It was a rough restless night for our paranoid little hamsters. Big Brother wakes them up at 8:00 AM and Josh mentions he was up until 4. He goes downstairs to see the inside lockdown and tries to listen for any backyard activity. He is clearly still freaking about the possible twist. He has a discussion with Sheila in the Kitchen; she thinks they will be split up to play as individuals.

9:00 AM
It seems Chelsia got Sheila and Allison alone (separately) to tell them that James and Chelsia were voting to evict Allison and Ryan.

Chelsia and James have a minor spat in the Kitchen because Chelsia had already informed the nominees of their vote.

Later James, Adam, and Matt explain to Ryan that he’s leaving because of Alli’s antics.

Natalie tracks down Matt to go study the house with her. Matt thinks the HOH will be physical, but tells her he’ll study just to shut her up.

10:00 AM
Natalie is counting the books again with Matt looking at the camera in disbelief.

Matt breaks away from the studies to chat with Ryan and Adam in the red bedroom. Allison also joins them and it’s not long before Matt and Alli go at it at length. Basically Alli said if she stays, she has enough ammunition to last the rest of the game. Matt tells her if she’s got it she better use it now. Matt makes sure to point out that the reason she is leaving is because she can't keep her mouth shut, not because of Ryan.

After brief flames everyone seems to have calmed down momentarily.

Allison said she’s had this game figured out since the 3rd day. Ryan wants to know why she wouldn’t tell him. Allison responds that Ryan hasn’t backed her once in this game and leaves the room.

We get a shot of Natalie following behind Matt while she quotes verses from the bible outloud (ed. If only she would have been sprinkling holy water at him too, it would have been perfect).

11:00 AM
HOH lockdown starts and everyone gets along very well. Lots of random chit chat.

12:15 PM
HOH lockdown is over and everyone has scattered. We get all four feeds on Matt taking a shower briefly interrupted when Natalie comes in and announces to him that she found 4 more of something and there are 9 birds.

During an extended blame game and multiple delusions, Allison theorizes to Ryan that James and Chelsia are only voting against her because Matt and Nat wouldn't tell about their votes (ed. What?!) Ryan sets her straight.
She thinks it's weird that they haven't been called to DR to talk about their eviction very much. She thinks that they might be coming back even if they get evicted and they need to have more of a united front.

1:00 PM
All feeds are on Allison and Ryan in the sauna room. She tells him all about her life as a professional gambler. She also says she knows the answer to the puzzle. Folks pop in and out on them during this long conversation. Ryan finally has enough and asks to be alone with Alli so she can tell him about the puzzle. She goes into an elaborate explanation that there’s 30 blocks with different colors; red, blue, yellow, green. There’s 4 colors throughout the house. There’s 8 things in every room, everywhere. There’s 8 letters in the case and 2 each of those letters makes 16 letters. Then there’s divide and multiply and equal sign and it has to do with outside the house and the Hudson River virus. After all that she’s still being coy saying “I don’t know if I should tell you. SWEAR you'll have my back NO MATTER WHAT.” He agrees. Then the lights flicker in the house and Alli screams thinking something’s is going to happen and we get Flames before she reveals this great mystery answer to the puzzle.

2:00 PM
Allison is still going on about figuring out there are all of their initials there. She says she and Neil had this all figured out Day 3. She goes back to the guinea pig's cage to check the colors and letters again. Back with Ryan, she writes her findings on a napkin. Alli says when you divide Ryan and Jen and add Alli/Parker it’s going to be a whole story to the end and in the end you’ll have to crack that story, and I know the story. Allison says “If that siren goes off, we're staying!” (ed. I imagine the set designers listening to all this and just laughing their heads off).

2:30 PM
We get trivia on the feeds. It’s a new background and there are new questions too!

3:45 PM
Matt and Ryan are in a bedroom wondering if the 8 remaining HGs will be split up. They also mention they didn’t have a HoH competition walk through and maybe BB doesn’t want them to see the set up beforehand.

The new trivia goes up at 4:15 all the way through the live show.

Show Recap
Julie reviews and teases the siren to us. We see lots of paranoia about the siren and twist speculation amongst the HGs.

Several clips follow. We see Matt assuring Ryan he is staying. Then we see Matt assuring Adam he is staying. Next we see Matt assuring Allison she is staying. And to round it all off, we see Matt assuring Sheila she is staying. Then we see James call a meeting with Ryan, Adam, and Matt to expose the hypocrisy.

BB tries to misdirect on how the vote will go with both voting couples disagreeing in the DR.

Julie talks to the HGs and asks about their siren theories. She singles out Matt and Natalie on their victory celebration during the Veto comp and calls Matt out about promising a massage to Natalie.

Spotlight segment on Matt and Natalie. Natalie’s workmates and sister think she’s a free spirit artist and looking for love over money. Matt’s friends think he’s just in it for the money.

Julie explains to us that the siren will go off when the evicted couple hit the front door, but only one of them will leave and all will play as individuals from this point on. It’s a 2-0 vote to remove Allison and Ryan from the house. A subdued hug session follows until we see that the door won’t open and the siren goes off. The HGs freak out and Ryan says “We ain’t gone yet!” Julie explains the siren, gives Allison and Ryan an opportunity to plead their case. If ever there was a time to let it all hang out that was it, but neither of them do. They give the usual 'I am happy to be here' speech. The HGs vote Allison out unanimously. Natalie is the only one to walk Allison to the door, and even she turns away before the door closes.

Outside, Julie calls Allison out on the lesbian lie making her a target. Alli says it was a knee jerk joke that got out of hand. Pressed further she admits it was a mistake. She gets nice good-byes from Matt and Natalie, Josh took her to task and Sheila cried about how things ended with her.

HoH competition was called Time after Time; True/False statements on the order of things that happened. It comes down to Ryan and Adam of all people and Ryan finally wins it all.

Julie teases that the surprises aren’t over yet, we get to vote on taking the game to whole other level. This turns out to be our chance to vote one of the evicted HGs back into the house for next week.

6:00 PM
Feeds are back with most HGs in the Kitchen talking about all that’s happened and how to work out new sleeping arrangements.

Once outside by themselves, Matt tells Adam and Ryan, "Well it’s going to be the 4 bros". (ed. At least he didn’t call them the 4 horseman).

Chelsia tells Sharon that the two of them and James and Josh have a big target on them with Ryan as the HOH. Sharon says “I guess no one's coming back.” Chelsia agrees.

Shortly after Josh and Chelsia are in the storage room. Josh is glad Alli didn’t make it to sequester. Chelsia is concerned because of all the things she’s shared with James and now they are separated and he hasn’t talked to her since the show. Ryan comes in and asks if Chelsia will still be sleeping with James. She doesn’t know yet.

Elsewhere, Natalie says she'll still do Matt’s laundry because she promised. Disappointed with the twist she says, “We had just started to connect!”

Josh and James have made it out to the Hot Tub. James is concerned that Chelsia will want to distance herself from him so they still don’t look like a couple. Josh fails to mention what Chelsia had just told him in the storage room.

7:00 PM
Most everyone else has now made it out to the Hot Tub too. Ryan says, “I thought I'd saw the last of this backyard. My coffin was in the grave, my tombstone up, just no dirt on it yet.” A plane goes over and Matt says, “'There's Alli right now. BYE!'

Back in the Kitchen, Ryan tells Adam he’s not sure who to put up. Adam suggests Josh and Sharon.

8:00 PM
Indoor lockdown and time to see Ryan’s HOH room. There was a picture of Ryan and Jen kissing. He got an Ohio State shirt, baseball cap, and small basketball. His CD is East 1999 by Bone Thugs. There were four bottles of beer and several food items. Chelsia threw the Ohio State shirt to the ground. Ryan senses a rivalry. Josh showed Ryan a spot where the camera can't see in the HoH bathroom. As folks were leaving Sheila asks for one of his beers. He didn’t hear her, but Chelsia did and tells her he only got four.

Chelsia lingers in the HOH room and points out that Shelia had tried to snag one of his beers and how out of line that was. Ryan says if he would’ve heard that he would’ve said no.

Sharon and Josh talk alone. Sharon says they can't loose James this week. But since James is worried he can't trust Chelsia, so is Sharon.

In the HOH, Matt, Chelsia, and Ryan compare Sheila to Picasso because of her Veto "painting". Matt's giving his opinion to Ryan of where all the HGs are going to align. He thinks Sheila and Nat will go to Sharon/Josh's side.

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl: In tonight’s eviction Allison and Ryan were voted out 2-0, The HGs were notified that the couples were splitting up and now competing as individuals, Allison and Ryan were returned to the house for a new re-vote by each single HG, Allison was then officially evicted by a 6-0 vote, In the HOH competition Ryan defeated Adam and is the new HOH, And it was announced tonight that America will choose a previously evicted houseguest to come back in.

Chelsia and James are in the sauna room. He says "I never thought I'd fall with someone on national TV". Chelsia agrees. Both agree they will still have each others backs and they feel as though they lost of piece of themselves by being separated. Chelsia said it took a lot for her not to start balling when Julie said they were splitting up. They decide to continue sharing a bed and mention the only couple who aren't is Sheila and Adam. Then they suck face for a little while before going to join the others.

In one of the bedrooms, Ryan tells Matt that Natalie is a nice girl, has a good heart, loves Matt. He thinks she was hurt when Matt celebrated about the couple twist ending. Matt says he still has her back but she is just too nice. Ryan agrees. Sheila has joined and they kid her that she will be crawling back into Adam’s bed. She says no, but wouldn’t kick Matt out if he crawled in to bed with her.

Everyone has congregated in the Kitchen with chit chat about how they will have to adjust to playing individually. Natalie is cooking fish and Chelsia is making baked potatoes. There is some joking about Allison and the puzzle. There is some general Alli bashing and someone mentions that they know Jen is happy (with Alli away from her man). Josh said that he would commit suicide if America votes Allison back in the house.

10:00 PM
Shelia and Adam are in a bedroom on separate beds. Sheila is having a mild breakdown about how hard it is and how worried she is. She’s sad for Alli and how she ended up leaving. She thinks the house is going to come after her and Adam. Adam thinks he is good for a few weeks. Sheila agrees. Sheila leaves and Adam reads the Bible.

Chelsia and Natalie talk about how hysterical it was seeing the clip of Matt and Nat in the veto comp. Natalie didn’t remember kicking him or the kissing.

Josh, Matt, and Adam talk about how furious Allison was and probably still is.

11:00 PM
Ryan's is having Matt and Adam guess what Alli’s secret was. He eventually spills the beans and all the details of her professional gambling.

Sheila, Nat, Sharon, Josh in BR talking about Allison. Sheila says she tried too hard. She says James is snaky, “You never know what he's thinking”. Sharon reminds her that the walls are thin. Chelsia joins and they try to figure out who Ryan will put up. Sheila says she and Adam won't be working as a couple. Chelsia says she doesn't know if she and James are. She thinks he might totally go [in different directions].

Looks like everyone is preparing to make it an early night. Nat joins Matt, Sheila and Adam in their bedroom. Matt considers sleeping in the cursed bed but Natalie begs him not to. She was already traumatized enough by losing her partner; he can at least sleep with her.

James is called to the DR and he yells, “No! I'm naked!”

New sleeping arrangements are:
Chelsia and James in the same bed as before (red room)
Josh and Sharon in Alli and Ryan's former bed (red room)
Sheila (alone) in Boat Room
Matt and Nat in same bed as before (pink frilly bedroom)
Adam in same bed as before (pink frilly bedroom)
Ryan in HoH
No one is sleeping in cursed boat bed.

Lights are out by midnight with everyone going to sleep except Ryan. He breaks out his new basketball and plays around with it before getting ready for bed.

1:00 AM
Chelsia got up and is sitting backwards on a kitchen chair in front of the memory wall. James wakes up and realizes she isn't in bed, so he puts on his pants and goes to sit with her. James asks her who she wants to see go 1st. Chelsia says Adam or Matt strategically. They do some house study and head back to bed before 2:00 AM.

All in all it was a backward day in the house. All the paranoia and drama went down BEFORE the twist, eviction, and HOH comp. And most everyone was calm and subdued AFTER the twist, eviction and HOH comp. Does this indicate it will be an easy week for the HGs? Or will Ryan try to shake things up with the nominations?

As always ‘Thanks’ to all the updaters. The Allison drama was very well documented!