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After Justin captured the Head of Household competition, Nathan, the personal trainer, had a lot to worry about. He and Justin, the former college wrestler from Pittsburgh, finally let his competition skills pay off. With a headlock on the game, speculation ran rampant as to the two houseguests he'd attempt to body slam on his way to pinning someone at week's end.

And as expected, Justin decided to take Jack and Nathan to the mat. Justin alleges that both men have lied to him on at least one occasion. While he doesn't consider it an indictment on their morals outside of the game, he decided it was time to put these two up to task now.

Can someone bail either Nathan or Jack out tonight? Find out!


After nominations, Nathan and Jack did the numbers, and realized the house's alliances had gone from 8, to 4, and now to 3. They clearly saw the nominations as a sign that Allison had now shifted her allegiance to the stooges.

Justin saw the nomination ceremony as a chance to return a favor Nathan and Jack had done to the stooges in round two. Both men told Jee that they'd vote Erika out, while instead, they voted out Michelle.

Allison, meanwhile, doesn't think Nathan is handling the situation well. Nathan confirms that being on the block isn't the best of experiences. He also thinks Allison betrayed him in terms of alliances. Robert, in conversation in the living room with Jun, Justin, and Allison, thinks he's being a big baby.

The show then talks about who meticulous Jee is with his hygiene and his clothing. Many openly speak of how "anal" he is.

Back at the ranch, Nathan and Allison continue to squabble. Allison continues to be unrepentant in regard to her behavior, while Nathan continues to blame him over the predicament he now faces. Allison, as she relates to us from the Diary Room, felt she had to deal with Dana. Nathan believes she should have put up Justin on the block with her, and the let the house decide who should go.

In the second segment, Erika tells us she misses being caught up on current events. What's happening with Sammy Sosa, the Chicago Cubs slugger who corked his bat? What's been happening in Iraq? This leads to a conversation between Erika, Allison, and Nathan about basketball player Kobe Bryant. The three speak of what a great person Kobe is.

Not knowing, of course, the Los Angeles Laker player is now under suspicion for allegedly raping a girl in Colorado.

Justin's lack of hygiene is featured. And, oddly enough, this leads to a revealing luxury competition. The women are given one piece swimsuits, while the guys are wearing tight shorts. Each swimsuit has a letter patched inside of it. The only way to see what letter each houseguest has is to remove the swimsuit they have on. Foam is jetted down on the houseguests for modesty purposes. They had five minutes to complete the task, which they did with a minute of half to spare.

The word spelt was "LAUNDRY", which gives the houseguests laundry services. Allison points out the house will now also smell better, since Justin's dirty socks will all be cleaned.

In the third segment, the houseguests continue to receive their treats from the good folks at Subway Sandwiches. Jun points out that Subway's meals aren't as fatty as other fast food chains.

Next up, the houseguests going around shirtless and in bikinis leads to what's perceived as Erika's lack of fashion sense, mainly her "lucky pink hat." Erika also loves her pink boots, and has a desire to be "J-Lo", which is the nickname of popular movie actress Jennifer Lopez.

The houseguests are shown the game of Quoridor, a game played with a pawn-shaped piece and a series of miniature walls. Nathan and Jack both point out that if this is indeed the Power of Veto game, they're screwed.

In the orange bedroom, Allie and Nate argue more. Nathan thinks if Allison and Justin are aligned, he's screwed. He equates his position to a football game, with 1 second on the clock, his team trailing by a touchdown. Time for the "Hail Mary" play, a long, lobbing pass in the end zone which doesn't often work, but is quite miraculous for the teams it works for. While Nathan pouts over the situation he's in, the Stooges practice the game, and seem to get good at it.

After a commercial, the power of veto game begins, and on the basketball court is a giant Quoridor board. Two groups of four compete in two matches to determine the two finalists. The finalists then have a heads up match to determine who gets the POV. Robert, Nathan, Justin, and Jun compete in the first semifinal.

It's apparent from the beginning the three players have conspired to take Nathan down, and sure enough Nathan it's the first out. Robert goes on to win the first match. Jee, Jack, Erika, and Allison then battle in the other foursome. At one moment, Nathan coaxes Allison to make a move that would make more sense, while Alison seems displeased about his coaching. In the end, Jee wins the second heat.

That makes the final heads up battle a no lose situation for the Stooges, and they decided to have fun with it. In the end, Robert wins the POV an unprecedented second time in a row!

HOH Justin tells the Diary Room he feels like a million dollars. Robert points out the rest of the house had a chance to take the Stooges down, but failed that test. In the sandbox bedroom, Nathan spills his guts about the random drawing of groups going against him. Meanwhile, Allison has what appears to be a change of heart, and wonders what would be wrong about keeping Nathan.

Allison and Nathan have another conversation. Neither of the positions they present to each other have changed, and the old arguments have gotten to the point where Nathan leaves the bed the two shared. Nathan decrees that Allie's actions speak louder then her words.

Surely, Robert wouldn't rescue either Nathan or Jack in the Power of Veto meeting, since he wouldn't even save Dana the week before. But, Nathan approaches Jun about taking Jack off the block, and putting Allison up. This get the stooges thinking that this wouldn't be a bad idea. Even Robert thinks Allison is house's biggest liar.

But, after hearing the cases of both Jack and Nathan, Robert yet again declines to use the power of veto.

This locks in Jack or Nathan as the two nominees. With Nathan seeming to be the house's pick to go at this point, Jack points out that nothing is for sure in the Big Brother house.


This was the first of two weeks where Big Brother 4 aired Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday on CBS due to NFL preseason football.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's live show. It's going to be interesting to see who the house decides to keep, and a vote that probably decides the direction the house goes in from here on out. Either way, the house won't be the same.

Keep in mind, the oldest player in the game each year has always been eliminated no earlier than round five, no later than round seven. It that logic holds up, Jack might be gone here.

But, if you're Robert, Allison or Jee, you have a tough decision! Who do you keep? A player who can win challenges, but will do anything to win? Or, a player who hasn't won a challenge but has a good read on what every player is doing. Personally, I'd rather keep a weaker player competition wise in Jack, trust the devil you know rather than the devil you don't.

But if Jack goes, the stooges will be the only group truly aligned. Jun is, no pun intended, a spare tire in their alliance. Nathan, Erika, and Allison will all have various levels of distrust of each other, and winning Head of Household only gives them stays of execution for that week. The game will resemble Big Brother 3, where Danielle, Jason, and Lisa took control of the game at this point, because the other players couldn't build strong alliances.

An excellent episode which covered a lot of bases, should be another strong "Top 10" contender at year's end.