lovinthewill's Detailed Adventure Through The BB9 Wrap Party

Allison - Wasn't there. Allison Grodner said, "She couldn't come tonight" when it was Allison's turn for introductions before the gag reel. No big loss, from what I could tell.

Neil - Found out he was kicked off the show for making "slanty eyes" and mocking Julie Chen saying. "I'm Julie Chen, I'm Julie Chen" with an accent.

Ryan and Jen - Had a good time, but were stuck to each other like glue and I feel kind of like Jen wasn't in high demand and that kept people away from Ryan just a little bit.

Chelsia - Made a date for nipple peircing with our friends and was TOTALLY and completely lovable. She said the nipple peircing date could be taped, so we'll see if that comes to fruition! She said to keep an eye out for a youtube orgy video of the day after they got out of sequester and that she wasn't involved. She didn't hang out with James much during the night, but they did leave together. She's adorable, really friendly and had a blast chatting it up with Dick, Janelle and all of her fans.

James - SO happy to be there, he really appreciates all that this experience has done for him. We told him that he seemed wise beyond his years and he talked about how he's really had life experiences that made him different than the others. We mentioned how Josh hadn't even left his state prior to this show and that the lack of experiences of some of the others made it different for James. He was really grateful for the fans who keep showing his support and was friendly with a lot of guys and girls last night! He's adorable! We took some pics of one of the tattoos they wouldnt show and now know why...it was a Catholic priest with a gun to his head dreaming about guys having sex. I think he was possibly masturbating too, it was just too funny. I love James!

Josh - Very nice, really southern and having a blast getting to know all of his fans and the old houseguests that he was friends with. He's shorter than I thought, but a cutie.

Sharon - She was a favorite of our friends and they really wanted lots of pics with her. I liked her on the show, but after spending time with her, she's SO down to earth, she didn't even shriek once! lol She took time to talk and take pictures and actually seemed interested and not hurried when hanging out. She's really cute too! We didn't see her hanging out with Jacob too much at the wrap party, but I will tell you he started out at one hotel in the afternoon and we saw him leaving the other hotel this morning with Sharon! hmmmm...you be the judge!

Jacob - A little crazy! He was dancing in barefeet by the end of the night! Seemed nice, but was quieter than the others.

Amanda - So So sweet, lovintheboogie was asked by Naters to get Amanda's info for him so they could hang out when she gets back in Minnesota so she did that. Amanda is REALLY pretty, had on a gorgeous dress and was telling us to go talk to the DJ about his music selection since he wouldn't listen to her. We were saying, "Um, if he won't listen to you, he's certainly not going to listen to us!" People have posted that Alex was mean for wearing a "No Bueno" shirt, but he loves her like a sister, you can totally tell. They got along great!

Parker - SOOOO friendly and was tearing up the dance floor. We loved this year even better than last and the dancing was one reason. These houseguests had the most fun dancing together. It was so fun to see them all doing the electric slide with their fans. Parker has some MOVES.

Alex - Ah, you've seen the picture...I had to tell him that his lips were to die for so he laid one on me. I really do think my heart stopped a tiny bit. It was awesome and they are as soft as butter. He had a fun time making the rounds and was a great dancer too, you could tell he does DJ stuff! He did some networking and hopefully he'll move out this way, since he fit in perfectly with the CA crowd!

Sheila - She looked way better in person and talked to us for a while since one of our friends is a screenwriter and wants to talk to her about a movie deal potentially. She told us that James was a WAY better kisser than Dick...lol...so hopefully we'll get a little orgy action in that video Chels was talking about. Her son was there and was having a GREAT time...at about midnight, he was trying to get his mom to go to a gay bar that a bunch of people were going to and she just shook her head. He said, "aren't you BI mom, come on!?" and she said, "Yes I like girls and guys!" Who knows if they went.

Natalie - Super sweet, but way overwhelmed. She said this morning that she didn't feel like she talked to anyone at all last night and that the night went by so fast. Her sister is really sweet too, looks and sounds just like Nat. She was anxious to get home to her two boys and said she had never been away from them in their whole lives. Natalie was very happy to go home today too. She loved the gag reel and said it wasn't embarrassing at all, since that's what it was like.

Matty - Very, very beautiful eyes as you can see from the pics. He was a little homophobic our friends thought and when we asked to pose with the cute boys (meaning him and Alex), he backed out of the picture, and I said, "Um, yeah, you're a cute boy! Get in here!" He stayed away from Natalie, and I think he thought the gag reel was hilarious too.

Adam - It was Adam's 30th birthday, what a way to have a birthday! His part of the gag reel was my VERY favorite and as he was watching it ("What did Adam say?" with multiple choice...HILARIOUS), he said, "I don't even know what I said!!!" and was cracking up. He loved all the attention as did his brother! He talked to Janelle for a long time too.

As for prior houseguests who showed up:

Zach and "sweets", he looked exactly the same and she's very tall and pretty!

Chicken George came all the way from Vegas and was sad that Boogie and Will never come. He said this is like a high school reuinion that you actually WANT to attend every year and that for winning BB and getting a half a mil, Boogie and Will should at least try to make one appearance at the wrap party! We told him we were so happy that Dick likes to be a part of it all, it makes it way more fun when the winners show up.

Dick looked great and I love that winning hasn't changed that man one bit. He brought "grandma" and Daniele told us to make sure and say hello to Grandma if we saw her. Vincent wasn't there.

Daniele was gorgeous as always and was running around getting pics. I didn't see her with Alex too much, just checking in here and there, but they are a beautiful couple and I hope they have fun together.

Marcellas was there with Chi Chi LaRue, drag queen and porn director. Of course he/she tried to sign James to several movie deals! So hilarious. Marcellas looked great and we reminded him that he came in sweats last year and he laughed and rolled his eyes. So funny!

Erika was there with Survivor Adam again. We asked her, "Why is your fiance on crutches every year for this party?" and she said, "That's how I get my men to stick around!" She was having a great time and spent a lot of the night catching up with Rachel and staffers.

Mike Dutz was there with his girlfriend. He actually remembered lovintheboogie's name and tried really hard to remember mine, but whatever! One out of two real names isn't bad! He said he just moved to Orange County from LA after we asked him how many people were crashing at his house. Last year he ended up with several since he lived so close by.

Bunky was there and was having fun! He's really hilarious and we commended him on his Dick spoof from earlier this year. He had to stop and talk to our friends about their mutual love for James and his huge ya-know! So funny!

Janelle was there of course and she just gets prettier every year. Her dress was beautiful and I'd say she's still in high demand when it comes to fan time! There's always a crowd wherever Janelle is. She had a good time getting pics with everyone! Back at the hotel at two am, people were still wanting to take pictures with her and she asked us, "Are you putting these on Jokers!?" and not really knowing what to say, I said, "Um, no?" and she said, "Please do, please do!", she's adorable and had a great time. She and Bear were happy to rush off to the airport this morning though!

We noticed Joey Fatone and unfortunately, our morning radio show guys only pronounce it "FAT ONE" so it's hard to say it correctly to his face...lol I asked him for a pic and asked, "Why are YOU here?" and he said his friend worked on the show. Which is funny, since that's almost everyone's standard answer!

Ross the Intern was there and our friend in Alabama LOVES LOVES LOVES him so we texted her a picture and took a few with him. He was really cute and friendly with everyone!

We took lots of pictures with the props and when the game designer Meeka, noticed that a couple of people were taking things, she said, "Hey, I see you stealing that!" and I told her, "It just means your comps ROCK!" She laughed and kept dancing the night away.

We talked to Mark (the cameraman "switcher" again) and asked him, "So what did you switch from this year that we should know about!" and he said, " A lot of sex between James and Chelsia", we said, "Hey, we wanted to see that!" and he said, "But they didnt!" He said there was no DR sex on his shifts and no sex with veggies during his shifts, but he can neither confirm nor deny...etc...he's hilarious and was really sad that Naters wasn't there with his "chiseled jaw!"

This year was definitely the most fun year, with all the love between the houseguests at the wrap party! They all had so much fun dancing, watching the gag reel and whenever any of them got together on stage or in a group, they were always yelling for whoever was missing to get over to them. It's also funny how everyone knows everyone, we thought we were introducing our friends to new people and then two seconds after they met, it would come out that they worked together on some show or had an improv class together, or play poker with the same people! SO much fun to observe and I feel so lucky to be a part of it! I'm sure I left a lot out, so this may get added to or whatever.

We do have a lot more pictures to post and a complete version of the gag reel taken from up close, so keep coming back for me. We just needed a little time to recover!