When BB1 started, I was relatively new to the world of computers. I watched the shows on TV but never got into the live feeds until about half way through the season. I remember I had to join AOL or something to get the FREE feeds. I enjoyed watching them by myself but then I found a ‘chatroom’ group at AOL and found that it was more fun to watch the feeds with a group and watch THEIR interactions also.

BB1 was the first and last Big Brother from Endemol, the group that brought BB to the world. I don’t think they were too interested in ‘ratings’ as the HGs where not chosen from a bar or a talent agency and in some ways seemed so innocent about what this medium meant.

I enjoyed Curtis and Cassandra. I didn’t like Chicken George. I laughed at Jamie’s vanity and Brittany’s ever-changing hair color. There were some memorable moments…the backyard filled with pugs was one. I laughed and laughed at that one. I think Pugita was the highlight of season one. The marathon dance was unique and I wish they’d do it again sometime…imagine watching the live feeds at 2 a.m., knowing someone would be up and in the backyard dancing!

I was more excited about BB2….and I wasn’t disappointed. There was lots of drama and lots of humor! Who can forget the knife incident..the toothbrush incident..the Nyquil…the trampoline..the pot bellied pig…the wintery backyard and the visit from the Survivors…

There was a more diverse group for the second season. A gay-basher and a gay man. Later in the season, the ‘Kent and Bunky Show’ at bed time was the highlight for me. Who would have thought they would become such good friends! I started out liking Hardy until he hooked up with Nicole! I never cared for Will until after Shannon and Boogie were evicted. Then his sense of humor won me over. Who will forget the trampoline episode – explosive diarrhea! And the live challenge on the bed in the back yard where we watched as Nicole slowly slipped into madness!

This was also the year of 9/11. It was days before I could watch the live feeds…and there was nothing going on there. I often wondered what it would have been like to be so cut off from the world.

I had higher hopes for BB3 at this point and in some ways I wasn’t disappointed. When the names were released I was sure I would hate Amy…and that I would love Marcellus. Well, I loved them both..mostly loved them when they were cackling together like two gossipy old ladies!

Roddy was too intelligent for this kind of game – he just didn’t have the quick thinking street smarts for it. He was my early favorite to win.

There were lots of memorable moments in this season. The bikinis – and the first full frontal nudity LIVE on the feeds…whew! The story of ‘Lisa and the Fireman’…Chiwhora’s finger code…Amy falling off the hammock…Sheryl Crow in the backyard…the gnomes…Marcellus’ frolics…and the moment when Dani realized she would never win.

BB4 was probably my least favorite season. I loved Dave and wanted to see him stay for the whole season. He brought a sense of fun to the show! (And the first live sex on the live feeds) I loved Tom…but knew he wouldn’t last the full show when he fell down after twirling around and around in that chair. The EX factor was a bummer. It took the focus from meeting strangers to having preconceived relationships. But it did have it’s moments…Jee and his henchmen in the HOH room…how Jee ‘put his life on the line’ for the group…The mantroll…the naked soapsuds challenge…the ‘cage’ where June peed through the bars (I suggest this challenge for every season!) the kidnapping of the HOH..and the mime. I loved the mime…it was far and away the best part of that season!

BB5. Well what can I say. I loved the twin twist and wish one of them had won. I didn’t like the brother/sister twist as it was so flat….no emotions were attached to this revelation. Too bad, it could have been really good. Nikomas was the only one I wanted to win. Everyone else was expendable. I liked Marvin after a while but there was no one I could relate to…Holly? Yech! Jase – good lord! If it had been up to me, I’d have kept Mike longer – he had potential!

Through all of these shows, though they are all different, one thing remains constant. I enjoyed them with you all. (More you alls every year!)

The camaraderie of Jokers is what makes me want the live feeds…I enjoy the banter about the feeds as much as watching them. Each year I wonder if the houseguests will be interesting..will one of them catch my eye as a potential winner…and which ones will I ‘love to hate’?

I guess it’s time to find out.