Pov Comp....New Alliances???

BB wakes the HG at 9:20am BBT


Sheila is in rare form this am, she is going on and on LOUDLY with the same ole song & dance and it goes on for HOURS folks. Everyone knows the story by now:
She is gonna step up her game, she never said anything bad about anybody, she's a 45yr old single mother, all she’s ever done is try to help people, she’s not afraid anymore, she’s been through so much in her life, it’s a shame no-one wants to learn from her, that from now on mums the word, she’s just gonna zip it from now on, etc, etc…
Sharon & Sheila are in the boat room. Sheila is rattling on & on. Sharon begins to cry and Sheila asks her “What did I say to make you cry”….I understand Sharon is breaking from the game but being in a room with Sheila for an extended amount of time would make anyone cry.
Natalie goes to the boat room to rescue Sharon but the plan doesn’t work, instead Sheila & Sharon go up to HOH and Sheila continues on…Natalie leaves her own HOH room so she won’t have to listen to it. (lol)
Before Nat leaves, they do have a discussion about how deadly James is and how he HAS to leave. Nat is feeing confident about POV and can’t wait to send Matty his B-Day present…James. (I have a feelin it ain’t gonna happen).

James & Josh play a game of checkers with the chess board while waiting, then James pays a game of chess by himself when Ryan declines an offer to play with him.
There is a level of tension in the air with everyone on edge about who will win the POV. BB is making the hamsters wait it out this morning. Let’s get the show on the road here BB, before all HG stab forks in their ears from Sheila’s droning.

Nat, Sheila & Sharon are in HOH…there is talk about an all girl alliance “Charlie’s Angels”. Ryan is outside HOH room studying the bookcases. Adam is back in bed. James & Josh are in the sauna…both are anxiously waiting and neither has much to say. When Josh leaves James begin jumping up and down. He’s ready for comp and so are we BB!

2:38 Trivia
5:04 Feeds Back

James is walking around with a smile, he seems giddy, doing a happy dance in his BR. James has won the POV.
Nat/Shelia/Ryan/James/Josh in kitchen just talking about the comp. Nat apologizes to Josh, tells him she’s sorry that she tried. Josh is sitting on the bed crying. Sharon then joins him and she gets very emotional and runs into the boat room to cry some more.
In the Storage Room, Natalie tells Sharon she's sorry, but she's gonna have to put her up as the pawn again.
Josh gets busy and heads to HoH telling her to put up Sharon: she's a much bigger physical threat... Natalie gets to break the tie. Josh says he'll make a deal with her. Natalie says if he can get 2 votes, she will break the tie and he'll stay. He then heads down to ask Ryan if he will vote for him. Ryan asks Baller about it but Adam tells him they have days to decide.
Ryan heads up to HOH to talk with Nat about keeping Josh. In the middle of their convo James comes up to HOH: Nat tells him they are thinking of keeping Josh. James says he wants to work with her but both parties want Adam & Sheila left out of the loop and up on the block. So is the new 4 going to be J/J/N/R? Who knows?
Josh then goes up to HOH and offers a 2 week deal to Ryan & Nat if they keep him here. Sharon in the meantime is crying her eyes out because she thinks Josh is leaving. Josh cares not one iota.

Josh and James are talking outside in the HT. Josh thinks that it’s funny that the house is frightened of James and that they wouldn’t have cut the deal with Josh without him winning the PoV. Josh says that he knew that everything would be OK. He says that he’s been telling the house that James was going to win. Josh is going to campaign to Adam so as not to give him a clue what’s going down. Ryan joins them and says that he doesn’t want to lie to Adam but he’ll do what he has to do. They are talking about Adam will put up James and Josh because James has told him that he was gunning for him.

Ryan, Adam and Natalie are in the kitchen. They bring the idea of keeping Josh over Sharon to Adam. Adam is worried whom Sharon would nominate if she wins HoH and Natalie says, “Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.” Adam says it’s either Sharon or Josh and Natalie tells him that she is putting Sharon on the block. Natalie thinks Sharon will stick with Sheila.

Sharon and Natalie were talking in the HoH room. Natalie told Sharon that Josh has been trying to flip the votes to get her out of the house. At first it looked like she didn’t buy it at first but you could soon see her demeanor change. In the end went and very quietly got Sheila to come up and Natalie fills Sheila in on Ryan making a deal with Josh to keep Ryan and Natalie safe and not including Adam and Sheila. Natalie explains to Sheila that Adam wants to stick with the plan to keep Sharon and evict Josh.

Sharon goes to bed and she is PO’d. Josh asks her if she was crying up in the HoH. She says she’s over that now; it’s just been a stressful day. Josh asks her what was being said up there and Sharon lies and says she was just listening to the CD and Nat was reading the bible. He asks if Sheila said anything about going up on the block and she said she heard something but, that Natalie told her she was not.


Sheila joins Adam and Ryan in the BY where they are playing pool. Adam tells Sheila that they are going to keep Josh. Sheila freaks out and says, “You’re playing with me right Adam?” The boys break down and tell her they’re just kidding. She seems worried but knows there are days left to work Baller.

Natalie comes out of DR and goes out to the BY with Adam and Ryan. She now plots with the boys to go along with her plan to evict Josh. Her thinking is that if they tell Josh and James that Josh is going to stay then James will FREAK out when Josh leaves Wednesday and it will break him down for the next HoH.

Josh comes out in his bathing suit and gets in the HT. All game talk stops.

Adam and Ryan are in the bathroom and Adam is trying to convince Ryan it would be better to get Josh out this week but Ryan doesn't think Sharon will turn on James. They want to talk to Sharon and make her promise to put up James if she wins HoH next week.

Natalie, Adam, Josh and James are the only ones still awake. They play a prank on each other and Sheila with a tampon and some salsa. It was pretty funny. Later they pour water on her from the balcony upstairs and she goes to bed. She’s had it with the children for the day. N/A/J/J sit at the table thinking of other pranks they can pull on Sheila.

James & Adam head to bed.
3:20am Nat goes up to HOH to read her letter and listen to her cd. Josh crawls bed with Sharon (whom he has thrown under the bus).

Sweet Dreams to all in the BB House.
Will Josh Stay? Will Sharon EVER lose her cool? Will Sheila EVER shut up…lol