Dear Nerd Herd,

As I have watched you and read the update boards this last week, I have been stunned and amazed. You seem to be confused as to why America would vote Kaysar back into the house, why America would choose Janelle to receive a phone call and why we do not like you. I shall try to clarify.

First it might have something to do with the racist remarks that Ivette, Eric and Maggie have made in the house. Ivette's were nearly all directed at Kaysar, but Maggie and Eric had very colorful things to say about people of color.

Second, it might have been Ivette, Jennifer and April fabricating the entire "sexual predator" label for Michael. We all know that was completely false. Those watching the feeds saw it being fabricated and guess what, those are the same people who were voting for America's Choice.

Third, It might have been that disgusting plan that Ivette and Beau were hatching to have Beau seduce Howie and then try to blackmail Howie afterward. That one would assume that Howie cared about anyone knowing, which I doubt he would, but just to conceive such a plan was pretty low.

Fourth, America wanted to see Kaysar have another chance in the house, we like Kaysar, in fact, of the five million votes that were cast, 82% were for Kaysar, that is 4.1 million. What does that tell you? Kaysar did not win by one or two votes, he won by an overwhelming majority. In other words, we like Kaysar a lot.

Fifth, Jennifer.... oh man. She cried, which she then admitted was all fake, only strategy, she carried on, she promised repeatedly, as did the rest of you with your input from outside that pressure cooker. So Kaysar out of genuine concern and caring for Jennifer let her have it. It was a gift, a gift she ***** on. She lied and sent Kaysar back out and the herd had this wonderful message for all us "***** America".

Sixth, After all the nerd herd's whining, complaining, invoking the name of Cappy, building a shrine to Cappy, etc. Ivette had the unmitigated gall to call Rachel out for poor sportsmanship? Rachel, who had been mature and the voice of reason for the most part in the house had to be verbally assaulted by that load of crap after being evicted? Please.

Seventh, and this is my personal favorite...When Janelle wins the America's Choice to get a phone call, the herd has a massive meltdown. First you cannot believe America likes Janelle, which we do. Second you blame it all on Big Brother, which is foolish. Third you whine and complain, cry and throw a fit and finally end with telling us, America, we can ***** off and we are pieces of *****.

Now, if you are still confused as to why America in general does not have a warm fuzzy feeling for you as a group, you need to get a better grasp of the English language then read this again. It's one thing to lie as a part of the game, but when you lie to discredit others, lie to be hurtful, lie to intentionally harm, that is a whole different thing.

I hope you all really do have wonderful lives to return to, because for myself, after this I have seen more than enough of each and every one of you. Thanks for the good times.

Tweedle, who speaks for at least a part of America