeling. I was thinking about it, and my favourite number's 7, Mattie's is 7, it's the 7th week, God's favourite number is 7. I can feel it.

(ed. The dreaded flames are on and off all day today, so not much going on that we see/hear. So bare with me)

Live show time.

The shows actually really good and Julie Chen looks more human then ever, and she is also talking like a real person and doesn't seem so Chenbottish.
We start with the Easter fiasco, involving mostly Chels and Natalie. It really makes Chels look like a crazy person though, a little more then it probably could have. But that's reality TV though.
We go to the living room and talk with the houseguests briefly. Julie asking what type of baby food Adam prefers (ed. lol, I laughed a lot) and then onto a clip of Evel Dick back in the house, then questions to Shelia about whether she has a crush on him, she says yes. Then questions to Nat about Matt leaving and then Julie asks her how many letters are in Matt's last name? 8. (ed. going back to her curtains etc.)

After commercial we get a family segment on Adam, talking about how good of a guy he is, that he talks really fast, he's a loveable guy on the inside, baler on the outside.
After we have houseguests comments on the nominees, they aren't looking good for Chels.
Julie asks the houseguests to say a few words before the live voting. Sharon says the usual "I would be happy either way yadda yadda" then Chels (ed. obviously not going for any votes) makes rude comments about the house in general and then says something about not wanting to be done with this game.

The live voting begins and we see the houseguests go in 1 by 1 to cast their votes to evict.
Natalie "Happily" Votes to Evict Chelsia
Joshuah "unfortunately" votes to Evict Chelsia
Ryan votes to Evict Chelsia
It's official - with 3 votes to evict...
Sheila votes to Evict Chelsia
James: I sadly vote to evict Chelsia.

By a Vote of 5 to 0 Chels has been evicted from the BB house. She stands up, tells everyone to stay there, I have some advice. Adam- Grow a spine, you're playing like a baby. Shelia- You seem to have been rode hard and left out to dry wet. Natalie- Get an education, cause you clearly need one hun. Josh- I love you (Whispers apparently about not psyching himself for the competition) James- Lots of kisses and a whisperfest too. Final words- Blow up this house guys.

Chels goes out to Julie and has civil talk with her. Then goodbyes. Nathalie's was rude, but that's Natalie. Then James was really cute and loveable, Chels is crying.
Julie asks Chels if she sees James and her being together outside the house, she says that they will sit down and watch BB9 together and go from there. (ed. and maybe the porn too?)

The HOH competition, as America (ed. and Canada, thank you very much) voted throughout this week about different questions pertaining to the houseguests winning elections these questions were used as a quiz to crown the next HOH. Natalie was in the lead most of the HOH competition with Josh behind her and after 7 questions it was official, Natalie is the new HOH.

After the live show is over the feeds come back and everyone is socializing, Shelia is mad about the comment that Chels made as she was leaving, cause her son might have heard it. Shelia and James get into it a bit.
Josh and James at this point are assuming they are dead men walking. Sharon is kissing butt right now to Natalie to get on her good side. James says that if he doesn't get nominated, he's being backdoored.

Then we have the HOH reveal. Natalie gets her yellowcard CD that she's been dying for, and wine and lots of other goodies.

James goes up to HOH to try and strike a deal with Natalie, no deal. He shakes on if he wins POV he won't take Josh down. All Natalie is saying is that she needs to do what's best for her at this point. Natalie thinks her target is James this week. Whether he goes up in the initial nominations or not. She might put up Sharon/Josh to scare them both.

Sharon is talking by the hot tub about how she was kinda guessing randomly for HOH she didn't really want to win at all. She goes on to tell Josh that she doesn't trust James anymore and that he's gone. They start talking about the next few weeks and what they need to do. Sharon thinks this next HOH will be physical and that she'll have an edge on it. Where-as Josh just wants to get this week over with.

Natalie and Shelia are finishing up Natalie's wine she got in HOH and Natalie says that her nominations are going to be Josh and James. Shelia is STILL going on about chels comments.

Everyone throughout the night assures Josh that he is safe up against James. (ed. unless BB rigs the veto and James wins, buh bye Josh)

Natalie: I am sending Mattie his birthday present. James is that birthday present.

And with that I leave you to ponder, who will be nominated for eviction and who will win the food competition this week? Find out Today March 27th, 2008.