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Big Brother held a "Steel Cage Match" last Wednesday night to determine who'd start off round six as the new Head of Household. In a marathon contest of everyone's endurance, some sought to wheel and deal. But in the end, Erika, the Los Angeles Pilates instructor, walked away with the honor.

After a very successful "Clambake From Hell" food competition, it was time for Erika to put up two of the remaining seven houseguests. The two houseguests who have gone the entire game without a nomination, Justin and Robert, would get their first taste of being on the block. It marked the first time in the game that one part of a couple, Erika, had put up their counterpart, Robert.

But, can anyone bail them out by capturing the Power of Veto? Find out!


We pick up the action were we last left things off, Day 42 in the Big Brother house. Justin and Robert had just been nominated, as Erika was out to break up the strongest force in the game, the Three Stooges, consisting of Justin, Jee, and Robert, who is Erika's ex.

Erika tells the Diary Room that she's here to play strategically and emotionally. She points out that she really doesn't trust Robert, who is her pawn, but likes Justin, who in her mind, has to be eliminated.

The Stooges, however, have made the realization that Jun, like Allison, has been playing both sides against the middle. Robert and Justin have not been disagreeing with her in public, but privately, they seem to have a problem with where Jun's going.

Robert talks to Allison in the pool and ask how committed she is in getting Jun out in the near future, and Allison seems committed to the plan. Then again, Allison seems to be committed to every plan which comes up. Jack and Erika devise a plan to attempt to bring Jun into the group, since she's apparently burned her bridges as far as the stooges go.

Jun and Jee talk in the living room. Jee's assignment, if he chooses to accept it, is to try to persuade Robert not to put her up, should he become the new HOH. Jun gives information to Jack and Erika, basically telling them to watch Ali. Jack comments that Jun could be their "floater", a person they use to get information and occasional disinformation out.

Inside, Jack tells Jun that he and Erika has her back. Outside, the Stooges discuss different veto scenarios. Should Jee get it, he's in a tight spot, confides Justin.

After the opening commercial break, the game's two top schemers, Jun and Allison talk in one of the love room orange double beds. Jun is considering partnering up with Allison, believe it or not. Both show open distrust with each other, however, so they have a long way to go.

The houseguests all gather for the premiere of America's Choice. The question this week is which houseguest should get a letter from home. The house favorite seems to be Robert, who wants to hear from her 7 year old daughter, Elena. Jun goes into the HOH room and starts crying, with Allison right there to comfort him. Jun is fretting over Bob, who is her most recent boyfriend.

Jee and Erika talk in the bathroom, and Erika reminds him that as per the arrangement the two made so that Jee could be safe for the week, he cannot use the veto should he win. Jee didn't recall agreeing to it, but in an outdoor conversation with Robert, he reminds him that if Jee does it, there are no immediate repercussions.

"None of these people give a **** about you.", Robert tells Jee.

After another commercial break and a plug for, it's time for the next veto competition. All competitors go out to do their contests individually. With pictures of all the houseguests all around the house, the object of this game is to get the five previous POV winners in correct chronological order on five plasma TV screens by using TV cameras. The houseguests aren't told what cameras are hooked up to which TV screens. The person who does this in the shortest amount of time wins. Justin had the early time to beat with 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Jun, running around with a hand cupped to her chest, keeping her two best secrets from falling out of her tube top, performed the task in just 2 minutes and 45 seconds, making her this week's POV.

By the way, the correct order would be Dana, Dave, Nathan, Robert, and Robert.

In the next segment, the houseguests convene to see who wins America's Choice. The seven names appear, then only one remains, belonging to Robert. Robert gets a big hug from Erika, and is asked to go to the Diary Room and get his letter. Just opening the letter gets Robert misty eyed. Elena tells him that she's gotten a new dog, and is starting school the day after she writes. She's also learned to ride a bike, and is drawing a lot of butterflies. Robert tells us that white butterflies mean her father is thinking of her.

Robert tells America that he's very grateful to hear from his daughter.

Jack analyzes the houseguests in the next segment, and how he is the final non-ex in the house. He marvels at how well Justin and Allison get along, and how tough it's been for Erika and Robert to get along. This leads to a clip of Erika telling how sorry she is to Robert for yelling at him at his workplace after he discovered he was cheating on her. Robert remarks that it meant a lot for her to apologize, and calls it the best day he's had in the house.

Jun and Allison talk in the hot tub, and it appears the two are, dare I say it, bonding. They talk about Jack's lackluster effort in the POV contest, where he took nearly 19 minutes to get the five TVs in the proper order. Allison theorizes that Jack and Erika will stay together until to the end, and proposes an alliance. Jun accepts, thinking it's not a bad idea, even if she can't stand her.

We conclude tonight's show with what Jun's going to do with that elusive POV. Jun asks Jee if she should veto either houseguest, and he responds that in most likely scenarios, he'd go up. Many openly speculate that Jun might just wreak a little havoc. After convening the meeting and applauding Justin and Robert for conducting themselves as true sportsmen, both men plead their case. Robert sees it as a lose-lose situation, while Justin reminds Jun that actions speak louder than words.

After that, Jun decides to not use the power of veto, and adjourns the meeting. This locks in Justin and Robert as the two nominees, one of which goes home tomorrow night.

Justin reminds us that a lot can happen in an hour, and regardless of how the vote goes, the Dream Team is still alive.


And so tomorrow, another Big Brother record will be set. It will be the sixth consecutive time a houseguest who had only received one nomination will be gone from the game. Since everyone left will have been to the block at least once, it can't happen for any future eviction.

Jun finally won a contest! This leaves Jack as the only houseguest who hasn't won anything yet. He'll be only the third player since BB2 to make the final six without an HOH or POV to his credit. The other two, Bunky and Will of BB2, didn't fare too badly either, with Will winning the whole thing in BB2. This, of course, was before the POV was introduced.

I hate to pour cold water on the heartwarming Robert story, but as many of you know who've been following my reviews since I began doing them during BB3, America's Choice is a pet peeve of mine. By not giving us the voting percentages, it continues to give the appearance that producers only care about giving the reward to whom it makes the best story. Food for thought for the next time you log onto

In case you haven't been reading the various BB4 message boards, tomorrow's vote will NOT be live. Obviously, they're trying to set the stage for the new twist to be introduced in the game tomorrow. Let's hope it's something interesting!