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With Dana and Jun on the block, and Allison, determined to be Dana's executioner, Dana's last chance came down to the Power of Veto competition.

Just to make matters worse, Allison became the person to eliminate Dana in the "Power of Veto" game, and Dana didn't take Allison's glee with a great deal of grace.

But when Robert won the POV game, Dana thought he'd be her "get out of jail free card," thwarting Allison's efforts in retaliation for Nathan thwarting Dana's.

However, stating that saving Dana wasn't in his alliance's best interests, Robert chose not to use the POV to save either. This leaves tonight's nominees as is, Jun and Dana, the two New York City denizens.

Who will be the ninth place finisher, and the first entrant into Big Brother 4's remodeled jury? Find out, as Big Brother comes to you LIVE!


Julie Chen, the Big Brother hostess with the mostest, welcomes us to Day 33 of BB4. Nine begin play tonight, but at the close of this fast-paced hour, eight will remain in the house, plus the evictee becomes the first EVER entrant into a brand new house where the next seven evictees will be sequestered.

We get caught up to date with recent developments in the game in the past few days. Dana flirted with the temptation of campaigning against Jun, which in past Big Brother votes was a big time no-no. Dana tells Erika in the Sandbox that Nathan and Allison are gravitating towards the exs alliance. This got Erika thinking about saving Dana, telling Jack that it wouldn't be wise for the Allison and Nathan duo to call the future shots.

Jun, meanwhile, is no fool. She suspected Dana was campaigning, and for her to fudge about it drove her crazy. She can't get wait to eviction night to get rid of her paranoid pal. She even saw Dana attempting to read lips.

Allison sees a window of opportunity. She makes a deal with the "three stooges" that she'd vote with them, in exchange for not being nominated.

Time for Julie's grilling of the houseguests, which quickly got to Allison's flirting habits. She asks how Donny is reacting to this. Allison replies that she still loves him with all her heart. Then Julie threw a curve, giving the houseguests opportunity to give their final thoughts of the two evicted. Jee thanked Jun for cooking in the house, which got a sarcastic "you're welcome" from Jun.

Jee and Erika shared their thoughts on the upcoming vote, but not the votes themselves, which seems to be an indication of an unanimous vote.

Dana and Jun's families are profiled in the second segment. Lisa, a cousin of Dana, thinks she got a bad rap with the "man troll" moniker, and thinks Justin is Dana's perfect type of guy. Danny, Jun's younger brother, taught him most of everything he knows. He tells us the parents aren't watching the show, and thinks Jun's definitely using Jee, but so is Jee.

In the exclusive interview with Allison, Julie gets quickly to her in-game problems with Nathan. Allison makes no bones about it, Nathan is no longer of use to her. Allison finds reading the bible to be an in-game release, and for now, decides to honor her deal with Justin.

Jack and Robert give their voting reflections as the show heads to its second commercial.

In the third segment, the "three stooges" are profiled. Jack thinks that whenever you talk to either Jee, Justin, or Robert, you talk to all of them. Justin is the "Moe" of the Three Stooges, Jee being the "Curly", Robert being the "Larry". Jack thinks the stooges are comical, but points out "they're still here." Even Dana had to admit they are the strongest force in the house.

Time to get the last thoughts from the two nominees. Dana expresses gratitude and appreciation for her supporters, mostly on the outside. Jun calls her experiences a rollercoaster ride, and wants to stay around, since she thrives on drama.

Nathan and Justin share their pre-vote thoughts.

And now, it's the moment of truth, but this vote has no suspense to it.

By an unanimous 6 to 0 vote, DANA is evicted.

Dana is already ready to stand as the vote is read, and she quickly walks to the door. She gets hugs from everyone, and leaves in 51 seconds. Dana peeks in the door where Julie is, and sits down. As we look back inside, the houseguests are mostly subdued over her departure, with Justin in particular sporting a long face.

In the post-mortem interview Julie conducted with Dana, she seemed pleased to go out 6-0 as opposed to a 3-3 tie with Allison determining who goes home. Dana says she can't deal with phony people, and has no regrets about being true to herself. Dana considers Justin a friend, and calls her experiences in the house "relative". Farewell messages came from Erika, Jack, Allison, Jun, and Justin.

Time to start the fifth round with the all-important HOH competition! The houseguests, with the exception of Allison, are placed in booths, with pictures of the departed houseguests in front of them. Each question can be answered by identifying a now departed houseguest, plus Allison. Once a player misses a question, they're eliminated, unless all players answer incorrectly.

Jack was eliminated after the first question. Robert and Jun were gone after the second, leaving four. The third question eliminated everyone but Justin, who now reigns supreme as the new HOH.

In the wrap-up segment, Justin is congratulated for his HOH win, thinking his knowledge of Allison led him to victory. When all are asked to sum up their thoughts about what they miss in one word, most say "family".

New things on the horizon: America's Choice returns starting next week, plus beginning next week all votes will be happening live.

In the waning moments of the show, Allison, Robert, Justin, and Jee converse in the living room. When Allison starts crying, Justin tells Allison not to cry, and lets out a semi-expletive rhyming with dagnabbit.


I don't think anyone outside of greater New York will miss the abrasive style Dana had. I wouldn't rank her up with some of the great villainesses of the game, such as Krista, Chiara, and Shannon. She should have had the insight that the exs would chew her up and spit her out, and she didn't. To me, a villainess knows her friends and uses them anyway. Chiara had that. Allison seems to have the traits to be that. Dana was merely a court jester.

I was going to say Allison seems to be a threat to head over to the exs alliance, but it appears from tonight's show she's about halfway there already!

While Jack and Erika continue to be the top contenders, they are so far ahead of the field that they now enter a time of maximum risk. Don't be surprised if anyone in the house makes a play for them in the coming weeks, including Nathan or Allison. If Jack and Erika are eliminated to the jury in short order, it makes BB4 a wide-open game anyone can win, with Jun leading the rest of the pack right now.

With Justin as HOH, Nathan seems to be the odds on favorite to be eliminated next, with Erika and Jack being outside chances.

Finally, why didn't we see more about the sequestered house, which was one of the big selling points for the show this year?