Big Brother Recap March 8, 2008

The “Back” door opens for James demise

Josh was the first one to wake up at 9:15. He starts talking to himself saying that the POV will be used, then throw Matt’s crooked eye up there, then win HOH, put Nat and Adam up, Nat goes home, Sharon wins HOH and bye bye Adam, bam three in a row! James gets up and they immediately talk game. He wants Matt out this week and then wants Nat to get HOH and put Ryan out since she is the only one who has not made a deal with him. James said his group has the votes to rule the house from that point on. (Little does he know that he won’t be there to see it?)

Ryan confirmed with Shelia that he was going to put up James as the replacement nominee at the POV ceremony. Sheila said that Josh would have been the obvious choice and that putting up James was a smart choice. That they (the boys+ Chelsea group) have no clue, they are still talking about when Matt leaves.

Josh, James and Chelsea had a slop fight. They threw it allover the kitchen. Chelsea ends up removing her bikini top, James strips down and they head to the outdoor shower to clean up. Shelia walked in on the fight and was upset with the kitchen being a mess.

Chelsea starts to get nervous and asking James and Josh what if…What if Ryan put Josh up, what if he out up James instead of Matt, she said it would be a smart move on his part, Josh said no, he talked to him, she then said they (Ryan, Matt, Nat etc) have been talking all day, look at them. James did not think it was possible; he was fully confident in Ryan and told her he would talk to him again later in the day. James then said if I go up you can just say good-bye.

Meanwhile out in the backyard, Ryan, Matt and Adam just named putting James up “Operation tighty whitey” Ryan admitted to Matt that for a minute he considered putting up Matt, that Josh had him convinced that the whole house wanted it, that Josh was very manipulative. He then said that after Josh left he knew he would not put you up. He said that Josh made it seem like he had to put Matt up, that it was a death sentence if he didn’t Matt responded that they picked the right two girls to side with (Nat and Shelia) that right after the POV ceremony they are going to remind Sharon that Josh could have saved her during the POV ceremony but he chose the letter from home over the VETO.

James and Chelsea squabble over who should clean the kitchen and how slop can’t be put down the drain. Josh finally said she had a bit$%y moment and to let him clean it up, Chelsea then just stormed away. While cleaning the kitchen James kept glancing outside, once he caught Matt’s eye, he waved at him, Matt waved back and said I will be waving good bye soon to you!

Chelsea keeps repeating that they (the other group) are hanging out a lot and that Ryan never confirmed what he was doing, James said she is being paranoid and to relax. Chelsea said she wants to confront Ryan before she goes to bed. James still tells her to relax but to talk to Ryan if she is that paranoid. Josh then said that if Ryan won’t put up Mat then she shouldn’t use the Veto. Chelsea said she has the votes so she won’t use it. That losing James is the worst thing that could happen.(how about when your butt walks out the door!). James said when she talks to him to remind him that they (the other group) never won an HOH. Josh got paranoid because they were all in HOH. James again said no, that Ryan is too scared to go against them, that they have the votes etc. Josh kept saying their group is smarter and will blow them away. They then proceed to make fun of Nat and Matt, trash talking them. Adam winders outside and James asked where everyone was, he said Matt was in HOH sucking up to Ryan trying to save his ass. Adam then said that Ryan has not talked game to him all day, James responded with good. Adam then said he was going to investigate and see what game Ryan is talking. After he left Chelsea said she is nervous and James again told her not to be paranoid, that he feels better knowing that Ryan has not been talking game with anyone today. Adam went up to HOH and told them what they said. Ryan laughed and said he does not want to talk game with them at all. Ryan said he will look James in the eye and lie to him, that it didn’t matter that it will all be over tomorrow once he nominates James.

James then told Josh that he wants to pounce on Nat and break her. Josh said she has a mental genetic disorder. Meanwhile Matt is all excited in HOH wanting to bring James down. James then told Josh that Chelsea was going to make Ryan promise on Jen’s grave that he is putting up Matt and if he doesn’t she won’t use the VETO and Sharon will leave. James said that he has a good read on Ryan and he feels Matt will leave this week.

At days end, Chelsea waits for Ryan to finish showering in HOH and approaches him. He opened the door and told her she was interrupting a “Jerk” session. (lol) . She went in the room and asked him if he talked to Adam, and he said a little. Chelsea then told Ryan that he is in a good position that Nat will go next and that will force Matt to be in sequester for a week with just Nat. Ryan said he would probably DOR from sequester. Chelsea then asked if Ryan was worried about what he was going to do, she then said that if he didn’t’ do it that he would have the whole house gunning for him. Ryan responded that he was not going to do something that would put his security in jeopardy. Chelsea said she felt better and left. After she left Ryan said to himself that he was lying to her and that he was abut to flip the house upside down.

Chelsea repeated everything back to Josh and James. She told them about threatening him wit the house would be against him etc. Chelsea said that Ryan is worried about Matt going apeshit and he can’t believe everyone in the house wants Matt out. Chelsea said she got a good vibe from the meeting and the three went to bed. Chelsea and James do some things under their covers tonight. Squeaking bed, laughs, noises confirmed their doing the dirty!

Josh was restless and got up and went to the hot tub. Chelsea and James joined him. Josh rehashes once again what he is going to say to Matt tomorrow, like how he is going to make his life hell and how Nat will be next in sequester just to drive him nuts. (Like he really would say any of that). Josh also said Sharon is getting on his nerves that way she calls him baby and walks around carrying her blanket. James then asked them if either of them (Josh or Chelsea) have a problem back dooring Ryan next week, neither one of them did. (after offering him two weeks of safety this week and reneging on it next week).Josh said that they (the other group) totally underestimated them (wait till tomorrow buddy). Josh then said if they had not made this deal with Ryan (the one they all just agreed to break next week) then one of us will be back doored! (Wait till tomorrow buddy!).

All house guests were asleep by 5:40

So what will tomorrow bring, good thing the roofer has not been evicted yet because after the POV ceremony tomorrow that house will need a new roof!