BB wakes the HGs up at 9:30. Sharon and Sheila enjoy the sun as the boys wake up slowly. Sheila tells Sharon that the houseguests have no respect and she thinks it is a combination of a lot of things to win the game. She carries on and on talking about James being a hypocrite, Ryan took the money from her and how her reaction was real when she found out that Adam was her partner. Natalie joins the girls out in the backyard to lay in the sun. BB calls an outside lockdown which makes the boys finally wake up and get motivated.

Josh goes on a crying rampage because he wants to eat. He gets called to the DR and Adam helps him out by telling him to go instead of getting a penalty nomination. Supposedly, Josh is doing a great job acting if he is truly acting because he has Adam so convinced that he is teary. Josh tells him that it is all just compounding- the slop, he can’t sleep- and the DR keeps telling him to campaign but he doesn’t want to against his partner. Adam wipes Josh’s runny nose for him. Adam tells Josh that he is afraid he won’t have a job after this because of the “retards” comment. Adam gets Josh away from the pizza and they go out to play pool. Josh tells Natalie that he asked the DR about eating pizza and they said that he would have a penalty vote.

Adam and Natalie talk about Josh trying to make deals. Natalie says she doesn’t care as long as Adam and Ryan vote the same way so she won’t have to break a tie. Sheila tells Adam that she thinks she likes him better when he is on slop. Adam responds to her that it’s a waste of time to talk to her.

Sharon tells Sheila that Josh is the kind of person who needs somebody to save him, that is why she went up on the block for him last week. Earlier she had told Natalie and Sheila that Josh wanted to go home.

Josh and Sharon talk in the hot tub about how it sucks that they are on the block together. He goes through the story that he is going to tell the house as he leaves about he and Neil being an actual couple and that they have an adopted son Chase to get the rest of the house all riled up.

Sheila and Natalie hang out in the salon talking about how next week is week 9 and James’ 9 lives will gone. Sheila says that everyone in the house right now deserves the money and final 2 except James. Natalie says that no matter who James is up against in the Final 2, he won’t win. Natalie wants to make Matt a birthday card. They discuss that they have to win the next HOH because they have the votes now. Adam interrupts them but then leaves after they tell him he is just looking for trouble.

James gets up and joins Josh and Sharon at the hot tub. He says that he is having a hard time getting through his lack of sleep. Josh tell him that he only have 3.5 weeks left. Sharon tells James that Chelsia is going to blow out Natalie the minute she walks into sequester. She says that there is probably more drama in sequester than in the BB house because there are no rules there. James talks about his slop recipe- he adds Worcester sauce, basil, and barbeque sauce. Sharon adds tuna and mayonnaise. James says that Natalie really pushed him over the edge last night and that James warned her that if she sends Josh, Sharon and he to sequester, that she won’t have any votes. He tells them that Natalie said that she would win against anyone. Sharon was amazed.

Sheila and Natalie are in salon and Sheila says that Sharon better do what she’s telling he to do by putting up James because it’s her life on the line if she doesn’t. Sheila thinks she is going to win HOH because it’s her job to send him out the door. Natalie agrees.

After dinner, Sheila is amazed that in 11 days she is going to be 46 and that there were so many April babies in the house. Natalie comes out and asks if everyone is still on board and Ryan says yes, Adam is just messing with them. Natalie says that James won’t talk to her. She says that it is probably killing him that Chelsia is in sequester with Matt. As soon as Josh comes out to the backyard, Sheila changes the subject.

James took a drink from what he thought was water and it was vinegar that Josh used to try to make a pickle. He gagged. He goes to talk to Adam and tells him that he can’t talk to anyone without everyone else thinking he is scheming. He calls Natalie predictable.

Natalie goes to join Sharon up in HOH as she is listening to music. Sharon says that James is bitter and that he is going to do whatever he can to take out the big dogs. Sharon thinks that Natalie and Adam are who James thinks are the big dogs. Natalie says that James is an example of someone who needs God because he will be bitter even if he does win the game. Natalie hopes that Josh goes out with dignity. Sharon can’t wait until the wrap party or sequester so she can tell everyone things about her. She says people say she is quiet because if she starts talking, she will say things she shouldn’t.

Adam and Josh begin to play a game of pool. Adam ends up calling a jump at the end of the game to sink the 8 ball. He goes to work out with Ryan. They discuss that they don’t trust James at all because he tells Sheila and Sharon what they want to hear. After the workout, they talk about how the girls want to stir up a girls club. Adam says that they have Natalie, so let them have it. They both say that Sheila is posturing herself for the next HOH, whoever it may be. Ryan thinks that if Sheila wins, she would put up James but he doesn’t trust it.

Sheila joins the girls in HOH. They ask Sharon if she would want to see James win the money and she replies hell no. Sharon says she wouldn’t give it to James or Josh. She talks about how her dad was gone her whole life so she became mom and her mom became dad to her family. The boys go up to break up the girls talking.

Sharon and Ryan leave, Natalie is sleeping and Sheila tells Adam hat they have to stick together, Ryan, her, Adam and Sharon. Adam says that there is no logic in keeping James there. Sheila agrees. She says that if James is still there 2 weeks from now, he knows that she is his biggest competition because Sheila thinks the jury will give her the money over him. She thinks she is going to win HOH. She thinks that she’ll have a 250 or 500 thousand dollar book deal.

9 pm
BB gives the houseguests a bunch of new toys including cards and clay and paint. Ryan and Sharon play cards, Adam and Josh are painting and Sheila is watching James play with clay at the counter. Sheila joins in and makes a little turtle from the green clay. James makes a green alien type piece. They are all being displayed on the top of the microwave.

Josh and Sharon retreat to their bedroom to discuss the fact that they are losing their group and that they are low on the totem pole now. James, Adam and Ryan are playing poker in which Ryan goes out first, Adam goes all in to try and make up room on James but to no avail. Second game, Ryan wins.

Josh complains about Sheila to James in the bedroom calling her the crypt keeper because all her skin is just hanging off of her. He says the DR talked him down from going off on her with a butter knife. This goes on for about a half hour before they turn the lights off and go to bed.

Ryan, Natalie, and Sheila talk in the kitchen about boundaries and all agree that it is not okay for people in relationship to cross lines for game play. Natalie thinks that Matt ruined his relationship outside the house because of how he messed around with Natalie on the show. Sheila complains that she is hungry and there is no food in the house. Ryan tells her to do something to her self so she can go to the hospital and then they can eat.

James wakes up and heads out to the kitchen to make something to eat. Sheila tries to make slop burgers. Adam and Ryan play checkers. When Natalie gets out of DR she notices that her clay figurine has a penis. Adam wants to make all the clay pieces into “trannies.” They all laugh at him and ask why he is so obsessed with them. Sheila heads to bed, James works with the clay to make a mask and Natalie is painting a picture of a pinup girl and then a red-haired mermaid before heading up to HOH to read her letter.

James leaves to go get ready to go to the sauna. He tells Josh that if he sees the HOH and it’s just booths, he will laugh. He wants a physical HOH. James thinks that Sheila would beat Sharon in the final 2 and that Ryan will keep Adam around. Josh says that if they announce the vote is 3-1, he won’t know which way it went. James thinks the vote will be a tie, but wonder why Natalie would set Ryan up like that. James says that they think Sharon is working with the girls, when she is really working with James. James says that he has no problem lying to Natalie’s face. They talk about how Adam is running out of cigarettes and that he is going to crack soon. They finish up their discussion and James heads to take a shower with full frontal nudity in front of the mirror. Josh heads to bed.

James plays with the clay and plays chess against himself before heading into bed. He gets up again to eat some salsa and slop. He studies the memory wall pictures, stacks dominoes and reads directions for the card games as he waits for his slop to cook. After a while, he pulls the slop out of the oven, puts some honey on the slop and eats it. He continues to play with the clay, then picks up the cards to play war against himself and goes to get his sneakers so he can run around outside.
He finishes up and heads inside to the kitchen. Sheila walks through on her way to the bathroom and then back to bed. James says it’s amazing that he has a 1 in 6 chance of winning a half million dollars and that this week is life or death. He continues to play with the clay and the cards before heading outside to see the sun and then he heads into bed around 7 am.