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Dana, the karate instructor from Queens, became the fourth houseguest voted out, as each voter cast their ballot to evict her in a 6 to 0 clean sweep.

In the Head of Household contest, it became clear some people didn't want the responsibilities. Jack, the Birmingham ex-FBI agent, missed an opening question about who obsesses over everything, easily answered with Dana. In the end, it was Justin, the only person who could have known Allison wanted to be an elephant if she could be an animal, who won the coveted HOH honors.

With the stooges in control, who will try to cut deals, and who will make them? Find out, as we wrap up week five of Big Brother 4!


The show begins with Allison, crying in the Diary Room, sad she wrecked the dreams of Dana.

Erika summed up Dana in one word: crazy.

Dana's running buddy for most of the game, Jun, admitted she was an emotional firecracker. She isolated herself in the house to let her emotions out without people perceiving her.

Jack, the first out of the HOH game, seems to have us believe his efforts were legit, saying afterward he needed "a quick kick in the ass."

Meanwhile, Justin would go on to win HOH. Nathan is sad over the turn of events, even turning away Allison's company. Robert tells Justin in the bathroom this could be a moment in the game where momentum changes.

As usual, the houseguests, except Nathan, gather in the HOH room for the room housewarming. Among Justin's treats was a CD from the Dave Matthews band, along with several trinkets from home, and snacks. Justin and Nathan, the new HOH contends, have an unspoken arrangement. Justin knows Nathan is coming after him, and vice versa.

Jack, in a Diary Room clip, says several chances to take Justin down have gone by the board. In round one, he agreed to keep Justin and Robert safe, and held his word. In round four, Allison had an option to eliminate Justin, and didn't do it.

Jee and Robert join Justin in the HOH room, and Jee is already serving as Justin's advisor, much like as if Justin was a Mafia don. Erika found the whole matter quite stupid and selfish when she was granted an audience with Don Justin. Jack met the same fate, but enjoyed the experience. He told the trio that whatever decision they make will be respected.

Robert tells the diary room the swagger the stooges have is just the beginning of what's ahead for the coming week.

The waning hours of the peanut butter and jelly diet are shown for Robert, Jee, and Erika. The houseguests are allowed to eat condiments, vitamins, bread, peanut butter and jelly, but very little else.

This, of course, leads us to the "Big Brother Cooking School" and today's lesson, "How To Cook A Houseguest". The eight houseguests are divided into four teams of two. Each team had to follow a giant recipe, which had several instructions on it. Each team represent a different meal on a given day, either breakfast, lunch, dinner, or desert. The teams had to complete the four meals recipes in succession within 10 minutes.

The breakfast team, Erika and Jack, had to make a giant bowl of cereal. Jack being a strawberry, Erika pouring milk into a giant bowl. The lunch team, Jee and Robert, had to make a giant hot dog, Robert being the dog, Jee applying the condiments. The dinner team, Nathan and Allison, had to make a giant chicken tortilla, Nathan being the chicken, Allison applying the toppings. Finally Justin and Jun made a giant dessert, completing their task just in time.

Their treat was Subway sandwiches for three days. But, when they came back inside, they noticed a new table smaller than the original one designed for 13. Each houseguest seemed to comment that this means there is work still to be done in the game.

After a commercial, Jee and Jun trash talk for the kitchen to hear, and continue their discourse outside, much to laughter of their friends. Jee thinks Jun sabotages his life, while Jun thinks this keeps the house off balance to their alliance.

Meanwhile, Allison and Erika have become dance partners, with Allie teaching Erika hip-hop dancing. Robert tends to think he, Allison, and Erika know how to dance, while the others clearly leave much to be desired. Robert and Erika talk openly about Robert's drinking problems, which had gotten so bad to where he believed he was six months away from being "a bum". Robert has now been alcohol-free for over a year, and when he needs a drink, he now drinks soda. He takes care of his daughter, who's now seven, and has taken responsibility of his life. His daughter adores him considerably.

In the fourth segment, Erika and Jack lament over Nathan, who's now a target in a game, and the shameless rapport Allison has garnered with the Stooges. Erika suggests a risky ploy, not going after HOH, letting the rest of the house crumble around its own weight. "For not winning s***, we're OK." Erika tells Jack.

Nathan is granted an audience with the Stooges. If he stays in the house this week, he guarantees the stooges safety the next week, abandoning Erika and Jack. He also promises if he wins POV, he keep nominations as they are. Justin tells him "it's something to think about." Once he leaves, the stooges sneer and laugh. Nathan, in the Diary Room, believes he's now at a point where no one can be trusted.

This leads us to the fifth round of nominations, where nine of the houseguests so far have felt the sting of being on the block. This week, five houseguests keys will be revealed, each one being granted safety for this next round. Two unlucky souls will be under the gun, and come next Wednesday, barring the veto, one of those two are out of the game.

Justin summoned the houseguests back to the table of doom without uttering a word, and with a brief introduction, the nomination ceremony begins. Robert gets his key first, followed by Jun, Erika, Allison, and Jee. This makes Jack BB4's first multiple nominee, and Nathan the 10th different nominee in the game.

Justin tells both that it wasn't an easy choice, but both lied to his face, and had to be dealt with since they are threats in the game.

Jack tells us the alliance is in shambles, and Nathan thinks somehow, someway, he will skate by this round.


The fifth round of play has usually been a pivotal moment in Big Brother where perceptions turn in to reality, and momentum of the house changes. In BB2, it was the round where Kent exposed Hardy's plans to attempt to take Will to the end. In BB3, it was the round where Chiara went after Josh, destructing what was left of their alliance, leaving Josh, then Chiara, then Roddy wondering why they didn't win the 500 Grand.

We may be seeing the beginnings of a momentum turn with the recent actions of Allison. She may very well be the key to not only Nathan's eviction, but Erika's and Jack's. If these three leave the game, then it becomes a wide open contest. It makes the Jun and Jee alliance that much more important. The stooges, and the help they have been getting, first from Dana, now Allison, become the straw that stirs the Big Brother drink the longer the game goes on.

As I looked tonight as Nathan's face, he has to believe this week he's the condemned man in the house, the pained look on his face seemed to say it all.

Jack and Erika can't sit back and let people do their dirty work now, since Allison and even Nathan can't guarantee their safety anymore. They must be more pro active or they will get swept up in the tidal wave the Stooges are creating for themselves.