BB9 RECAP- Thursday 03/06/08

All Shook Up and No Where To Go!

8:30 AM – 12 Noon

BB offers the sleeping houseguests a wakeup call. Slowly everyone gets up, except for James and Chelsia, and performs ADL’s. Everyone mills around the house and Ryan shows his domestic side by putting away his clothes and washing a load of laundry. Ryan lets Josh now that he found pleasure in the shower last night (ED: Thanks for sharing!). The awake houseguests all speculate who will be on the block. Now that it’s a free for all everyone is paranoid.

Chelsia says that she and James “broke up” yesterday, but James corrected her and said that they are just playing the game differently.

At 9:46 AM the feeds switch to flames and trivia. The Food Competition begins! The feeds cut in and out so that the feeders get to see bits and pieces of the competition. It looks like they are split into two teams and each team has to fish letters out of a baby pool filled with something and spell out different foods.

12 Noon – 1 PM

The feeds return and team blue wins! Matt, James, Adam, and Natalie get food. All the others are on slop. The houseguests are in an indoor lockdown. Shelia, Sharon, and Natalie shower together. Natalie and Shelia get naked. James joins Sharon and Natalie in the shower. Natalie tells James to “watch his penis” and he replies that it is “small and shriveled”. 

The TV in the living room informs them that Nominations are today. Matt blames Shelia for their loss in the food competition, and Adam defends her and says that it was a team loss. Matt asks Adam if they are still married.

Ryan tells James that he is safe and James offers to join in an alliance with him and be his shadow walker to find out where the votes are in the house. James goes downstairs and Chelsia and Matt join Ryan, ending all game talk. Chelsia also blames Shelia for being on slop. Matt volunteers to be used as a pawn this week. Chelsia and Matt slam on Natalie. Ryan tells Chelsia he isn’t going to get rid of the prettiest girl in the house just yet. Ryan tells Matt that he wants to nominate Sharon and Shelia. They think that Josh and Sharon are currently the biggest threats in the house but that Sharon will be weak without Josh. They formulate a plan to put up Shelia and Sharon and if one of them wins then they will put up Josh as a replacement. They think that the vote might be a tie and then Ryan would choose to send Sharon home. Matt really pushes for Josh and Sharon to be nominated together. Ryan warns Matt to be nice to Natalie. He says she might be annoying but she is a good girl to have on your side.

James enters the conversation and correctly guesses who Ryan is going to nominate. He defends Sharon and warns Ryan that she is smart and not a person to have as an enemy in the house. He also thinks that if Sharon and Shelia are up against each other that Shelia will go home. James, Matt, Ryan, and Adam go over possible nominations and outcomes. Ryan doesn’t want to be seen as the bad guy.

1 PM – 3 PM

Matt tells James that he is planning on hitting on Chelsia. James tells him to go ahead, and that it will really burn Natalie. James brings up the possibility of nominating Chelsia and Sharon since they are both strong girls. Ryan and Matt don’t want Chelsia to go home yet. Matt affirms that if the true target is Sharon, then put Chelsia up against her since Chelsia will have the votes to stay. Ryan tells Matt and James that if their conversation goes out of the room that the person that leaks will get backdoored. He also tells James that he will have to smooth it over with Chelsia after the nominations. There is talk about putting Shelia up as a pawn if one of them gets POV, but Adam wants to be the one that nominates Shelia.

The meeting of the minds ends, and everyone breaks to mingle with the house. James and Adam play chess while Chelsia and Ryan watch and talk about slop. Ryan tells Chelsia that she is going to be nominated but isn’t the target. Shelia and Sharon talk strategy in the boat room. Shelia thinks that Josh is the one that is going up.

Chelsia leaves the chess game and heads to the bedroom where Josh is sleeping. She tells him that she is being nominated and changes her clothes for the nomination ceremony. She lies and tells him that she doesn’t know who else is being nominated.

The store room is restocked and there are lots of pickles and nicotine patches for Ryan and James. Josh confronts Ryan and tells him that he will do anything Ryan wants him to do if he won’t nominate him this week. Ryan promises him that he will not be back doored this week. Chelsia hides the coffee from Shelia so that Shelia will loose her mind from caffeine withdrawals. James hugs Chelsia and he asks her if she trusts him. She says he is the only one that she trusts (ED: if she only knew)

James, Ryan, Chelsia, Matt and Adam sit around the living room and exchange small talk. Chelsia is upset that she is going to be nominated and they assure her that it is ok. Matt leaves to go to the bathroom and Chelsia sneaks up on him to try to catch him doing the nasty to himself by flinging open the door, but he is only peeing. James and Ryan play another game of chess with Adam and Chelsia watching. No one talks about anything important, just random things in between calls to the Diary Room.

Elsewhere in the house, Shelia and Natalie talk about the other houseguests and how being in the house has made them not as good a person as they may be outside the house. Natalie takes advantage of the situation and trash talks Chelsia again.

3 PM – 4 PM

Matt joins Shelia in the hammock and Natalie joins them even after Matt told her no. He assures them that they are not being nominated and takes the credit for it. Shelia tries to get him to tell her who is going up, but he tells them he doesn’t know. The girls thank him and he leaves. After Matt is gone they talk again about Chelsia. They get suspicious when Matt walks straight over to talk to Chelsia. Natalie thinks that Chelsia would hook up with Matt if he approached her. Shelia worries that Matt is playing all of them (ED: smart woman) but Natalie assures her that Matt hates Chelsia. Natalie is really upset about the whole wine incident that occurred with Chelsia. They go inside so that Shelia can finish her nails in the sauna room. Natalie paints a fingernail polish portrait of Shelia while Shelia talks about her favorite Penthouse covers.

Adam, Matt and Chelsia dish on Natalie and Shelia. Matt again trashes Natalie and gushes how Natalie asks him advice on everything that she does. Chelsia finds it interesting that some of the girls are still relying on the guys and lets Matt know that Natalie is telling her that she is controlling him in the game. Matt lays it on think and tells Chelsia that they don’t want the hottest girl in the house evicted. They throw Sharon under the bus too for good measure. Both Matt and Chelsia think it is wrong how Shelia has been so mean to Adam. He defends himself and says that he is a good guy. They agree and tell them that they like him (ED: I think he is this season’s Zach).

Matt talks to Ryan in the HOH room. He tries one more time to get Josh nominated instead of Chelsia but Ryan is holding fast to his decision. They both agree that if Chelsia gets the POV she will use it, and they hope that everything works out as planned so that Sharon gets evicted.

4 PM – 8 PM

Ryan, James, Adam, and Josh use the hot tub and talk about sports while the girls talking about the food comp in kitchen. A few minutes later Chelsia joins the boys in the hot tub. A few minutes later Ryan is called to the Diary Room and the houseguests are in an outdoor lockdown. The feeds go to trivia during the nomination ceremony.
After the nomination ceremony, the houseguests all randomly talk about evictions. Sheila, Matt, Sharon, and Josh appear to be concerned about the nominations. Josh thinks that he is getting backdoored this week. Everyone else seems to be at peace and having a good time. Matt and Chelsia exchange in some heavy flirting while she washes the dishes.

Sharon reads the bible alone, and James joins her in the bedroom for a few minutes before he plays chess. Both are quietly reading the bible and not talking.

Matt and James play chess while Adam and Josh watch. Matt asked BB if they could have some of Ryan’s Reese Pieces and BB said no.

Josh joins Natalie in the spa room and informs Joshua that she will not vote against Sharon since Chelsia personally attacked her. Natalie assumes that Chelsia is the target. She quotes the Bible and says that this is all karma. She thinks that Shelia, Matt and Josh’s vote will keep Sharon in the house. (ED: She may be right about everyone but Matt- when will she ever learn).

Shelia and Natalie assure Sharon that she is safe and credit Ryan with a smart move to remove Chelsia from the house. They take the opportunity to bash on Chelsia some more. Natalie and Shelia say that they wouldn’t use the POV to change the nominations since they are sure that Chelsia is the target (ED: or to save themselves maybe?).

Josh is really paranoid about being back doored. He asked Adam if Adam gets POV would he use it to take down someone and backdoor him? Adam just smiled at him and told him he doesn’t know. James joins the conversation and says that he hopes the next POV is for prizes and he wants to play. Adam says that Chelsia is freaking out and Josh again takes the opportunity to ask if he is getting backdoored. Josh asks James if he would change the nominations with the POV and he says no and smirks. Josh warns him not to tell Chelsia. Josh warns that the girls are going to get nasty since the are all on slop and on their periods. Adam and Josh play with the camera and get it to “talk” back to them. They keep trying to get into the Storage Room for the BB Rule Book but the camera keeps telling them no.

Shelia and Natalie talk about the prize money and what they will do with it. Shelia wants to put it on the bank, finish her book, and sell her apartment. Natalie says she will buy her mother a house. Natalie tells Shelia about her childhood. Apparently, her parents marriage was unsteady (on again off again) and her mother is mentally unstable. While her father was away at sea in the Navy, her mother packed them up and moved them back to Oregon without telling him.

Chelsia is nervous that the house is going to turn on her. James tried repeatedly to reassure her. She asks James if he will use the POV to save her and he tells her no because she has the votes, but then changes it and tells her that he will use it if she wants him to. They count the votes and James is confident that she will stay but Chelsia isn’t convinced. James tells her that she has at least one vote (him) and she tells him he can’t do that if the house is voting the other way because it will ruin his game. James tells her one of her predictions about the boys (Matt, Adam, Ryan, James) aligning has already come true when Adam comes in and starts picking on Chelsia asking her if it sucks not knowing how people are voting. Adam also thinks that Josh will vote however Ryan says to keep himself safe. James vows to have a vendetta if Chelsia gets evicted.

8 PM – 9 PM

The conversation ends and Josh comes in the bathroom to take a shower and the chess game ends. James jokes with Chelsia that they should make a baby while they are in the BB house. Chelsia asks Josh what he will do if the nominations stay the same? Josh is non-committal and simply says that Sharon was his partner. Chelsia puts on the pressure and asks how he would vote if Ryan told him how to vote. Josh says that vote would be 3-3 (insinuating that he is voting for Sharon). He also uses the opportunity to again state that he thinks he is getting back-doored. James informs Josh that Sharon is Ryan’s target and Josh seems a little shocked.

Natalie walks into the bathroom and Josh tells her that she almost killed someone just to be on the guys’ team for the food competition. She claims that it is because she wanted to be on Matt’s team.

James tries to distract Chelsia by kissing her chest, but she isn’t in the mood. Adam comes in to go #2 and Chelsia opens to door on him to mess with him. James leans in close to Chelsia’s mic and tells BB that Chelsia’s hoo-ha is pierced (which she denies). Shelia joins them in the bathroom and tells Chelsia that maybe James will win POV and save her, but Chelsia tells her that he won’t. James pipes in and says that if he gets POV he will use, but Chelsia isn’t sure he should do it. James tells her he won’t let her go (ED: Aww!) James and Chelsia joke about where to have sex in the house and say that they can hear BB telling them to knock it off.

Ryan tells Chelsia that he is 99% sure that she is staying. Ryan thinks that Josh will flip on Sharon if he has to in order to save himself. Ryan is confident she is staying but Chelsia says she is still nervous. Matt joins them in the HOH room and they talk about the pictures of Ryan and Jen and their families. They talk about the votes and possible replacement nominations. Ryan is considering using Shelia if the POV is used. He thinks that the vote would be 6-0 if Shelia was nominated.

9 PM – 11 PM

Let there be beer!

Adam goes to the HOH where a majority of the house guests (everyone except Shelia and Sharon) are to give them some beer. There isn’t a lot of game talk going on since everyone is in there. They talk about Allison threatening to sue Josh and BB over the fight that occurred last week. They all dream about what they will do with the prize money. Natalie calls Matt a name and storms out of the house. After she leaves they talk about her.

Natalie joins Shelia and Sharon and tells them that when she gets HOH she is putting Matt’s ass on the block because he treats her like crap (ED: yet she keeps coming back for more). The conversation turns into a bash-Matt event and Shelia warns them that the guys have an alliance. Shelia tells Natalie she would out Natalie in her movie. Josh joins the conversation and proposes that they approach Ryan to get him to put Matt up as a replacement nomination in exchange for two weeks of safety. Natalie warns that Ryan and Matt are close and that he wouldn’t go for it.

A giant pool table is set up in the backyard and BB tells them to practice on it. The house guests assume that it is for the POV tomorrow. Matt, Adam, Ryan, James and Chelsia practice while Sharon watches. Chelsia and Adam are the best at the pool table. Sharon thinks that the POV competition might be tonight.
Shelia, Natalie and Josh are still in the house. Shelia warns Josh not to say anything to Natalie since Natalie wants Chelsia out of the house and it still close to Matt. Shelia points out to Josh that Matt is playing both sides.

Shelia says she plans on telling Natalie everything that Matt has been saying about Natalie behind her back. Natalie is really pissed at Matt and goes around to the whole house dissing him. Shelia, Sharon, and Josh all agree that Matt has been very manipulative and has to go. Ryan joins the conversation and talk turns to the pool table.

11 PM – 1 AM

Sharon practices on the pool table and then rejoins Natalie and Sharon. Natalie goes out to the pool table briefly and then returns and whines that they won’t give her a turn. Shelia takes the opportunity to tell Natalie what Matt has been saying about her behind her back. After she is finished, Natalie says that if she gets HOH that she will nominate two guys. Natalie is going on and on about how awful Matt is to her. They try to come up with a name for their alliance.

Everyone else is outside practicing on the pool table. Ryan and Adam are pretty good, but James and Matt suck. Ryan is the most consistent of the guys. The guys are really enjoying it and don’t realize that Shelia is trying to get a turn. Eventually, everyone ends up outside and Josh basically tells them that they need to be fair and give everyone a turn.

Sharon was called into the Diary Room and BB leaked some of it! They asked her what she thought of the giant pool table. James brings up the idea to backdoor Matt to Adam. Natalie runs over to Matt and tells him everything that was said about him tonight. Matt immediately goes to Ryan and conspires who to put up next week when “they” win HOH. They talk about who will offer Ryan a deal. They trash Sharon and predict she will be evicted by a 6-0 vote.

1 AM- 3 AM

James and Adam stare at the Memory Wall. Outside Matt seems interested that James is awake. James goes outside briefly and then goes back to bed. Ryan joins Adam at the kitchen table and then heads up to the HOH room.

Josh joins him in the HOH room and offers backdooring Matt, but Ryan doesn’t buy it. So then Josh proceeds to throw James under the bus. They both agree that James is a threat of going either way but that Shelia is the ultimate pawn.

Chelsia and James play a new game in the backyard while Chelsia trashes Matt. Matt and Natalie go to bed. He can be seen masturbating under the sheet while Natalie sleeps. After his conversation in the HOH room, Josh returns to the backyard with James and Chelsia. They all agree that Shelia will be the replacement nomination and they want the house to have a meeting to discuss nominating Matt when Matt is called into the Diary Room.

3 AM – 5 AM

At first glance it would appear that everyone is fast asleep. But James, Josh, and Chelsia are devising a plan to get Matt evicted this week. The plan is to not say anything about the plan until the veto competition is over. They think that Ryan will be forced to go along with it if the whole house is in agreement. Operation C aka Operation Crooked Eye is in full effect.

Someone is fooling around (probably James and Chelsia), but BB doesn’t have it on the feeds so all you can do it hear them. A little while later Chelsia says to stop and James has made a bed on the floor using couch cushions.

Boy was Julie right. The new twist has certainly shaken the house and everyone is on guard. It all comes down to the POV winner and Ryan. Will be take the offer or turn on the house? Thanks as always to all the live feeders. You guys rock and are doing a great job as usual!