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The house was still in a tizzy over Nathan's decision to save Allison from the block, which lead Dana to place Dave on as a replacement. It was with a heavy heart for most, that the house decided to evict Dave, 5 votes to 2.

Dave wasn't Dana's first choice, but her problems as the now departed HOH were just beginning. The winner of the new Head of Household was none other than Allison, the Pittsburgh area beauty queen. And Dana did not look happy at all to present her with HOH honors.

Will Allison do to Dana what Dana did to her just one week ago? Let's find out..


Julie Chen, the host of Big Brother 4, threw a curve when she made the live announcement of who's evicted. She first told Jack to unpack his bags, and that Dave was evicted. The exs were pleased with Dana's master plan, while even Erika had to admit it might not have been the worst thing for Dave to go.

Allison, the new HOH winner, plans to be quite nasty this week in her reign of terror. Her goodies for winning HOH was receiving her "meow meow" cat, and a picture of her boyfriend, who plays college football for the University of Pittsburgh Panthers. Jun, Dana's close pal, tends to think Nathan is the true HOH, with Allison merely proving to be a figurehead.

Jee stayed in the HOH room to bask in Allison's glow just a little bit longer, which got razzing from Dana's alliance.

Erika suggests one difference between her alliance and the one led by Dana. All the members of Dana's alliance are all sporting tattoos. Needless to say, the "good" alliance think the tattoos of the "evil" tattoos are hideous.

"I usually arrest people with tattoos!", Jack replies.

Nathan, out by the memory wall, talks to the reigning queen. Nathan suggests that Jun be put up as well as her obvious hatred for Dana be verified with a nomination. Allison suggests to Jack the Dana-Jun tandem, and Jack suggests placing Justin up. If you knock out Justin, Jack suggests, it places Dana in a position of gratitude to the originals. Allison seems to take this brilliant idea under advisement.

After a commercial break, we marvel at the expanding waistline of Jun's, who thinks she's gained 10 pounds in the house. Jun believes that she either is a compulsive eater or has an oral fixation, and says a peanut butter and jelly diet for a week might be the perfect thing for her weight gain.

Speaking of which, this is another one of the weeks the losing half of a team will have to eat peanut better and jelly for the week. The house was to be divided into "hot" and "cold" teams, and the way teams were divvied up didn't sit well with Jee or Robert.

Each team has to construct a pipeline through a series of rings, and the team that completes a pipeline to it's colored duck would be the winner. The pipeline had to go through eight mandatory stations along the way. After a brief head start, water is run thru the pipeline, just to make the contest just a little juicier. A few minutes and gallons later, the "cold" team, with Jack, Justin, Jun, and Nathan, won the event. Meaning Robert, Jee, Erika, and Dana have to go thru a week with merely peanut butter and jelly as their nourishment.

In the show's third segment, Jack is profiled. Justin compares his body to Clint Eastwood, and Nathan calls him a trooper. Jun reminds us in the Diary Room that Jack is quite the threat.

Jee, much like Kent Blackwelder a couple of seasons ago, smokes cigarettes. Dana, who was a smoker for 10 years, calls it the hardest thing to do. Erika thinks it's a weak choice for Jee to make, considering his father died of lung cancer.

We hear monks singing in the next segment, and the author had to do a quick double take looking for Roddy of BB3. Nathan and Allison are shown reading the Bible. Allison got a kick of Psalms 64, which spoke of how evil conspires. Dana, a devout Catholic, finds it ridiculous, and suggests the bible might blow up since these two are quoting it.

Nathan, Jee, Robert, and Justin share time in a hot tub. Justin wonders how Nathan hasn't seen who Allison is as of yet. In the HOH room, meanwhile, Jun and Allison have a conversation. Allison offers Jun being safe in exchange for the same should Jun be HOH next week. Jun asks about putting Nathan up, and Allison says she's totally fine with that if it happens. Jun double checks her, especially in light of what occurred with the veto, and Allison still accepts the idea, with a non wavering look or her face.

In the fourth segment, Justin and Allison meet in the HOH room. Allison makes a vow to Justin that he's safe, but is thinking of putting Justin up as a pawn. Allison confesses she doesn't really hate Dana, but she came after her, so she has to respond in kind. After brief give and take, Allison seems disappointed at him for not sticking up for her more. Justin thinks Nathan is paranoid, while Allison thinks he's gay. Justin agrees, calling him a "fruitcake." Allison tells him that next week, she's cutting ties with the Oklahoman.

Dana and Justin grasp hands in the orange bedroom, but Justin tells the Diary Room that Dana is merely excess baggage, and that he'd take Jee and Robert along long before he'd align with Dana.

The houseguests gather outside while Allison prepares the keys for nominations. We have nine houseguests this round, so only six keys go into the nomination box. Many are eager for ceremonies to begin, wondering what Allison has in store.

The keys are not all placed in slots in order, so perhaps much like Dana, great thought has been given to who will reveal each key.

Allison brings out the nomination box, and a brief introduction, it begins. Jee's key is first, followed by Jack, Nathan, Robert, Erika, and finally Justin. This leaves Jun, and, surprise surprise, Dana as the nominees.

Allison tells Dana that she has a duty to take care of her now that she has betrayed the alliance. Jun is up, Dana explains, because she's a vote for Dana.

Jack, however, thinks not taking down Justin is a big mistake that will hurt the alliance down the road. Dana, meanwhile focuses her efforts on getting that elusive Power of Veto.


If you are wondering if a nominee and HOH have ever traded places in back to back rounds prior to tonight, the answer is yes, well, sort of. In BB2, Monica put Nicole up in the final four round, only to have Nicole place Monica up by default in the round of three. It hasn't happened in a round where the HOH has had a choice.

Now, if Dana is ousted, it's only the sixth time the HOH has been eliminated in the very next round. It happened to Kent, Hardy, and Monica in BB2, Chiara and Marcellas in BB3.

Allison lost a lot points with me tonight regarding her stance on Nathan when Jun asked about it, plus the talk about Nathan's sexuality behind his back. Allison might know how to play the guys, but she cannot fool this bunch for much longer. I no longer think Allison can win the game.

Jack and Erika continue to shine over the rest, and the gap is getting greater. Allison is probably going to be the house's next villain before too long.