Big Brother 10 Recap and Some Pics

Going to the finale is always a fun day! After the usual check in, security and long lines, we wait... but since there have been live audiences each week, there were questions from the audience forms to fill out, a picture taken and release form signed which we've not had to do before. There were SO many more people there than the last two years, we were a little bit worried that it would fill up even though we had guaranteed seats. Outside while waiting, we saw Nick and Jen, Dick, Adam (his brother) and Matty, Jen and Parker, Joe Barber, James Rhine, Chelsia, Josh, and Sharon. Inside as you can see from audience pics posted today, Beau and Ashlea were there, JJ, Zach, Sweets, and Erika and Adam were there too.

After the walk by the outside of the house, the audience was loaded in slowly. We were moved around a lot since they wanted different colors in different places, etc... They put our friend between me and lovintheboogie, so she got lots of airtime! They also had trivia and games while we waited and watched Julie practice. Our usual "audience tamer extraordinaire" who we call Big Energy (and yes he will have his own SIGN next year!) was assisted by a couple of other people who did random trivia, introduced the voice of BB (Don Wollman who said, "Houseguests What part of stop do you not understand"), and gave away shirts. Big Energy took over close to the live show time and reminded us about the rules, when to clap, etc...and to make it a "love fest!" He's awesome!

They also checked our posters, commended us on them and disbursed a couple throughout the crowd. The taping commenced and it was obvious that there were a lot of Memphis fans in the house. Dan's whole family wore red bandanas on their wrists in support of their Renegades. A quick applause poll showed that most of the audience did think Dan would win. The two families were very, very proud and super sweet people.

A lot of former houseguests were in the audience, although some stayed in the greenroom to watch the taping and hang out. They had a seat saved for Dick, but he didn't want to go in, so they asked Bunky to go sit in the audience! As always Julie rocks, she's amazing and makes it look so easy! After the taping, they did the Early Show segment and in between, Memphis and Dan were shell shocked trying to see everyone, hug family, etc...Dan saw the "Renegades are the New Chilltown" sign that we had and made sure to point it out to Memphis. It was really cute and we passed it off to Monica later that night along with the local movie listings for Dark Knight playing in the area (feeders will understand!). Memphis saw the "BOB" sign and was cracking up as was his dad. They asked if they could have the "Fruitless Exit" sign for Memphis' little sister who was devestated that she wasn't there. Renny and Keesha were all giggles over the Renny Roo and Keesha Beesha sign, so Keesha went home with that one!

After the taping we headed to the VIP Lounge and waited with the families during the interviews. We talked to everyone, made sure to say hello, but spent the majority of our time with Memphis' family. I had to make sure to let his mom know that she did a great job teaching him how to respect women. They were so overwhelmed by LA and by all the fans, and were the sweetest people. Memphis mom told us all about him and Ashley and how proud they are of them. They talked about how they saw him for a few minutes between the show and the interviews and he said it was SO hard to not be able to pick up the phone that first week and say, "Mom and Dad, I won a car!!!" They were just amazing people! Memphis' mom and Dan's mom talked a lot in recent weeks, but they wished they had each other for support from the beginning. They commented on how much they have in common in their family structures and history and how much fun it was to keep tabs on their boys who they can be proud of. Memphis' mom was surprised at some of the crazy internet fans and has already learned that not everyone will like Memphis and that's okay.

More people were in the VIP lounge than inside in the audience as far as former houseguests, but they got bored and went out, like Marcellas and Beau and Ashlea.

It was fun to see the houseguests meeting their DR people, who they hadn't seen, but had talked to SO much for three months. The staffers are SUCH big fans of the show that they get as excited as we do when it comes time to meet them! One of them walked up to Dan when we were talking to him and said, "I'm so and so" and Dan said, "Wow, I thought all of you were a lot older!" I think they'll all keep in touch! It's like a big reunion every year! Parker was talking to producers about how he's waiting for an All Star season to be on.

Howie didn't make it and once again Erika's fiance Adam was on crutches again. Every year we see him on crutches! She really knows how to keep the men around! She looked really, really beautiful, as did all the houseguests. I'm always amazed at how tall, thin and pretty they are in real life. Michelle spilled wine all over our friend, and didn't apologize and then minutes later, did the same thing to Memphis' mom! Sheez... Dan's family was very sweet, but much more reserved than I expected. Memphis and Dan were the last to get there, and Memphis was SO ready to get out of there and spend some time with Ashley that he left his big giant check behind. We made sure his dad grabbed it on his way out.

Nick and Jen both there looking beautiful. Nick is still hot with a capital stud. They looked a little uncomfortable. Dick came by and shook Nick's hand and a fan stood in front of Jen in a protective way, but she laughed it off and Dick did talk to her. It was brief, but no drama ensued.

Jessie was really nice and his girlfriend was so exotic and beautiful. Keesha was exactly like the girl next door! She was way more low key than I expected and it showed that it was a huge relief to have it all be over! Renny was sweet and very observant, the first thing she said, "Was, well hello dahlins, are you hardcore fans?" She was so much fun and kind of like a characiture of herself.

Jerry had his wife and daughter there and looked sad and lonely actually. It was kind of sad to see. He wasn't getting a lot of love, understandably. And April and Ollie just hung out kind of by themselves mostly too. All of them are so approachable though and none have any regrets about doing the show.

They all seemed to be looking forward to the wrap party, so of course we'll get a lot of pictures and spend a little more time with them there! More to come....

Check out photos!