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Everyone seemed to know the plans of Allison, the new reigning Head Of Household. After Dana came after her, betraying her end of the bargain to expel all the exes before playing the game amongst themselves, Allison sought retribution. And, since Jun had gravitated to that group as well, it made Allison's decision easy, as Jun and Allison became BB4's newest players on the block.

Allison was not content only to be the captain of Dana and Jun's souls. Conspiring with her ex, Justin, Allison seemed perilously close to severing ties with her newfound pal, Nathan, in the coming days. There was even chatter between the two about whether or not Nathan is a heterosexual.

What wicked web will Allison weave tonight? Find out below.


After the nomination ceremony, Allison asks Nathan outside if he's mad over the choices she made. While Nathan puts a brave face on for a reaction, but is obviously shaken. While Allison implores Nathan to trust her, she privately tells the Diary Room it's too bad if that's how he feels.

Jack and Nathan converse outside, noting that the "originals" are now doing the exs dirty work. In the Diary Room, Jack reveals that again after one of the originals winning HOH, there's dirty work to be mopped up. When Allison joins them outside, Nathan points out that Justin can still go with the right player winning the veto competition.

Conversation shifted to who's been shacking up with who. The houseguests quickly focused on the lasted boy-girl pairing, when David shacked up with Allison the night before he left. Nathan, with Allison in the HOH room, teases her that he's not interested in "leftovers". "When she wants it, she wants it," Nathan says, referring to Allison's wont to sleep around.

Dana and Erika get to talking in the basketball court, and Dana wonders why is she being paired with Jun. Erika responds that the choice didn't make much sense to her either. Erika, who is pining to "play dirty," reports back to Allison that Dana is willing to "shed blood" to win veto. By winning the veto, that corners Allison's options, pretty much forcing her to put Justin up in her place.

In the show's second segment, which always features lighthearted moments in the house, the houseguests focus on Jee's half New York, half Korean accent, which seems to be imitated often by Justin. In another clip, Jee and Justin are shown horsing around, Jee trying to wrestle Justin off a float and into the small pool, and Justin and Jee splashing each other.

Dana, in conversation in the sandbox with Jack and Erika, tell them that she feels in a hopeless situation. Jack advises Dana to focus in on the veto contest, don't over think things. Erika tells Jack that Dana made her own mess, and hopes Jack gains HOH. Jack thinks Allison's actions where akin to shooting a pistol at a water buffalo.

Jun, Jee, and Robert talk outside. Jun confides in the Diary Room that the glacier of ice that was evident between the two in the first week. Jun's been advising Jee to vote in a block with the other ex-males, and she seems to but a part of a four-vote block: herself, Justin, Jee, and Robert. Nathan and Jack would be targets if either get to win Head of Household, they agree, on the basis that each would like to eliminate the strategic threats.

In the third segment, Justin is asked who's cuter: Nathan or Donnie, Allison's current boyfriend. Justin clearly says Donnie, which slightly appalls Nathan. Nathan is shown remarking over Jee's nipples and rear end, which leads the houseguests to mockingly attack Nathan's feminine side. Nathan comments that the houseguests that he's not gay, he likes women, and thinks the other houseguests are merely jealous.

Robert and Erika have a talk in the hammock, and remark that it's nice not to be the targets. Their relationship has now changed to the point where they're now talking again, and Erika remarks that even though they're leery of each area, they've now approached a "gray area" with each other.

Jee is shown in sunglasses, crying a little bit. The fourth anniversary of his father's death due to the cancer had passed. In honor of his passing, Big Brother gave their blessing for Jee to do a solemn Buddhist ceremony that for Jee is more or less a Korean tradition. A table is set up outside, along with fruits and pictures of his father. Jee says it's a ceremony to honor him and reflect and give thanks for what his father done to his life, but also provides inner strength and self confidence for him.

Time for the all-important veto competition, set up yet again outside. Slightly resembling a connect four game, players have to lift up grass tiles. Underneath each tile could be nothing, a picture of one houseguest, or more, if houseguests chose identical tiles. Each houseguest, prior to the competition, chose the tiles they would represent, which had to be placed in some form of consecutive order, either across, down, or diagonal. When the four tiles they chose were revealed, they could no longer win the game, but could continue to pick off tiles. The last person not eliminated wins the game.

The final two were Jee and Robert. Jee decided he didn't want the power, so he removed a tile he had. Robert remove another one of Jee's tiles, making Jee the final player eliminated. This makes Robert the power of veto winner. When Robert gloated over capturing the POV, Dana went into the bedroom for some private reflection. Dana was a little steamed that it was Allison who pulled off the last piece to eliminate Dana, while Allison couldn't contain her glee during the game.

This led to the weekly tradition known as the power of veto meeting. Dana, desperate to cut a deal, converses with everyone, and hopes she can make a rally in her 11th hour. But after brief pleas from both, Robert explains that it's in his best interests NOT to use the power of veto.

Even still, Dana vows that she's not done yet.


Has any houseguest in the history of the American series been blessed with more bad luck, or perhaps deserved it more, than Dana Varela? When she jumps sides to the exes, it turns out the exes didn't care to have her either!

Needless to say, I think Dana is gone on eviction night, and I'm going out on a limb and predicting it to be a 6 to 0 clean sweep unanimous vote. Allison will probably be America's next ice princess in short order.

Imagine this lineup as the first three in the brand new Big Brother house of sequesterment: Dana, Allison Irwin, and Nathan. If I'm Arnold or Allison Grodner, I remove all the sharp objects from that new house!

The only question left seems to be who the new HOH will be, and what new directions the house will take.