Operation C=Matt
Operation Rainbow=Josh
Operation Bum=James

Which One Will It Be? Or, none of the above??

The Hg's start stirring around, getting ready for POV comp. Early morning, there isn't much going on...a lot of laying around. Around 11:00am Matt goes up to HOH to secure his place with Ryan. Matt does most of the talking while Ryan adds mmhmm in here and there...all the while Ryan is contemplating back-dooring Matt in the back of his mind. Ryan is just "feelng things out". Shortly after, in the HoH James, Chelsia Ryan and Sheila are talking about Natalie and Matt and how Natalie will tell Matt everything no matter how bad he treats her. Josh comes in and tells them he just spoke with Adam. Sheila and James leave. Ryan says it's set up perfectly and he is going to go with what the house wants. Josh assures that it will be a 6-0 vote for Matt to go unless Natalie is stupid enough to vote for him to stay then it will be 5-1. Chelsia tells Ryan he can lie to Matt and tell him he is only putting him on the block to make the whole house happy but not to worry because he has the vo tes to stay. They say Operation Crooked Eye (a.k.a. evict Matt) is in full motion. Chelsia tells Ryan he can tell Matt that to prove that Matt and Ryan are not together he'll put them up. They all leave HOH and Ryan says "Wow, how this game changes daily". (more like...by the minute!).

12:15PM BBT: Trivia-POV Comp 1:57PM BBT

When feeds come back it seems Chelsia must have won. She and James were in the SR, saying she doesn't have to deal with any of the bull#$@!. It seems Adam won a motorcycle, Ryan won 10K smackaroos, Sharon got a slop pass and Sheila is in the infamous "Jen Johnson" Unitard for a week. Josh got a letter from home. Matt is back in HOH, now he is trying to figure out whom Ryan is putting up. Ryan says he has two more days to consider things before making his decision. Matt is tries to get information and point blank ask him if he is going to backdooring him in a laughing manner and mentions Ryan going along with Josh's plan. Ryan says he hasn't even approached him with that. (No Ryan, not operation C!!)


Sheila talks with Adam outside on the couch. She tells Adam about the J/S J/C alliance and how they are gonna come after them. She thinks Matt is going up and cries to Adam telling him she is scared and wants Adam to have her back. Matt approches Adam in the backyard when Sheila leaves and tells him he thinks Ryan is going to backdoor him, he is worried and wants to know if Adam is on his side. Adam tells Matt he will talk to Ryan. Matt seems happier after talking with Adam.

Ryan comes out and Sheila calls him aside to let him know that she is not mad at him for taking the $10K. She warns him he should not nominate Matt. Ryan says he knows. Ryan tells her that if he goes against Operation Crooked Eye he will really need them on his side because Chelsia/James and Josh/Sharon will be coming after him. Sheila assures Ryan that they will be on his side & have his back. Ryan says he is trying to think whom I should put up. Sheila says Josh because he is the ringleader and she assures that Sharon will come over to their side after Josh is gone. Ryan adds the votes up. Sheila says they are using him because he is a nice guy. Ryan says the two-week deal sounded great but he doesn't trust them...(Yeah Ryan!!!) Sheila says they want her to go against Adam and she is not going to do that.
Ryan says he sees where the line is drawn now. The house is divided 4 to 4 and he is in the middle. Ryan says he trusts the Adam/Sheila and Matt/Natalie m ore than the other four but he adds, "even though Matt has lied and tried to vote him out twice.” Sheila tells Ryan to keep lying to them and make them think he is still going to backdoor Matt. Ryan says, “Ooooh he can really stir some shit up.” Ryan says if they get rid of Josh and get Sharon over to her side then it's all of them against James and Chelsia.

Sharon and Josh alone in the HT planning out the game from now till the end....seriously, they think they have it "all" figured out. They talk about how Ryan won $10K and Adam won a motorcycle today so they could never vote for them to win the $500K. Josh is patting himself on the back for coming up with a smart plan last night and saying it worked. (Hahaha, Little does he know!).

Ryan, Adam and Matt in HoH talking about whom to put up. They're now debating whether to put James or Josh up in Chelsia's place. In the process, they pledge final 3 to each other. They think James is the biggest two-face person in the house. Matt says he and Adam have it made because their partners get information for them and bring it back. It seems James is first, then Josh. They are saying they're not going to say anything. Ryan says he's going to pretend he's going with “Operation crooked eye.” Ryan says there is plenty of time, there will be mad sh*t going down. Matt says James is going to break his hand. Ryan says he can go home with a broken hand. (LMAO)


More talk amongst HGs about veto comp, prizes etc. Adam, Ryan and Matt play pool and discuss the day's events and more talk about "OPERATION BUM". They don't don't want anyone to know the plan...let them keep thinking it is Matt that is being backdoored. Matt does a super funny impression of Sharon. The new alliance has yet to be named. The guys head in, Ryan and Matt play chess while Adam watches. Natalie is staying out of sight...hiding in the sauna. BB gives them all 1 beer a piece. (Woopy)
Sheila has a tooth-ache and is requesting...guess what...Tylenol PM (is she addicted?).
Josh kinda cracks on Sharon about her "blankie" and makes fun of her to J/C. He could really care less about anyone but himself. J/C are already in bed. J/S are going to bed also. Sheila is also already in bed.
When the chess game is over, Matt and Adam head to bed. Natalie goes up to HOH with Ryan to paint his potrait and chat. Ryan lets her in on possibly backdooring James. She, of course, is all for it. James gets up later and catches Ryan along in the kitchen. Ryan gives James no reason to doubt that "Operation C" is OFF. After some general chat, James heads back to bed (where he's been all day sulking 'cause he didn't win anything) and Ryan goes up to HOH. Ryan is finally playing the game...Goooo Ryan!
There are a lot of BB days before eviction...will "Operation Bum" play out????
12:45am All tucked in...night hamsters.