Here are some very humble opinions about Ben

Where did Lucifer come from?

I actually don't think we are seeing Ben's real personality at the moment (if there is such a thing). I have previously stated that I think Ben is a great spade man (able to dig himself out of the [Beep]) and he knows this and is experimenting with it. Unfortunately he has subconsciously realized that while he may win the battles the tide of war is turning against him and we are getting a spiraling effect. Two major things have contributed to Ben's motivation

1. Reggie's accusation that he was duplicitous (sorry about the word but its the best one for the job) in his approach to the two different houses. Ben explained this away but it has been dwelling on him and he is not satisfied with his explanation himself and knows that observers wouldn't be either - so he knows he is stuck- he can't be Square house Ben and can't be round house Ben otherwise Reggie will be proved right - so he has settled on Merged House Ben to divert attention from this. This is the equivalent of cutting off your nose to spite your face and is flawed thinking but necessary because Ben sees it as still digging himself out - something he is addicted to. He creates problems to admire his solutions (I hope this makes some sense as I haven't explained it very well and is hard because it is not logical thinking on bens Part. Of course to us the cure is worse than the disease

2. Joanne -Like most of us males Ben was hugely affected by Joanne especially when she was given to him as a present (and a reward for his solitude). (don't complain to me - its the way he sees it). And then like a kid at a birthday party he didn't want to share his present. Pat was the first to usurp his gift and he started to compete a bit - However there was one incident at the merge party when Jo clung to him intensely in the pool that had a dramatic effect - He thought for a moment that he had his present back (like when the music stops) - only for it to be quickly passed along when the music started again. This was a small incident to most of us but I noticed a silicon chip switch to overload at this moment. Reggie copped a huge verbal wack at this time for an innocuous comment that distracted him and it was disproportionate. Because Ben cannot admit to the world, himself , his GF, and the HMs how he felt about Joanne - another cover- up is needed First he is angry at Joanne and thinks she is metaphorically "sucking dicks" but he can't just stir about this or he will give his motives away - he must spread the [Beep] around as a distraction both to himself and to his "publics" - what then to do? Ben falls back on solution 1 with even greater gusto. This solution also suits his Alpha control needs as it is a form of total control albeit a destructive one.

Will Ben be evicted?

Ben has backed himself into a huge corner, he knows it but he is unlikely to come out with a whimper. He will go down in a blaze of Glory. If he lasts the week he will be evicted by the public but I think he may not stand for the powerlessness that this entails. Being in a corner is not a healthy place for someone with his psychiatric history and I wouldn't be surprised if either he rings the bell or it is rung for him before next Monday. Either way if I listen carefully all I can hear is Tick, tick, tick....... (walkout, extraction or a jolly good eviction show)

Will I miss him?

Lots of people have said he adds color and this is true. But I balance this with
1. Suppressing any flirtatious or natural behavior by creating paranoia (disturbs my voyeuristic pleasures)
2. Not allowing personalities to come out.
3. Yeah sure he has banter with Reggie but he also manipulates her. I believe she can shine without him - and would transfer this banter to Pat or Sax and it would be fun to see
4. I am a romantic I guess - but I would like to see an end to dysfunctional for a while and lets see some bonding in action. We will still have conflicts (vs Big Brother) (vs Nominating - HMs will be very conflicted if they like everyone and have to nominate) I want to see some teamwork in the tasks so I can root for them)

Ben is a "Driver" type personality (you define this by fight being the response to conflict and flight being a last resort) rather than an "Amiable" (other way around Like Chrissy) or an ("analytical" Pat, Daniel) and also by control first before emotion (unlike Belinda who is an "expressive")

By the way - I agree Claire is a waste of food budget

Anyway enough rambling for today - bound to be more fireworks this week.