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After Erika, the Pilates instructor of the City of Angels, won the most recent HOH competition, she decide to attempt to break up the strongest alliance in the game at the time, and put Justin and Robert on the block.

In the POV competition, all houseguests had to use TV cameras to put the five previous veto winners in order on five plasma TV screens by using TV cameras. The only problem was they didn't know which TV camera was hooked up to which monitor. In the end, Jun, who was the final participant in the contest, got the win in clutch fashion.

After Jun decided not to use the POV, it sets the stage for tonight, where we know for sure one Stooge has met the end of the line. Who will be our seventh place finisher, and the third member of the seven person jury? Find out, as Big Brother promises us...


Julie Chen welcomes us to the sixth live edition of Big Brother, and to Day 47 of the competition. After tonight, seven houseguests become six, and after tonight, only four weeks remain in the game!

After a brief introduction, we get caught up to speed on what's been happening in the house these last few days. It begins with Jee fretting over whom he should vote for. Jun, however suggests there is power in secret alliance. Allison wonders in an exercise session where Jee is, where Robert is, where Jack is.

Jack, however, is trying to take Jee under his wing and trying to detach him from the remaining stooge. Meanwhile, Robert suggests to Justin that there is no way in the world that Jack will acquire his vote.

Allison and Justin snuggle in bed, doing something under the covers that causes Justin to repeatedly go "ow!" Justin, however, thinks Allison has lied in the house, and probably will continue to lie. Meanwhile, Erika tries to gain an alliance with Robert, which suddenly has Allison's distrust and disbelief. In a meeting with Jun, Allison suggests getting rid of Robert right now.

Julie looks in on the incredibly shrinking number of houseguests. She immediately asks Jack on his slow effort in the veto, and Jack responds he wanted to get a time that marked the year he was born, 18:49. Allison finds Justin's presence in the house reassuring in another question. Jee, when given a chance to say a word to his two fellow stooges, thanks them for their loyalty.

We get our first peek at the votes, and this week, the voting is NOT live. Jack gives his vote to evict Justin, and that was the sole vote in this segment.

After a commercial and new transitional segment, Robert is profiled by Elena, her 7 year-old daughter, and Natasha, his ex-wife. They were briefly married, mainly because Robert is a bit of a "frat boy", and an excellent salsa dancer. Natasha thinks Robert will be a womanizer until the day he dies, but adores his daughter Elena.

Then we get the HOH interview, where Julie looks at a TV monitor with Erika on it, and Erika looks at a piece of masking tape, along with the TV camera. Julie quickly asks if Erika threw any of the HOH competitions, but Erika sidesteps, saying she saved winning HOH for when she needed it. When Julie asks if she'd ever betray Jack, she doubts it. Erika also points out that inside the house, it's "a war."

Time for Jee's vote in the Diary Room, and he votes to evict Robert.

A special look at the last moments of the Three Stooges is next. All three of them believe that there stay in the Big Brother house has been an awesome experience. Robert says the alliance will go down as the greatest in the game, and feels he's a better person to have met Justin and Jee. Justin calls his friendship with his mates something that will be greater than $500,000.

The two nominees make their farewell address, despite the fact that voting has taken place. Justin tells the group he's very fortunate to have played the game, while Robert thanks Erika for making up with him, and thanks Jee and Justin for their friendship.

Back to the Diary Room for the all important votes from Jun and Allison, we get their thoughts, but not their votes. That means they're voting the same.

We get a look at the Jury house, which appears to be in an exotic locale of some kind. Dana says she's lonely without people to spend time with. And here comes Nathan! Nathan and Dana hug, and get to see Justin win HOH, Nathan and Jack get put up. Nathan is slightly repulsed by seeing Allie on TV, and Dana tells him he should have listened to her.

But who will be joining Dana and Nathan?

May I have the envelope, please?

The sixth player out of the game, by a vote of 3 to


Yet again, Allison votes out the strong player!

Justin gets hugs and is out the door in less than 50 seconds, quickly files in to meet Julie. Back in the house, Allison is crying rather hard, and gets a quick touch up from Jun and Erika. Allison quickly gulps some water...

Justin is asked by Julie if he betrayed by the stooges, and he says not. He wouldn't campaign against Robert, saying just because he was on the block, the game wasn't necessarily over. When asked about Allison, Justin replies she's a fierce competitor. When asked about Dana, Justin openly wonders if they will pick up where they left off. Then, farewell messages appear from Jack (who openly recruits him for the FBI), Jee, Allison, and Robert.

Time for another critical HOH competition, a contest only Jack, Jun, and Robert have failed to win. Now, tonight's competition looks similar to one Chiara Berti won in BB3, as a silver Bocce Ball court is shown in the backyard, with an HOH logo in the middle. And, there appears to be an opening in the court, similar to a hole on a miniature golf course, where the 'O' is.

The object of tonight's competition is much like one in golf, getting the ball closest to the hole without getting the ball either in the hole or rolling it in the gutter. Jee grabs the lead early in the contest, and no one gets closer, making Jee our new HOH. Jee joins Hardy, Nicole, Marcellas, Jason, and Lisa as the only other people ever to win HOH twice.

So you may wonder why tonight's show is called "The Live Show From Hell"? Wonder no more.

Julie, in the last few minutes of airtime, tells the houseguests...expect the unexpected. And Julie tells us: the unexpected..begins tomorrow.

As Julie leaves the house's plasma TV screen, and many houseguests appear to get flustered, a message appears in orange and yellow..



As the late Bob Hope said, always leave the audience wanting more. I have to give it to Arnold, Allison, and the CBS staff, they've done exactly that.

We saw more camera angles tonight, more reaction shots of Julie, a different shot of the evicted houseguest entering the house. Good to see the directors mix up the angles once in a while, you can never let a show get too set in it's ways.

With Jee HOH, this bears bad tidings for Jack, Erika, and maybe Allison. If Jack survives this round, it's the latest the oldest player in the game will ever have gone.

As far as to who will win the game, it's a wide open horse race at this point. If the Jun and Allison alliance endures, it's quite possible no one will see it, and thus could take their deal to the final two.