The houseguests are up at 10:00. They think it's 9:00, but they find out that there has been a spring forward.

James and Josh tell Adam, that Matt going up on the block. Adam acts surprised, and says he had no idea. Adam goes to Matt and Ryan and tells them about how Josh and and James believe that Ryan is going to put up Matt. Josh and James talk about how they can't wait to see Matt's face, when he goes up. Meanwhile, Matt and Ryan have a good laugh at the expense of the people who believe that Ryan is putting up Matt, in the veto ceremony. Ryan practices his speech, and then asks to be alone in HOH.

Josh talks about how as long as James and Chelsia are in the house, he controls the votes, so, Sheila better vote his way. He says that as long as they don't get picked off, they will run the house. James and Adam play pool and Adam tells James he would rather see James there, than Matt.

The houseguests get a outside lockdown. We then get flames for about 20-30 minutes.

When the feeds return, we see Chelsia storming out of the room, and Sharon looking shocked. Matt is comforting her, and James is nowhere to be seen. Chelsia confronts Adam, and asks him if he is with "them", he tells her that he is on his own side. Chelsia then turns to Matt and confronts him, on the way he treats Natalie. He throws Natalie under the bus. Ryan tells Matt to calm down, and Chelsia tells Ryan he should have went with the two week deal. Ryan tells her he might have made a mistake, but he was sticking with who he trusted the most. Josh asks Sheila if she knew, and Sheila says no, she is just as shocked.

James comes out and says that he isn't worried about it. He tells Ryan he isn't mad, that he just didn't want to leave this early in the game. He asks Ryan if he is leaving, and Ryan says he doesn't know. James says he has a gut feeling, and that it is what it is.

Josh tells Chelsia about Natalie telling people that Allison said that Chelsia's vag smells bad, and Chelsia goes up to Natalie, in the bathroom, pulls her pants down, sticks her crotch right in Natalie's face, and asks her if seh wants to smell it. Natalie laughs and tells them that their alliance is f**ked. She and Chelsia proceed to have a screaming match. Chelsia tells Natalie how much Matt hates her, and she cannot wait for Natalie to see when she is out. Josh dumps water on Natalie, and James dumps pickle juice on Natalie. Matt finds out and becomes very angry and asks James why he did it, and James says it's not a big deal, it washes off. Matt says if they do one more thing to Natalie, he will tear them apart. Matt tells Josh that the way he treats women is wrong, and disrespectful. He reminds him that his mother is also a woman. Josh tells James and Chelsia that if they thought his rants against Allison and Amanda were bad, that it was going to be worse with Natalie. He will bring up her abortion.They talk about how they think Adam knew what was going on. There was a lot of trash talk all over the house, for quite awhile.Josh at one point talks about how Natalie can't spell "Prada". Chelsia refers to Natalie as a killer, because she had two abortions. James tells Sharon to distance herself from Josh and Cheslia, because they have basically checked out of the game.

Josh tells James and Chelsia that he will vote out Sharon, and James tells him they can do it, with smooth operating. Chelsia plans on talking to Sheila, and James will talk to Adam. James and Josh talk abotu how Sharon will suck up, and will not stand up to people. James says the twist was a good one. That it is a good game.

Natalie talks to Sharon, and they talk about how Josh stole Natalie's Bible. Sharon offers her hers. Sheila talks about how Josh would not like it, if someone spoke, the way he speaks to the women, to his sister. They talk about how his family has seen the way he spoke to Allison, Amanda, and now Natalie.

Chelsia is visibly upset. She says that it sucks that he has to go. Josh joins them and says that HOH next week is do or die.

Matt talks to Sharon and asks her if she knew what was going on, beforehand, and she say no. He tells her she is safe, and that she come hang out with them. Matt and Josh shake and make things cool between each other.

A lot of typical game talk throughout the evening. Chelsia searches the Bible for things to use against Natalie. Josh goes a little mad talking to himself, about how he hates every player.

By 2am, all the houseguests are asleep.