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Eight houseguests from all over the country converged on the Big Brother house for the kickoff of its fourth season. After winning a tougher than normal opening all-or-nothing food challenge, the houseguests were told where and who the others were and are.

Five houseguests, each one a former flame of one of the original eight, would also enter the Big Brother house. And when these remaining five stepped into the house, it looked like everyone with a former beau shared the same emotion...anger. One houseguest, Erika, even flipped off one of the Big Brother cameras! Others fled the living room in disbelief.

So now that everyone has finally arrived, let the games begin!


Big Brother's newest cast of houseguests were still reeling from arguably the biggest twist so far in the Reality TV genre. Some took it a little better than others..

"Is that all you got for me?", Erika retorts to one of the many TV cameras in the house.

In one clip, Amanda picks up a frying pan with a smile on her face. Scott mockingly asks if Big Brother saw this supposed rules violation. Shortly afterward, Scott snaps at Amanda that he's attempting to have a civilized conversation, and has to walk away. Allison, the Pittsburgh area beauty queen, keeps digging at Justin, her ex, about his presence in the game. But in a Diary Room clip, Allison makes it clear that if she has to, she will stab Justin in the back.

To make things fair for the exs, they were allotted a "Bed Pass". This gives an ex the option to take over a bed controlled by any of the 8 original houseguests. The only two to use the passes were Robert, who takes Allison's bed position, and Jee, who swipes Dana's. Dana and Allison plot revenge and are quite angry at the temerity of these two Johnny come latelys. This would also make some strange bedfellows. Michelle and Nathan would share a double bed, but Dave, the former beau of Michelle isn't worried...she is a virgin.

The next morning brought Jun and Dana, the two New York girls, preparing breakfast. The girls allege it's merely strategy. Jee and Jun are shown in another segment dishing the dirt on each other, with Jee claiming he's just here for fun. Jee also relays the fact that his father passed on in 1999 due to cancer, and Jun made a promise to Jee's dad that she'd take care of him, but in the end couldn't.

In the next segment, Jun brings out swimsuits, and ladies and gentlemen, it's time, once again, to do something degrading for a hot tub. The 13 gather at a small kiddie pool filled with green slime. The object of this opening luxury competition is to take the slime from the pool to a small square bin using nothing but your trunks. To make it more interesting, the goop can only be deposited from a person's body to the bin by using another person as transport. So, if Allison had to deposit the slime into the bin, someone other than Allison would have to do the work.

After the allotted 7 minutes, Jun released the pin, and the key to the spa was revealed. Later that night, the houseguests gather at the hot tub for the christening, complete with beers and other spirits.

Even with the recent events, the original 8 are still aligned to rid the 5 exs. Allison works her friends on a plan to set up Justin in a position where he's to go sooner, not later. This plan included Allison telling Justin a bill of goods to try to win his confidence. Different groups gather and hold their powwows, including Jun, Allison, and Nathan, of all places in the bathroom. Even the exes soon realize that the original 8 are aligned against them.

Onward to the opening Head of Household competition. The houseguests, all in bikinis and summer attire for the chaps, are given one minute to pair up. Six pairs leaves one player out, and Scott volunteers to sacrifice himself for the good of the group. Then, the two member teams are divided into sitters and kneelers. The sitters are strapped into deck chairs, and sitting above the sitters are buckets of chum, fish guts. The kneelers are placed on blue rectangles with one knee on the ground, and their toes on blue rectangles. Once their knee leaves its position it activates a trigger, the chum is released on the sitter, and that pair is eliminated.

After cutting a deal with the team of Justin and Robert, the pair of Allison and Nathan survived to win the first part of the competition. Scott, who got out of the competition thru arrangement, had to pick between the two as to who would be the first HOH, and chose Nathan.

The alliance of the original eight draws first blood, and confidence is high they will take down one of the five exs.


The opening HOH game was very entertaining, much more than wondering which houseguest would use someone else's toothbrush thru the parlor game style opening HOH games in BB2 and BB3.

I'm still thinking that the egos in the "Original 8" alliance are going to be the group's unraveling. For it to be successful, the eight have to run the table, but every week that goes on, the odds that it will happen get taller.

If Nathan can't pick Robert or Justin, this of course leaves Amanda, Jee, and Michelle as possible nominees. This pretty much puts the Exs in a no-win situation this round, and the Originals in a can't lose situation.

Erika and Allison strike me as people who America might despise in the weeks ahead, as they already seem to be working their tyranny.