Jokerette: Hey memphis how goes!
memphisgbb10: how is everyone is it cold bc its hot as hell in LA
Jokerette: Memphis, how you doing?
Jokerette: it's unreal here - nice and kewl :)
_paradise_: 38 degrees here thanks :(
MissyinSC: Hey memphisgbb10, thanks for chatting with us :-)
Jokerette: what have you been up to, since making me eat slop at the wrap party? rofl
memphisgbb10: HAHAHA I have been very busy
Jokerette: that slop is nasty shti!
Jokerette: what have you been up to?
memphisgbb10: traveling working on some new projects
Jokerette: anything you can talk about?
memphisgbb10: i am developing 2 reality shows one is based on my company 1 drink mixology and the other one is based on old peeps
Jokerette: wow!
_paradise_: Old peeps?? Canadians qualify??
Jokerette: so a show on mixology? How does that work?
memphisgbb10: yea sure i love canadians
Jokerette: Shelley asks: When Dan won HOH the first time, the tv edit made it seem like you didn't trust Dan or his plan to put you up as a pawn/decoy, at what point did you actually start believing that Dan was telling you the truth about getting to F2 together?
memphisgbb10: well my company staffs trained mixologist for events and we create menus for venues all over the country fun stuff
Jokerette: oh i see! neat.
memphisgbb10: well i didnt trust him at first you cant in that house
Jokerette: i can imagine.
memphisgbb10: you want to but in the situation its so hard
Jokerette: it has to be really hard. Was there one time when you knew you could trust him?
memphisgbb10: It sounds crazy but i was still un sure up to when he picked me over jerry
Jokerette: damn
Jokerette: makes sense to me, though.
Jokerette: How hard has it been for you to adjust to having fans? Has there been any uncomfortable moments in dealing with them? Any weird fan moments?
memphisgbb10: um not to bad i get some messages people talking crazy about how im a loser its funny
Jokerette: for real???
Jokerette: People actually SAY that to you???
Jokerette: what the hell are they thinking?
memphisgbb10: some person said they want to wear my skin
Jokerette: omg rofl
memphisgbb10: hahhahhaaha
memphisgbb10: whatever
Jokerette: have you seen 'memthighs' ? rofl
Jokerette: I just heard THAT one tonight!
memphisgbb10: huh whats that
Jokerette: a nick for you, I reckon!
_paradise_: What do you think of all the tributes that were made for you Memphis? Do you have a favorite?
Jokerette: good question!
memphisgbb10: oh ok yea cold hearted snake on you tube
Jokerette: haven't seen that one!
Jokerette: if anyone has a link, pm me :)
_paradise_: Has anyone made you do the Renegade handshake with them?
Jokerette: now Parker was here earlier...
Jokerette: yes the handshake!
memphisgbb10: yea everywhere i go
Jokerette: rofl
Jokerette: parker has a question for you... you're gonna crack up!
Jokerette: pahkah asks: memphis, this is parker. i'm not actually in chat anymore, but i wanted to ask why you thought it was necessary to wear that hat with the big stupid ass "M" on it? i really hated that hat. you seem cool, but hate the hat. burn it! :)
_paradise_: Aww..I liked that hat.
Jokerette: me too rofl
_paradise_: Memphis do you ever look at your forum here at Jokers. There have been a number of parties in your forum lately.
memphisgbb10: ok im a huge university of memphis fan like since i was 6 and that was a hat my brother gave to me
Jokerette: awwwwwwwwww
memphisgbb10: u of m basketball going all the way this year
Jokerette: which makes it sacred!
Jokerette: from his forum... I wanna know who he's voting for in Nov 4. and what his opinion of Jessie is..
memphisgbb10: hahahha no way not tonight
Jokerette: rofl don't blame ya!
_paradise_: chicken! :p
MissyinSC: Patti asks: Memphis is true about the car you won wasn't even bb's to give away
Jokerette: and here for the transcript... <Laura> Big Brother 10 M/K/Dance Tribute- "Cold Hearted Snake"
Jokerette: omg can that be true missy?
memphisgbb10: they did not own it but they had it if i wanted it
Jokerette: omg did you take it then?
memphisgbb10: no i took the money
Jokerette: can't blame ya THERE rofl. I heard about that car!
MissyinSC: aprilsdignity asks: Did you, as many live feed watchers did, feel that there was a little mutual crushing going on between Dan & Keesha in the house, innocent though it may have been?
memphisgbb10: you know you guys saw more than i did
_paradise_: I didn't see it. *shrug*
Jokerette: we sure lord did rofl
memphisgbb10: i dont know how they acted behind closed doors
_paradise_: They didn't do anything.
Jokerette: that reminds me.... do you remember the mouse?
memphisgbb10: no i have no idea
Jokerette: one of our chatters SAW that mouse. rofl
Jokerette: ran right across your behind.
_paradise_: LOL jokerette.
memphisgbb10: hahaha thats awesome
MissyinSC: luvmemphis asks: Did Keesha's LAUGH annoy you as much as the rest of us watching on the feeds!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! OMG!!!!!
memphisgbb10: you would think it would but it didnt at all its crazy
_paradise_: I am repeating this one..Do you visit your fan forum here at Jokers? There have been many parties in your forum lately.
memphisgbb10: no but i like to party
Jokerette: :)) you'll have to visit!
memphisgbb10: so someone should invite me
Jokerette: paradise will :D
_paradise_: LOL you should check it out, your fans have kept it active. You are invited now :)
memphisgbb10: sounds good
_paradise_: Just watch out for the mixologists..they mix some mean ones :)
MissyinSC: Linz asks: you travelling to the east coast anytime soon?
memphisgbb10: florida on nov 8th TN around nov 25 NYC around dec 13,
_paradise_: How bout Edmonton?
memphisgbb10: no word yet they are trying to work that out
MissyinSC: msufball23 asks: Hi, Memphis! I have a college degree in mixology, what is your favorite drink that you created?
memphisgbb10: do you really from
MissyinSC: they can't answer memphisgbb10, the chat is closed
Jokerette: but they can pm moi :)
memphisgbb10: oh um i like to use serrano chile
_paradise_: memphis i am supposed to ask if those are personal trips to NY and TN or you are doing shows there?
Jokerette: what on earth is that?
memphisgbb10: its a chili pepper
Jokerette: is it hot?
memphisgbb10: nice kick at the end
Jokerette: wow i bet. sounds delish!
MissyinSC: truly asks: Memphis have you ever auditioned for tv or movies? Any acting classes? you would be very marketable.
Jokerette: yeah you would, too
_paradise_: I am glad he is developiing reality shows..more my interest :)
memphisgbb10: um i use to do commercials and model when I was younger i have grown out of other people deciding if i make money or not
MissyinSC: sas2447 asks: What are you doing in NYC any public appearences or just for fun
memphisgbb10: taking ash for her b day
_paradise_: Aww that is sweet..lucky girl :)
MissyinSC: nice, sounds like alot of fun
memphisgbb10: i have never been crazy
MissyinSC: Jeff asks: what was the FIRST thing you did when you got home?
Jokerette: prolly ate!
memphisgbb10: well i was at the hotel for like 5 days after
_paradise_: Bet not..did you see him hug his girl at the finale..LOL
memphisgbb10: hahah yea thats it
_paradise_: How is the Renegade clothing doing AND who's idea was the I LOVE DAN thong? :D
Jokerette: oline asks: can you ask him if him and asley are ingaged and if his facebook account is really his the one with his name on it!
Jokerette: gorgeous girlfriend, by the way. And a sweetie too :) enjoyed talking to her.
memphisgbb10: ok i had no idea he put that up wow all new sizes and sweats
Jokerette: kewl beans!
MissyinSC: Ben asks: If you were too do all stars and dan wasnt asked back who from your season or a past season would you team up with?
_paradise_: So it WAS Dan's idea..LOL Father Dan how you have fallen..LOL
memphisgbb10: no we looked at rings the other day yes that is my real facebook memphis garrett
Jokerette: wow looked at rings :)) awwwwwwwwww!
memphisgbb10: good question um considering i voted everyone out, Brian def
MissyinSC: sammyf asks: Since you and Dan did not end up going to vegas after the wrap party and plans
MissyinSC: to go in the future?
memphisgbb10: yes me dan and brian will be in vegas the weekend after thanksgiving giving thanks
Jokerette: woot sounds like a party to moi!
MissyinSC: lol
MissyinSC: Ben asls: If you were too do all stars and dan wasnt asked back who from your season or a past season would you team
MissyinSC: up with?
Jokerette: msufball23 asks: I asked the mixology question: Its from Lansing Community College/Michigan State Dan! : )
HappyPeanut: who_DOES_THAT asks: How is Ashley handling all the attention you've been getting, especially from female fans?
memphisgbb10: brian thats it,
memphisgbb10: hahah she is ok with it. atleast she doesnt complain to me
Jokerette: good thing. hahah!
Jokerette: Has BB changed your life in any way?
Jokerette: it sure as hell would change MINE rofl
memphisgbb10: no people that didnt know me before say i went hollywood and i go out and party all the time well i did all this before
Jokerette: yes!
Jokerette: do you have any regrets at all?
memphisgbb10: no
Jokerette: things you wish (other than winning) you'd done?
Jokerette: good on ya.
HappyPeanut: SuzyHomemaker asks: Duuude: How hard was it for a Tennessee boy to adapt to the LA scene?
memphisgbb10: not hard i work my ass off
Jokerette: would you do another reality show? Like survivor?
Jokerette: couldn't pay ME to do it. roflol
memphisgbb10: yea i would do surviver or amazing race
MissyinSC: Ben asks: Memphis do you think if you would have backdorred Libra the second week the game would of changed any?
Jokerette: who would you do the race with?
memphisgbb10: dan or ashley
Jokerette: that would be killer!
Jokerette: sybilll asks: Please embarass him about being the first one in history to break colorguard, and wear Lime Green to his Homecoming. I got that from his dad
Jokerette: rofl!!!!!
Jokerette: how about that lime green??
memphisgbb10: yes we should have kicked her out earlier
memphisgbb10: hahaha yea lime green jacket
MissyinSC: LunaC asks: do your friends tease you about your internet fans?
memphisgbb10: yes my college friends love all of you
Jokerette: awwwwwww!
Jokerette: we're all fat ladies with 10 cats (thanks, Will. LOLOL)
Jokerette: truly asks: You were very quiet at the start of BB110. You eventually emerged. Was that strategy or do you need time to warm up. ?
memphisgbb10: i have one guy that wants to stand up for me when people talk crap
Jokerette: oh really!
memphisgbb10: yea its alot to embrace at first you have to sit back and take it all in
Jokerette: I would imagine. did that on purpose, then?
memphisgbb10: yes
HappyPeanut: Geneva asks: Memphis! Whe else besides Dan have to talked to since you been out of the house??
memphisgbb10: keesha, brian angie
MissyinSC: Memphis, are you going commando tonight? Asked by GingerBread :-)
memphisgbb10: yes
memphisgbb10: not yet
HappyPeanut: aaron83 asks: please ask him how renny's cooking was
memphisgbb10: great!
MissyinSC: NFLFan asks: to memphis Memphis how often do you talk to Keesha? How does Ashley feel about Keesha?
memphisgbb10: not that often she likes keesha
Jokerette: truly asks: Are Brian and Angie boyfriend and girlfriend????
Jokerette: ooooooh dirt! rofl
memphisgbb10: yes
Jokerette: woot!
MissyinSC: arasfromexile asks: when you evicted keesha is it true you were told to?
memphisgbb10: hahaha just kidding
MissyinSC: lol
memphisgbb10: told too? no
Jokerette: oline asks: is it true that the diary room puts you guys against each other?
memphisgbb10: they ask open end questions so not really
HappyPeanut: nickicole asks: What would you have done differently to become the winner of bb10?
Jokerette: evicted dan. ::::::::::flee rofl
memphisgbb10: nothing i wouldnt have made final two if cahanged anything
Jokerette: people in the audience at the finale thought you won for sure
Jokerette: not sure if anyon told ya that!
memphisgbb10: oh really?
memphisgbb10: were you there?
Jokerette: yes... and very loudly yelled
Jokerette: oh yes...
MissyinSC: Vixter asks: While in the house, Angie seemed like she would be so fun to be around. Is she
MissyinSC: that way outside the house?
Jokerette: and at the wrap party - i'm the one you made eat slop (with the video cam)
memphisgbb10: ya shes crazy
memphisgbb10: oh ya ashley loves slop
memphisgbb10: hahahaha
Jokerette: it was nasty. rofl
Jokerette: it got stuck in my TEETH rofl
Jokerette: my girlfriend lydia wouldn't even try it!
cjj3: yumy stuff?
Jokerette: how was it, to be on it for weeks?
Jokerette: omg it's rank
memphisgbb10: slimming
Jokerette: i don't know HOW you did it
HappyPeanut: aaron83 asks: do you feel like you did dan's dirty work so he could win?
memphisgbb10: im meat and potatoes
Jokerette: yes me too rofl
memphisgbb10: no
Jokerette: memphisfan asks: said yoursefl that BB is long game, would you do allstars if asked?
memphisgbb10: have to talk to woman but not sure
HappyPeanut: Missy_brb asks: Why do you think Michelle still swears there was a banner saying We hate Libra?
memphisgbb10: its like going to jail the firtst time it sucks and not sure but next time its like well im in jail again...
Jokerette: rofl
Jokerette: so you'd do it if ash agreed?
memphisgbb10: ya
memphisgbb10: shee wacko
Jokerette: rofl
Jokerette: Rainy asks: can you ask him if he knows ted the spider has a myspace page?
Jokerette: don't ask me the address. someone pm me !
memphisgbb10: yes i frequent it
Jokerette: awwwwww!
Jokerette: Rainy asks: can you ask him if he knows ted the spider has a myspace page?
Jokerette: woops
Jokerette: actually they want to know...
Jokerette: if you knew ollie and april had sex in the house!
Jokerette: and if they're still together
memphisgbb10: no but heard stories
Jokerette: who told you?
memphisgbb10: heard they have new video out
Jokerette: omg rofl
HappyPeanut: I hope it's yoga instruction, cause we already saw what they have to offer
Jokerette: lmao boof!
HappyPeanut: it was scary the first time
memphisgbb10: haha
Jokerette: ok bless ya memphis, we sure appreciate the time you've spent.... I'd like to open your room now
Jokerette: so people can chat with you a bit :)
Jokerette: we sure thank you for this chat!
memphisgbb10: all good lets do another in month...
Jokerette: yes indeed... I didn't get to half your questions!
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