Chelsia’s Wrath Continues …

8:30 AM – 1:30 PM

BB wakes up the Houseguests and places them in an indoor lockdown. Josh is the first one up. Everyone is really groggy and slow moving this morning. BB announces that they have an hour before the food competition. Slowly everyone stirs and starts the morning ADL’s. Shelia, Adam, and Josh talk about random things in the bathroom. Shelia doesn’t know what the term “rode hard” means. Adam keeps yelling “RODE HARD” every few minutes.

Sharon wakes up and puts dishes away in the kitchen while Josh talks to her about what he should wear during the week. Sharon tells him he is crazy. Adam decides to join Natalie in the HOH room. He talks to her while she takes a shower. She has a bad hangover from too much wine last night.

There isn’t a lot going on other than Josh shaving all his body hair while everyone else lounges around and sleeps.

1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

From the sound of things, all the houseguests are on slop this week except for Natalie and Adam. BB calls an outdoor lockdown. Ryan, Adam and James smash the leftover watermelons from the Food Competition. Sharon says that she won’t use her slop pass and will be on slop with all the other houseguests. They explain to Natalie how pickles are made since she didn’t know that they came from cucumbers.

Adam, Josh and Natalie strategize. They are worried that James will win POV, but if anyone else wins they want the nominations to stay the same. Ryan whines incessantly about being on slop.

Shelia and Josh wonder how James is going to act this week. They think that if he loses POV that he will be worse than Chelsia. Shelia joins Natalie in the HOH room and they bond over clothes. Adam joins them and they bash James and Cheslia for awhile. Shelia keeps commenting on how stupid she is for picking slop. Natalie and Shelia keep going over the HOH competition questions and saying how disgusted they are with Chelsia’s actions when she left the house.

3 PM – 5:30 PM

Sharon joins Natalie and Shelia in the HOH room. They look at Natalie’s pictures. Adam made Natalie a pizza. Sharon says that the girls need to stick together. Natalie predicts that the final four will be Natalie, Josh, Ryan and Sharon. Sharon leaves and Ryan and Adam join them in the HOH room. Ryan suggests that they try to backdoor James since he would hate to be back doored. They talk about how they can’t trust Sharon. Natalie confirms that her plan is to put up James and Josh as she practices her nomination speech. Natalie renames their alliance Team Jesus and laughs that the two girls that get naked and have fake boobbies are the ones left in the house.

Shelia talks to Ryan about her panties. ( ED: I was SO hoping that she would never bring it up again!). Sharon and Josh are whispering. Sharon is trying to plant the seeds to the other houseguests that she isn’t as tight with Josh anymore so that they will trust her. James joins them and Sharon asks James if he life experiences makes him feel older.

BB calls an outdoor lockdown. Sharon is made because the sun is gone. Everyone except Natalie is lounging around outside.

5:30 PM – 7 PM

Nominations are over. James and Josh are nominated for eviction. James is quiet. Natalie, Ryan, Shelia and Adam are loud and crazy. They are laughing and getting along famously and talking about how sexy Adam is. Ryan leans over to pick up something from the floor and splits his pants. Adam dry humps Shelia until she gets annoyed and leaves. Josh continues to shave his body hair and pout.

James enters the kitchen for a drink and is giving the other houseguests the silent treatment. Natalie follows him into the Storage Room and tries to strike a possible deal with him if he wins POV.

Most of the houseguests hang out in the hot tub talking about nothing in particular. Shelia finds James in the sauna and tells him that she is trying to protect him. James calls her on it and reminds her that she told him that the house wanted to back door him. She back pedals and tells James that she isn’t in an alliance with Natalie. Shelia lays out all her feelings for him and they discuss scenarios for the POV. Shelia asks James if he is going to flip out if he is evicted and he reminds her that he has already been evicted once and didn’t make a scene. Shelia is really pumping up James and telling him how awesome he is at the game. She also keeps repeating the same things over and over again concerning Chelsia. During the conversation, Josh is in stealth mode and listens to the whole thing and then runs upstairs to tell Natalie what he has heard. Natalie assures him that Shelia will not go against Natalie’s plans.

A short while later, Sharon joins James at the hot tub. James relays his conversation with Shelia to Sharon. James has come to the realization that he must win every POV to stay in the game since the rest of the house is scared of him and want him out. Shelia joins them and the conversation stops. Shelia apologizes to James about how she feels about Chelsia. Talk turns to what the next month in the house will be like. Shelia asks him if he is intimidated by anyone in the house and he says that physically Natalie is his equal and Adam is a lot smarter than people give him credit for. He was also intimidated by Matt. Shelia then brings up Chelsia AGAIN!

7 PM – 9:30 PM

James, Shelia and Sharon are still in the hot tub. They exchange lots of small talk and wonder if BB is going to play a trick on them for April Fool’s Day. Shelia walked in on Adam mid-wipe in the bathroom and they get a few good laughs out of it.

The players for the POV are chosen and Adam is the lone man out this time. Shelia says she thinks she is going to win it this time. Ryan complains about slop again. Most of the conversations going on are POV talk and general chit chat. Sharon thinks the next POV will be a timed event. They all speculate what it will be. Sharon finds a moth that has gotten wet and she tried to revive it. Natalie is uber-confident and says that she is going to send James to Matt in sequester as a birthday present. Shelia continues to rant about Chelsia and tells Natalie that James scares her.

Natalie, Josh and Adam talk about getting BB tattoos when they get out of the house. Adam is unusually quiet this evening.

9:30 PM – 12 AM

Josh and Sharon talk game. Josh doesn’t want Sharon to use the POV if she gets it. They agree that Natalie is a big threat and needs to go sooner than later after they get rid of James. Shelia returns from the Diary Room and gives Josh a pep talk. He is whining and freaking out because he is on the block and on slop this week.

Sharon goes inside the house to talk to the guinea pigs and feed them strawberries. James is awake and Shelia joins him for another talk. James is feeling sorry for himself and says that he wants to leave. He is in a very foul mood and is very upset that everyone in the house is holding what Chelsia did before she left the house against him.

James and Sharon exchange information in the backyard. James tells her what Shelia and Natalie have said to him and Sharon tells him that they are all lying to his face. James is called to the Diary Room. Adam, Josh, Ryan, and Sharon talk in the bedroom. Sharon lets them know that James wasn’t asleep and heard everything the y said about him earlier in the night.

Shelia has an epiphany and states that you can’t win this game by being nice. James comes back out into the backyard and lets Shelia have it! James told Shelia he heard she felt better and then proceeded to start yelling, screaming, and cursing at her. After the blowup, James returns to the house. The rest of the houseguests are lying low and talking amongst themselves about James attack. When Natalie returns from the Diary Room, James tells her that he went off on Shelia because she lied to him. James warned Natalie not to let Shelia sleep in the HOH because he is not going to let her get any sleep. James really starts to loose control and cries to Ryan and Natalie that he has no one in this game. Adam adds his two cents and he and James have it out too.

12 AM – 1 AM

Everyone retreats to separate corners to escape James’ warpath. Things calm down for a bit. Shelia and Natalie go to the HOH room where Shelia tries to talk Natalie into taking James off the block and nominating her so that she can get out of the house. Shelia is now ranting about James and wanting to know if he is allowed to get all in her face. Josh, James and Sharon talk in the dark about the show that Showtime watchers just got. Ryan and Adam laugh about getting James, Josh and Sharon out. Natalie comes down to talk to Sharon and Josh about James. Natalie thinks that James is probably telling the truth about Shelia since he has no reason to lie. Natalie then leaves and gives Adam and Ryan a pep talk for tomorrow’s POV competition.

Everyone rehashes the evening’s events and is keyed up for tomorrow’s POV competition. James returns from the Diary Room and tells Josh that he has never been that pissed in his life. Both Josh and James are really bummed and they realize that it is a no-win situation for both of them since one of them is going home and who ever stays is going to be the target again next week. Shelia enters the kitchen and James asks her if she is ok. She tells them that she asked Natalie to nominate her and then rejoins Natalie in the HOH Room. Shelia returns to the HOH where she is yelling at Natalie because she thinks that Adam is downstairs throwing her under the bus.

1 AM – 2:30 AM

The house is quieting down. Josh and Sharon are in bed. James is lying in bed, but is restless. He gets up and rummages through the cabinets looking for something before he returns to bed and changes his pants. He then gets up and goes outside to the hot tub. Shelia is out there doing laundry, but they don’t speak. Shelia goes in the house and then returns to restart the dryer. She tells James, “Good luck tomorrow, I mean it” and then leaves again.

All alone in the hot tub, James continues to be deep in thought and restless in the hot tub. He gets out of the hot tub and takes a shower and then rests on the couch in the bathroom. After a final tour of the house, James gets in bed and joins the rest of the sleeping houseguests.


Who will win POV? Will Natalie’s winning streak continue? Will Shelia’s premonition of FINALLY winning a POV come true? Will James win it, thus turning the house upside down yet again?

Thanks, as always, to all the live feeders. You do such a great job of getting everything that happens everyday so that we are never in the dark. Keep up the good work!