8:30 a.m. BBT
The house guests get their wake up call and the reluctantly rise to meet the new day. Apparently no siren during the night. Allison wastes no time campaigning, cornering James and Chelsea telling them that they are better off keeping her and Ryan and she doesn’t like how some people don’t care if they leave, and she doesn’t know how Sheila/Adam will play it if they stay. Allison says “You guys could use us, and don’t think I will forget how Matt talked about me, cuz I wont”. James says “You should’ve voted out Matt and Natalie last week” and Chelsea says” Josh wouldn’t be so mad then.” They are interrupted by Sharon and Allison leaves shortly thereafter.

11:30 a.m. BBT
Matt is talking to James and Chelsea in the back yard about votes, asking them if they want to go 2-0. James says if its 1-1 Josh votes out Allison. Matt said he would rather the final 3 be M/N J/C and J/S. James says I guess we could split, it would save you with Allison and let Josh break the tie. Matt says “I could do that but then you could turn around and be the second vote.” It is clear that no one is to be trusted.

1:00 p.m. BBT
Sheila is getting nervous about the votes and talks to Sharon. Sharon tells her not to worry. Josh comes over and also tells her not to worry. Sheila says that she knows that he is the tie breaker, but she's still nervous something could happen. Sheila is convinced that more people are coming into the house and that the siren is not a good thing.

3:00-5:00 p.m. BBT
Lots of chess playing, Bible reading, and napping. Natalie is reading the Bible to Adam and told him that Matthew 5 is a sign for her and Matt. She is also going nuts counting everything around the house.

Quickie show recap
Allison tries to get Natalie to team up with her and play together and flip the house. Natalie is shown chasing Matt around the house and asking for kisses, cuddles and massages and being shot down by an overly arrogant Matt.

Veto Competition is called Cupid Is As Cupid Does hosted by James, in which the men run and fetch puzzle pieces while harnessed to the women. The further the men run the higher the women get lifted in the air to complete the puzzle. The first one to complete their puzzle wins Veto. Natalie and Matt win Veto.

An ever confident Matt tells the DR that he knows every angle to play with every person. He said he can play the gay friend angle to Josh, the sympathetic ear to Sheila, and the charming guy to Sharon. They cut to Matt talking to Sharon in the HOH room and he makes a move on her and they totally make out. (ed. Sharon didn’t look like she was minding too much). When Natalie comes in looking for him, he hides in the bathroom. Finally Natalie catches him and they fight about how he doesn’t spend any time with her. He told her he only wanted to be her friend and is not really her soul mate. (ed. I don’t think she believes him..LOL).

The house guests find a note in the living room saying in the next 2 weeks they will hear a siren and when they do they are supposed to get dressed and go to living room. Everyone speculates on this.

The Veto meeting is called to order and Matt and Natalie save themselves and Josh puts up Sheila and Adam. End show.

7:00 a.m. - ??? BBT
Natalie is still running around and counting things and then decides to draw everything out in nail polish on paper towels. (ed. either she is really bored or really losing it). Allison has a discussion with Matt, Ryan, Sheila, and Adam in the Kitchen, telling them she wants to know the votes tonight. Things get a little loud when Matt won’t tell her and Sheila finally convinces her to wait til tomorrow to find out.

Chelsea and James get called to DR and everybody thinks that’s strange. Sharon says if they call Natalie and Matt next something is going down tonight. James and Chelsea come to HOH and said be prepared. Then Nat and Matt get called to DR and Josh and Sharon FREAKS. What does the siren mean? Who will go home? Who will come back? Tune in tomorrow!!! Bueno!!!