Thursday August 25th 2011

Post nomination ceremony and Porsche and Kalia are not surprised that they are nominated. Jeff is happy with his nominations but has a back up plan to back door Danielle. Danielle is happy that she is not on the block but still knows that she could get back doored. In the kitchen Dani asks Kalia how she feels being on the block. She then says that she is the last one that has never been on the block, which isn’t good because that means she may be going up at the end of this week. Dani is not planning on throwing the veto competition and will take Kalia off if she wins to force Jeff to nominate one of his own. Dani and Porsche talk in the have not room and they decide Dani needs to win the veto even though she is not nominated. In the backyard Adam and Jeff discuss nominations, Adam is disappointed that Dani is not on the block. Adam stroking Jeff’s ego and telling him that if he wins the veto we will do as Jeff says.

Danielle’s Shadow
In the kitchen Rachel is being an instigator and is trying to piss off Dani. She follows her from the kitchen to the backyard asking her why she looks it her it slop...its okay to be 25...Rachel is driving her crazy and obsessing. Rachel asks why she is being testy and does she hate her? and she says that she knows the answer and there is no reason. Rachel is antagonizing Dani because of what she has done to Brendon. When Dani goes to the backyard, she tells Jordan and Adam that Rachel is following her. After Rachel follows her, Dani gets up and leaves. Jordan asks Rachel what she did to her. Jordan is scolding her in a mom voice and asking her what she did and telling her to stop and not to make Jordan get on her.

Its time to pick players for the veto competition! Jeff, Jordan, Danielle, Kalia and Porsche will be playing. Jeff pulls Jordan’s name to also play. Porsche selects Adam and Kalia receives house guest choice and selects Shelly. Rachel is the only house guest who will not participate in this weeks veto competition.

You say tomato, I say tomato...
Jordan is allowed to strip off her humilitard. Adam is excited and is getting hot and bothered. She takes off one piece of the unitard at a time and gives a piece to each of the house guests. Jeff doesn’t know what has gotten into Jordan and he loves it. When she takes off the one final unitard piece she tosses it to Jeff. At night in the HOH Jeff and Jordan are in bed watching the HOH spy screen. They see Dani in the kitchen and Jeff says that Porsche can’t be far behind...and then comes Porsche. Jeff and Jordan pretend to talk in Porsche and Dani’s voices and making fun of them. Jeff says that they are being mischievous, which makes him and Jordan talk about the pronunciation of the word mischievous. He says miss-cha-vis and Jordan says miss-che-vi-os. Jordan really thinks that she is right, for the first time. Neither of them are incorrect. They kiss and say goodnight.

Kalia goes into the bathroom and asks Dani if she is okay. They are tired but Kalia says that they can sleep after the veto. Kalia says that she has never HAD to win a veto and there is no way she is going to come back into the house not feeling safe. Dani also knows that she has to win the veto because it is the only way to prevent her from being back doored.

The door to the DR opens and Adam seems a little afraid. But have no fear the zingbot is back and he needs a wife! But first he needs to throw out a couple of ZINGS! The house guests gather around the dining room. Rachel tells him to zing her and he just stares at her...I call that a zing. He goes around the room and insults the house guests:

“Hey Jeff, 1995 called, they want their soul patch back...ZING”

“Porsche, shouldn’t you be named after a car with a roomier trunk...ZING”

“Rachel, every other word out of your mouth is the F word...Fiance...ZING”

“Danielle, do you own a car or do you still prefer to just ride your daddy’s coat tails?”

“Adam, good call shaving your beard. I don’t think your girlfriend realized she was dating uncle fester...ZING”

“Shelly, what do you call someone who likes to smoke, hunt and fish? A duuude. ZING”

“Kalia, you write a sex blog. But you seem to be an expert on the things done after sex. Like sleeping. ZING”

“Hey Jordan, The only reason Jeff hasn’t proposed yet is because he knows your terrible at answering questions. ZING”

The Zing bot takes them into the backyard because it is time to play for the the POV. The backyard it is set up like a science lab. Rachel comments that it makes her miss her bookie Brendon. Dani says. “Rachel’s probably dying to play in this veto competition because she thinks shes a scientist. But unless scientists serve mai tai’s, I’m pretty sure shes a waitress...ZING” (Danielle Donato, BB13, Ep.21,CBS). The house guests must build the Zing-Bot a femme bot bride. They have a base of a femme bot and they must grab the robot pieces and place them on the frame. When they have assembled the puzzle like pieces over the body they have to attach the arms and head and hit their buzzer. The first house guest to finish and buzz in wins the power of veto. The house guests run and gather pieces and feverishly start to assemble their femme bots. Adam says that his butt is not on the line so he is not going to try and win and he will keep his hands clean. Kalia is doing horribly and she says that all the pieces look the same. Shelly also decides that she does not want to win this week. Jeff says, “...I hear a little snoring from a couple rows over. I think it was Kalia and Porsche taking a nap...ZING”(Jeff Schroeder, BB13, Ep.21,CBS). Kalia says, “I don’t know much about femme bots but something tells me Adam is an expert on girls that come out of a kit...ZING”(Kalia Booker, BB13, Ep.21,CBS). Adam says, “Everybody knows Kalia is going to be fantastic putting together this femme bot. All her dates comes with a charger. ZING” (Adam Poch, BB13, Ep,21,CBS). The house guests are good at zinging each other, if only they were better at this competition...ZING!...okay I know that one sucked. Jordan zings herself by saying that she is horrible at the competition and it is embarrassing. Jeff, Dani and Porsche are the only three making progress. Jeff finished fast and buzzes in. Jeff has won the the power of veto! The house guests are all shocked that he finished the competition so quickly. Rachel pronounces the marriage of Zingbot and Bride Zingbot. In the DR Jordan says that Jeff just built the women for zingbot, but she does not think that Jeff feels any pressure to get married for building zingbot’s bride. Jeff knows he has a big decision to make. Porsche, Kalia and Dani all need to talk to him for their own safety.

Post POV and Kalia tells Shelly that she thinks she is going on. Shelly thinks that it may be Kalia and Dani on the block. Shelly wants to stay good with Kalia, Dani and Porsche even though she is aligned with Jeff and Jordan. Kalia has a sickening feeling that her and Dani will be nominated together. Her only hope is that Jeff is being honest when he says that he wants floaters out and that he thinks of Porsche as a floater. Shelly talks to Jeff and he is keeping tight lipped about his plans, he wants to keep his options open. Shelly tells Jeff that Kalia is freaking about being the target. Porsche and Dani talk in the have not room. Dani feels sick and looks depressed over her bowl of slop. Porsche says that she doesn’t want to butt kiss that she would rather make a deal. Dani is upset that she didn’t win the veto and is thinking that she will be up on the block with either Porsche or Kalia. Dani knows either way, the other person will be staying. Dani thinks it sucks...its about to get a lot worse.

Jeff and Porsche talk in the kitchen. She asks what more she can say? She says she does not want to pack, leave or be stuck in jury with Brendon. She tells Jeff that he will not be her target and they can make a one week deal, if she wins HOH this week. Jeff tells her not to be scared. Porsche tells him that he is intimidating and Jeff says this is because she does not talk to him. Next is Jeff and Kalia. They go into the HOH room to talk. Kalia tells him that she now understands how he felt when she nominated him. She hopes that she is not his target. She reminds him that she will never put up Jordan. This is something she has said right out to the house on several occasions. Jeff respects Kalia’s deal with Jordan. They talk back and forth about people who have done nothing. Jeff says that they each got each other back and after this week if Kalia is still there that they are even again. Kalia is still unsure of what Jeff is thinking. Lastly...the conversation that live feeders waited for all day was Dani and Jeff. In the fortune teller room Jeff and Dani talk. Jeff says that he is nervous about Dani and that if he kept her what would he be offered. Dani says at the end of this week they could get rid of Porsche and make a final 4 deal with Jsquared, Dani and Kalia OR she would make a final 3 deal with just Jeff and Jordan because she is open to anything that he wants to do. Dani reminds him that she has given him her word twice and honored it both times (by not nominating Jeff and Jordan both times she was HOH). She tells him that it would suck to get back doored and obviously she will fight to stay in every way possible. She tells him that their original deal is still there as well. Jeff tells her that he is just making sure that they are on the same page and Dani assures him that he has her word.

Dani gets nominated...SHOCKER
Its time for the POV ceremony. Jeff knew what he was going to do the whole time so the campaigning was a waste of time for all parties involved. Prior to the ceremony Kalia knows she will only be safe if Dani is nominated beside her. Dani says that Jeff has told her that he will not back door her and if he does there will be hell to play. Jeff asks the nominees to stand and tell him why they should use the veto on them. Porsche stands and tells Jeff that she wants off the block so that she can keep playing and have a chance to win something and she likes his hair cut. Kalia stands and says that you are responsible for yourself and the only way to keep yourself safe is to win the veto, and she did not do that and he did. She says that she respects his decision because he won it but if he does take her off the block he has a chance of having a lot more red velvet cake. These speeches were a joke, and it is not as if they mattered this week. Jeff says that he has decided to use the POV on Porsche. He tells her that it was a strategy move. Now that Porsche is off the block he names Dani as the replacement nominee. Dani sits down and says let the good times roll...shocker. He says that it is because she tried to back door him four weeks ago and he does not trust her. He also mentions that she said with Julie that she does not regret trying to back door Jeff and that if she is evicted on Thursday he hopes her answer is different. Dani respond in the DR: “Sorry Jeff I have and will have no regrets in this game. But mark my words, if I am still here on Thursday you going back on our deal not only will be your biggest regret but your worst game move”(Danielle Donato, BB13, Ep.21,CBS). Kalia is not happy being on the block next to Dani. Rachel is very excited that Dani is on the block because nobody comes between Rachel and her alliance...her man...pretty much ANYTHING. Jeff is pleased with his decision and says bye to Dani.

It is EVICTION night!!!! Tonight will be a very exciting night and very fast. Tonight is a double eviction. This means that a week of Big Brother is played in one hour. The format will be: Eviction, HOH, Veto, Eviction, HOH. It is going to go fast and leaves no time for pre-nomination or pre-veto campaigning.
There will also be no time to show what has progressed from the veto ceremony (Monday) to tonight. Just to give a recap of the Monday-Thursday’s events... When Danielle was first nominated there was a panic. They decided that Porsche would do dirty work and campaign against Kalia because Danielle does not want to campaign against her ally. Then surprisingly SHELLY of all people decided she was going to jump ship and side with Dani. Shelly came to the realization that with Jeff and Jordan she is playing for 3rd place at best because neither of them would bring her to the final 2. With Porsche and Shelly’s votes all Dani needs is Adam. Shelly and Porsche push Adam all week to try and keep Dani. After every conversation Adam runs to Jeff and tells him everything verbatim. Adam thinks that he will make final four with Shelly, Jeff and Jordan. Little does he know that Jeff and Jordan want to bring Rachel to final four and cut out Adam. Dani makes several pleas to Adam and finally last night he tells her no way jose! She realizes that he is a loss cause and things are not looking so hot. Then Rachel approaches Dani because she wants to settle things between them before Danielle leaves. They have a conversation about their hatred for each other and that they have been basically signing Jeff’s cheque for the $500,000. Dani tells Rachel that she guesses that Rachel wont be voting for her. Rachel tells Dani that she has never asked for her vote. Rachel is about to leave, Dani asks for her vote and Rachel tells her that she will never get Shelly. When Dani tells Rachel that she HAS Shelly...Rachel stops in her tracks. After more talking Rachel decides that she will vote for Dani to stay and blame it on Adam. They decide to keep it on the down low. The only thing is that Rachel is a wild card. Rachel could be lying to Dani to try and make Porsche and Shelly hang themselves by voting for Dani to stay or she could be telling the truth and want to make Adam take the fall for her vote. WHO KNOWS! We will find out tonight on a very busy episode of Big Brother.