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The new head of household, Dana, the Queens karate instructor, decided to make the boldest move to date in the Big Brother 4 contest. She decided to part company with the original plan of knocking off all the exs before going after each other, placing Allison and Jack on the block.

Almost as one, each of the original houseguests, except for Jun, decided that Dana will rue the day she decided to go back on her word. With the game now apparently two alliances of five each, who will gain the upper hand with the upcoming power of veto?

The answer awaits you as you read on...


Battle lines were drawn in the Big Brother 4 house like never before.

Many were scrambling to find the logic in Dana's move. Some, like Jack, felt her move was "dreadfully stupid."

Allison, the beauty queen, decided to take it personally. Erika suggested to Allison in the backyard that Justin might have had something to do with her call.

Justin marveled at the sequence the keys were pulled out. Jun, for example, pulled out Erika's key. Erika, in turn, pulled out Robert's key. Dave would pull out Justin's key in another sequence.

Jun and Jee are continue to work as a couple in the house, with Jee continues to serve as house handyman. Dana compares their relationship something between the Osbournes and Ozzie and Harriet. When Jee was fixing a lawn chair, Allison, Robert, and Dave all acted as if the lawn chair was still not fixed, falling on their backs on the chair. Jee was not amused by the practical joking.

Dana and Allison finally clashed, in a polite way, over the nominations. Allison told Dana that she felt somewhat betrayed about the process, while Dana asked her to look at the game for her angle. No one, Dana told the Pennsylvania beauty queen, had the courage to make the move that she did.

In the second segment, Jack is giving his group a pep talk about winning challenges. Dave confides that the men in her new alliance would turn on her in a second. In the bedroom, Dave tells Erika that Allison would be the person to go if the current vote stands.

Meanwhile, Allison and Justin have a talk. Allison confronts Justin about the possibility of being in collusion with Dana. Justin pretty much denies the notion out of hand, saying it wasn't so long ago that it was the remaining exs who were behind the eight-ball.

In a more humorous segment, we see Dave's knack for cannonballing whoever is in the hammock. But, what goes around comes around, and Justin is shown cannonballing Dave in another clip.

Then in a living room conversation, Allison is really pulling for either herself or Nathan to win that magical "Power of Veto." Allison even puts in a prayer to the Lord almighty for this to happen. Nathan suggests to her that they may even have to backstab Jack, Dave, and Erika, to survive in the game.

On to the veto competition, which looked quite bizarre. Helmets and kneepads were laid out on a set of boxes with each houseguests name on it. Balls were dropped from a container, much resembling what Captain Kangaroo used to get on occasion. Balls were many colored, but only green balls counted. Once a houseguest put 10 balls in their respective V, they won the game.

Some came out with battle scars. Jun got hit right in the eye with one of the balls, while Jee kept getting his balls in his private places. In the end, Nathan won, and was the Power of Veto. Nathan, in his Diary Room post-mortem, vows to shake things up.

In the next clip, the houseguest chow down assorted sandwiches, thanks to this week's sponsor, Burger King.

Back to the game, and back from the in-show commercial. Nathan tells Allison that the game is about to turn, and that the Power of Veto will be used. Dana, in a Diary Room clip, is eager for Nathan to do so, since she has something up her sleeve as well.

In another lighthearted clip to start off the fourth segment, we see Allison's elephant constantly in the hands of Dave or Nathan. In one clip, it's been hung, placed in the oven, hid in one of the stools, and finally, in a tub with a toaster.

Time for yet ANOTHER competition, with the prize of a gourmet dinner for two at stake. Each houseguest had to spin around in a spinning chair for 30 seconds. Then, while dizzy, they had to balance a tray with a champagne glass from one table to one a few feet away and ring the bell. If the glass falls below a certain level, they are disqualified and their run immediately concluded. Allison, which a time of just over 11 seconds, captures the prize. Allison chose Nathan to spend time together with.

Both get dressed slightly formal, and retired to the backyard where their dinners were set up, complete with champagne and a few other entrees. Instead of talking game, the houseguests talked about each other's live. Nathan reminded Allison that it snows in Oklahoma. Dana, however, figures if the two of them don't make out, it's a waste.

In the final segment, Allison has the need to show off her cute rear to Justin. If Allison were to get HOH, she recommends to Justin that it might not be a bad idea to kiss her ass. Nathan talks to Allison in the bedroom, saying that shooting her mouth off to the enemy was not the best idea.

Then it was time for the veto meeting. With quick appeals from the nominees, it was Nathan who was on the clock.

And tonight, Nathan does something we haven't seen in quite a while.

He elects to USE the power of veto, and saves Allison from eviction.

Dana is part sad, but part frothing, as she makes her new choice:

"I can't believe you, Nathan. Seriously. I'm at a loss for words. You're valuing one person more than another on a team that you were on. I don't think it's a gutsy decision. If you're trying to play superhero, I think you're making a big mistake. David, you can thank Nathan for it, because I have to put you on the block. I'll do something he'd never do."

This move only made Nathan more enemies. Erika and Jack openly question his decision, while Dana vows that Nathan is a mortal enemy.


Tonight's show makes a great case that there are alliances within the alliances as the game stands right now. The game is being played at such a breakneck pace, as compared to last year. Will we see someone else break down like Scott later in the game?

But all in all, a great episode, should make my top 10 list for BB4.

We've gone a few rounds already, and it appears there's not going to be an America's Choice this year. This isn't a bad thing if you ask me, since all during Big Brother 3 the results of all these events were never shown, leading to speculation, myself included, that America's Choice was more like Arnie and Allison's Choice.

Dave appears to be the favorite to go tomorrow. If he does, he will be the first houseguest evicted not to have been in that round's nomination ceremony. Allison and Jack will be the first two nominees in a ceremony were neither went home. Dana, Justin, and Nathan would be the early favorites to go in Round 4.

Allison's little prayer to the heavens kind of sickened me. Did she try to imply that that a higher power wanted to mess with the nine other houseguests?