Jokers Updates was invited to a panel with several network execs to discuss how TV interacts now with the Internet. This is the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) conference taking place in Las Vegas April 16-18, 2004.

From the BEA page:
We will discuss what the television networks and cable channels know about their hybrid audience (people who will use TV and Internet in concert) and how these companies use the information to provide interesting content to enhance the TV viewing experience. We will discuss the traits of these cross-media viewers and actors to see how the television experience has changed since the days of the couch potato. We will learn how internet places are used to engage and retain the broadcast audience.

Cat LeDevic will be representing JokersUpdates, giving a speech "Cultivating a Grassroots Internet/TV Community". She will discuss the growth and maturation of the Internet and how it complements the television viewing experience.

Harry Lin from American Broadcasting Co., will discuss "ABC and its Internet Audience": Liz Huszarik from Warner Bros. will speak on "The Future of TV Audience Research in the Internet World", and Cynthia Lieberman from Paramount Studios will share "What We Know About Internet Fans".
Joan Giglione from CSU Fullerton is moderating.