BB wakes the houseguests up at 9 am. Sharon tells Josh that if Matt and Natalie win HOH, they’d put up Chelsia and James. He goes to lay out in the backyard and tells Sharon that if anyone talks game, he’s leaving and going back to HOH. Sharon says that all Natalie can do is talk game so she’s not going to lay out because she doesn’t want to hear it. Matt gets called to the DR and Josh talks smack about him and his lazy eye. BB calls a lockdown and everyone goes outside and to lay in the sun except Allison who gets on the elliptical machine and worksout. When the lockdown is over, Allison goes to eat breakfast. Josh goes to check the time and Allison thinks he goes inside to check on where she is. Allison tells BB that she wants the siren to go off to make things really interesting.

Josh goes inside to make meatballs and Matt comes outside and says that Josh and Allison are going at it. Allison provoked the discussion because she asked Josh if he wanted to talk or just hate each other forever. He tells her that he doesn’t hate her, he just has nothing to say to her and as far as he’s concerned, she’s already gone. She asks why he thinks that she was gunning for him and he tells her that they’ve been over this 1000 times and it’s because she talked trash on him. He calls her out on how she came up with the plan to get Matt and Natalie out, how she said that Josh and Sharon were in alliance with James and Chelsia, and the power trip that she went on when they decided to keep Matt and Natalie. He tells her that he knows that she has a deal with Matt and the vote will be 1-1, but that’s good because he’ll be able to evict her himself. Allison says she doesn’t understand how he can be so mean to her when she’s done nothing to him. Josh then asks her why she is the center of every conflict in the house? He tells her that the way that she throws herself on Ryan, she’ll be portrayed as the psycho of the season. Allison tells him that he is just scared to which Josh rebuts for her to go outside and work your votes. She replies that she will and heads outside. Josh is mad as he makes his meatballs, throwing around spoons.

Allison goes outside and asks Matt was is going on. She tells him that James and Chelsia think that Matt is voting for Adam and Sheila and they won’t vote for Allison to stay if Matt doesn’t tell him that. Matt said that he thinks that Allison is already good as far as he can see, it’ll be a 2-0 vote. Matt tells her that James wouldn’t talk to him yesterday and he doesn’t know what he’s playing. Matt tells Allison to talk to James because James isn’t telling him anything. Matt says that he and Natalie talk trash about Allison and Ryan to Josh because they don’t want him to know that they are with Allison. Allison tells him again that she is the one that changed everyones mind to keep Matt and Natalie last week.

Allison then goes and recounts her conversation with Josh to Ryan. She tells him that Josh said that her partner doesn’t stick up for her and she thinks that Josh is going to start with her today, so Ryan needs to be around her to prevent it and she begs Ryan to go outside with her to protect her. Ryan calls her out on being scared of Josh, which she denies. Ryan and James just tell her to keep walking away from him if he does start something. Allison walks through the kitchen and Josh ignores her. She goes outside and tells Sheila that she has a lot of gay friends and has never gotten into a fight with any of them. Sheila asks why and if she is afraid of what would come of it. Allison replied that she just gets along with them and Sheila calls her out on generalizing Josh because he is gay. Allison says that she is blindsided by Josh’s rage because everyone has talked about everyone.

Sheila gets upset that Adam is sleeping because he keeps her up at night because he can’t sleep then. Allison tells Natalie and Sheila that she can’t wait to see what the buzzer is because there haven’t been any twists that shocked anyone. Natalie brags that she has a great plan to break James. Allison says she is stunned that people will take any route to stay in house or would sink low enough to make fun of people’s personal life. Allison again tells Ryan that she thinks the alarm can save them because they don’t know how much America is involved and they know that America doesn’t want them to leave. She wants Ryan to stick up for her because Josh is afraid of Ryan.

Ryan began playing pool with James and invited Chelsia over to “talk.” Ryan tells them that Matt is voting for them to stay. Chelsia tells him that that is what Matt is telling Sheila and Adam as well. James says that Matt is waiting for James to say who he’s voting for and then going to follow him and James isn’t telling him. Game talk stopped when Adam came out to the backyard.

As Allison and Sheila wash dishes and Ryan watches, they talk about who might come back into the house. Sheila likes Alex and Amanda, and they all agree that they want the Parker that walked in the house, not the one who left it. Allison thinks that this season is the highest rated. Sheila said that she left home at 14, and that children should learn how to clean up after themselves. She rants to Allison and Ryan that no one in the house has any respect for her, she’s old enough to be their mother and they should respect her. Chelsia and James begin speculating with them about how the money is going to be split between the couples, not just individuals. Sheila tells them about her book deal and how it’s been at her agents for 8 years and the first ghostwriter that she had didn’t think there was a story, but the one she has now is older and realizes that there is some merit in her story.

Josh up in HOH talking trash about Allison, he is practicing his speech for her goodbye message and makes fun of her lovely sense of fashion and wonderful aura. Sharon laughs at what Josh is saying. James and Chelsia talk about the HOH competition. James tells her that she needs to chill out. Sheila tells Adam that James thinks they have a better chance of winning in the end against Ryan and Allison because no one wants to give Jen the money. She tells him that they need to step up their game if they stay. Adam reminds her that it takes two. Sheila tells him that she has no confidence in him because he sleeps all day. James and Josh talk about their drug habits and never doing drugs alone in case something goes wrong. Allison finally won a game of chess against Ryan.

Allison tells James and Chelsia that she knows that Matt is voting to keep them 1 million percent. She said that Matt has sworn on his mother to keep them and Ryan has never been there to stick up for her when Josh calls her out. James tells her that he doesn’t care who he votes for and gets the low down on Matt. He says that he won’t tell anyone how he is voting. Matt tells Sheila that he is going to start hitting on Chelsia to get to James. Meanwhile, James goes up to HOH to tell Sharon and Josh that he is ready to go off on Matt and that he wants to bring out Matt’s alliance with both Adam and Ryan. He heads outside where Adam, Ryan and Matt are playing pool and asked if they could sit down and have a meeting when the game is through. James calls Matt out on his two alliances and Matt says “that is Big Brother.” Adam and Ryan sit there silently. Matt gets mad and tells James he has things he could expose on him saying “you want me to tell people about stuff like you are some kind of angel over here…”

Ryan asks about operation gardener because Matt had mentioned it and someone tells him it is getting rid of Allison. James makes the point that he hasn’t promised two different couples his vote. Matt says to play the game your way and I’ll play mine. Chelsia comes out now and says to Matt that it is pretty screwed up that these two people are coming up to her saying that they know Mattie is voting for me and he is making promises to both of them. Matt recounts that the same thing happened with Alex. Ryan tells Matt that he can play how he wants to play but in the end that strategy will not help him. Matt tells James that he tried to figure out how James and Chelsia were voting so he could make it 2-0 but James wouldn’t tell him, so Matt says I don’t have to tell you how I am voting either.

Sheila says that it should all be out on the table who is voting for her. She tells James he should give it up and because his not telling is just as stressful as Matt promising two people their vote. Chelsia says that her and James are playing straight up because they won’t promise two couples their vote. Natalie comes out to join in the argument. She again brings up that James and Chelsia nominated them when they said they wouldn’t. James replied that he had a reason for it and he wouldn’t promise multiple votes to people because it messes with them. James says that he never said he would break Natalie down about her schizophrenic mother every day and make her cry. He tries to find out who said it but no one will confirm or deny. Matt agrees that James didn’t say that, but they don’t know who brought it up. Ryan sticks up for Allison and says it wasn’t her because she wasn’t out there. Chelsia says that bringing in Natalies mom is screwed up so whoever told her that they would is wrong and its messed up. Natalie tells Chelsia that they are just promising Allison their vote so that she doesn’t bother them all week. Josh tells Natalie that if the votes go 1-1, that James and Chelsia are scared that Matt and Natalie will lie about how they voted so they look bad. Matt explains to James that he had to make these deals last week and owes them for keeping them and it messes him up when he owes 3 couples and two of them are on the block and want to cash in their favors. Matt and James hug it out and go on to play pool with Adam.

Natalie says that America thinks her and Matt are the cutest couple, Sheila and Adam are the funny couple, and everyone is wondering why James and Chelsia even got picked. Sheila rips into James’ look saying he is trouble and he is a young Evel Dick. Sheila thinks that James and Chelsia want Allison and Ryan to stay. Natalie reassures her that she and Matty are voting Allison out. They head to study the wall outside the HOH room.

James and Josh tell Chelsia to hang around Matt to mess with his mind, to make him think he’s playing her when she’ll really be playing him. She said that she’ll make fun of him in the diary room while he thinks he is being America’s Playa. Matt goes to HOH and rubs Sharon’s back and winked at the camera, then they start making out. They stop and Matt leaves to join Chelsia, Sheila, Ryan and Josh in the kitchen chatting about sex. The crowd in the kitchen gets bigger as Allison joins and they talk about men carrying hand bags, how Allison is thrifty, and reality tv shows.

Natalie was counting things and relating them to the alphabet. She says that there are 27 letters in the alphabet and Ryan tells her there are 26. She counted AND between the Y and Z as a letter in the alphabet. She’s counting how many pictures, radios, and logs are in the house. She tells Matt that Josh and Sharon and James and Chelsia are still together but they are still putting both on the block. She tells Matt that he needs to pray so they win. Natalie is insistent on making Matt tell Adam not to give James any more cigarettes. Matt says that when they win HOH they will make James’ life hell and goes outside and tells Adam not to give James cigs because he’ll go crazy. Adam says not as bad as Ryan did because James is a strong dude and that they can break Josh easier. By 1:30 all the HGs were in bed. James wakes up at 2 and goes into the sauna for a bit, and when he comes out, he seems to be studying the house.