Big Brother Recap March 29, 2008
The eviction seesaw goes back and forth, Pranks on Shelia and Josh just being Josh

Big Brother woke the house up at 10 am. Shelia finds the first prank the boys set up the night before, someone put a tampon in the coffee maker. She asked Adam who put the tampon in the coffee maker and he said “Wasn’t me, Scouts honor”. They laugh at the scouts honor part, and Adam headed into the WC, when he came out Shelia jumped out at him, scaring him and then said to him “Don’t underestimate the she devil”.

Talk soon turns to game talk. Shelia and Sharon (who has been told she was going up against Josh as POV replacement) discuss Josh’s behavior and how he is campaigning to get Sharon out; Shelia thinks it is wrong since Sharon did so much the previous week to keep him off the block. Then Sharon gets corned by Adam and promises him that she will put up James if she gets HOH. Sharon convincingly tells Adam that James has come after her and she would have no problem putting him up. Sharon then turns the tables and explains to Adam that they have to get Josh out because he is working with James to get Him (Adam) out. Ryan joins the conversation and she again said that she hates James. She then said that James has gone after her twice and she has never lied to either of them. Sharon then said that Josh’s strategy is to break people down. She said that the only reason she voted James back in is because she did not want Jacob back in the house. She then tells Ryan that she voted to keep him when he was on the block. She then said that everything started when James wanted Matty gone. They all agree that none of them would vote for James to win if he ever made it to the end.

Josh’s campaigning up to now consisted of him telling all the guys any chance he had that the “Girl Power” is running the game. He pointed out how all the girls were up in the HOH and how the girls are gunning for the guys.

When Nat was alone in the HOH room getting ready she saw a face in the mirror, it was luminated with a flashlight. She told Shelia and Sharon about it then complained loudly that BB won’t show it again while others are there and that they think she is crazy.

While Shelia was in the shower BB shut off the water on her. They decide after that they are being pranked by BB for April Fools Day. As they are talking about the pranks BB shut the water off again. Nat said she could hear giggles and people laughing behind the walls so knows it is just a prank.

The boys poured flour allover Shelia’s face as she was lying out in the back yard. James did it and Adam said April fools. Some got on Nat. Shelia freaked out and went to the shower all mad. Nat laughed it off. Shelia goes on and on about her microphone, how it has flour on it . She calls the boys dic&*. She goes on and on (In typical Shelia fashion). She kept asking BB to call her in the DR, she wants James to get into trouble for the incident but BB never called her in. (Guess they are sick of listening to her too!).

James and Adam then went into the house and switched her mattress with the broken one from the boat room as a prank. Adam said to James that he just wants to do little jokes on Shelia and drive her crazy.

Josh cornered Nat in the bathroom and said that he was not going to play the game with James anymore. That he is playing his own game. That he will give up two HOH’s to stay. Nat said no, she wanted him to try for HOH to get Shelia out (good one Nat). She said that Sheila wants a guys vs. girls game and Josh said she will be screwed if she does that. Josh asked Nat if she wanted him to go off on Shelia, she said no, she didn’t’ want to listen to Shelia bitch anymore then she has to.

Josh headed to the shower, once he was out he saw a face in the mirror (like Nat did earlier) and totally freaked out (he is a good actor).

Ryan and Nat talk in HOH at like 4 pm. At this time Ryan wants to keep Josh, saying he is more controllable. (His little secret alliance). Nat does not want to break a tie. She wants to send Josh packing in a surprise way to throw James off guard and make him feel like he lost his best friend. Ryan said that Josh and James won’t put her up (lie).Nat tells Ryan that she made Sharon promise to put up James if she won HOH (why would she do that?) So they end the discussion agreeing to keep Josh.

Josh saw another mask in the kitchen and he reacted the way BB wanted him to. Freaked right out.

Nat then nails Adam and they talk about eviction. Nat tells him she wants Josh out (she just told Ryan she wanted him to stay). She explained same thing, Sharon wants James out because he is a fierce competitor that she wants to surprise James to throw his game off etc. Adam agrees. Nat believes it will be like a Dustin with the shock look on his face.

BB put some pranks in the house during a lockdown. Of course Josh finds a rubber rat in the fridge and Shelia gets sprayed with the hose in the sink.

Nat then talks to Shelia and lets her in on the plan to surprise James and get rid of Josh. Shelia is all for that saying they have to split them up. She said that Josh has floated through this whole game (like she hasn’t). Shelia then said that Josh and Sharon are the only couple left in the house (Ummm Shelia your partner is still in the house dear).

BB put that picture of the guinea pigs sitting on the DR couch on the plasma screen. This kind of freaks out the houseguests. They think BB will be pulling pranks all night.

While Shelia was in the HOH with Nat Adam, James and Josh covered her bed with toilet paper. Shelia is not too pleased she starts again complaining and goes and gets Nat. Nat thinks it was funny. Shelia complaining about them breaking the bed. They said no the bed was broken. Adam asked her if she was mad and she said she was more mad about the flour.

Nat ahs a new number 9. She thinks that James ahs nine lives, eviction day is the 9nth and that it will be the 9th week, so she thinks that James will be evicted on April 9th.

Josh knowing Shelia hates shoes on the counter takes his 15 pairs of shoes and covers the counter with them. He then smears finger prints all over the fridge knowing that will drive her nuts too. Ryan and Adam plan on waking Shelia up all night by banging pan with spoon like Dick did last year. They decide they don’t want to listen to her and to just leave the shoes on the counter.

When Josh and Adam are in the yard alone, Josh asked Adam how it looks for him, Josh responded with that he didn’t’ want to get his hopes up yet that it will be a long week.

At 1 am Josh, Adam and Ryan went in and did wake Shelia up banging the pots and pans. Adam and Ryan head to Hot tub, Josh then headed to bed He chatted with James saying how they have to get either Adam or Ryan out that they are both a threat. He then begs for James’s vote saying he does not want a tie because he does not know what Nat would do. James then said that he hates these fu&%ers and Josh agreed saying he hated them all but him (James). James said everyone wanted to be his friend after he won the VETO. Josh commented that Adam is so gross always scratching his balls. James said that he is playing scenes in his head and that those three have it(Nat, Ryan and Adam). Josh counts down people and weeks and is convinced that there is a double eviction in there. Josh said that he thinks if it is a tie that Nat might wimp out and keep him, James does not think so she said Nat knows about the Ryan and Josh secret alliance and won’t power let it continue. Josh then said if he goes he won’t cry that it is only a game and he knows he is the most memorable in the house. Josh then complains that he was the one to bring Sharon back into the house now she was the reason he was leaving. (Not fair Joshy, everyone should just let you stay!). Josh then talks about how popular CBS is and how popular they will be once they leave the house. Josh then said he hopes a siren goes off on Wednesday letting him stay. He then said he wants to get an award for the best chewing out on the show. (Guess he missed the Chelsea and Nat episode). James thinks that if he wins HOH and gets a phone call that he won’t waste it by giving it to Shelia that she won’t help him in any way stay, that he might give it to Nat because she is a big family girl and it would help him in the long run. Josh then said that Nat wanted to send him (James) to Matty for his birthday with a pink bow on his head, but has changed that tune since he won POV. Before Josh heads to bed he takes all his shoes off the counter and puts them away.

Adam meanwhile wakes up Ryan (who falls asleep really fast) he asks him how he can fall asleep so fast and if he wants to go out and play. Ryan tells Adam to go play with Josh and James, Adam asks him what are they doing out there? Ryan responds with who knows world domination!

James roams the house doing push us, sitting in the sauna and trying to shut down to go to bed. He studies the memory wall and just sits and thinks.

What will tomorrow bring? Will the Josh/Sharon seesaw ever stop? Will there be more pranks played on Shelia? Will Nat convince the boys to vote out Josh? Who can sleep the most? Exciting things happening this weekend in the compound!