In Case You Missed It:

By the vote of 3 to 1, and with ex Allison leading the way, Justin Giovinco was taken down to the mat and pinned by Big Brother. He's now the third member of the BB4 jury that convenes in less than four weeks to give one lucky winner $500,000.

As round seven begins, another critical HOH competitions led things off. Jee was lucky enough to get his ball closest to the hole in a bocce ball contest that looked a lot like miniature golf, becoming the first person in BB4 to win the coveted HOH crown a second time.

But in the final moments of airtime, host Julie Chen told the houseguests to expect the unexpected. The houseguests immediately appealed to Julie for more information, but there, on their plasma TV screen, were those very words every Big Brother houseguest fears the most!

And tonight, we find out what this twist is all about!


The shows begins with Jack, Allison, and Jun casting their votes to evict Justin. Jee gave his vote to evict Robert, giving Justin a chance to go out the champion, like Jee believed he was.

Allison compared voting Justin as releasing a security blanket. Jun, meanwhile, declares her a "whack job".

Jack tells Erika that it wasn't personal, just strategy, and called him the strongest competitor in all 4 Big Brothers.

Then, we see a replay of Jack's roll, which died on the outer white perimeter, giving Jee his second HOH. Jack called his roll "inexcusable". Jee goes on to tell Robert there is now serious work to be done. Jack, in a kitchen conversation with Erika and Jun, pretty much confesses that he should be the one to go. Jee dedicates his win to Justin.

The houseguests gather as Jee opens up his HOH room. He gets the usual knick knacks, most notably a picture of his current girlfriend, Carmen, and a glass heart. The houseguests got a kick out of Jee's choice for a CD, that of 1980s pop sensation, Richard Marx.

Allison and Erika chat outside, and Allison thinks she's going to be put up. Erika assures her that it's going to be herself and Jack. Allison also seems to be nervous about what to expect when Big Brother gave the warning to "expect the unexpected." Erika tells Allison there's no need to stress, take it easy. Erika then converses with Robert about her being on the block with Jack. Robert is shown telling both Erika and Jack to take it easy, and a plan is being hatched.

Meanwhile, Jee grants an audience with Allison in the HOH room. He thinks Allison is emerging as a strong threat in the game, while Jack suggests the group tread water and let her hang herself.

After a commercial, Robert is shown with his multitude of nervous ticks. Jack thinks the constant facial play is a show that he lacks self confidence.

In another segment, Jack talks about his theories as a former FBI agent on the November 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Jack thinks JFK was the reason he got into serving the public, and believes Oliver Stone's movie on the subject in the early 1990s was mostly a bunch of hooey. He believes that Kennedy's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, acted alone.

Jumping back in time to the present, Jee gathers the houseguests give notice that one of the bedrooms is closing, the desert bedroom. He also gives notice that the show's two mascots, turtles named Cuff and Link, are about to depart. Allison gave her terms of endearment by telling them "good-bye, you little pigs!"

A segment, showing the houseguests reactions to being constantly filmed, is shown. In one clip, Justin chases off with Allison's towel when she was in the shower. Allison, completely in the nude, gives chase! In another segment, Jee and Jun box, when all of a sudden, Jun's towel and bikini break loose. Fortunately, all private parts were digitized.

Jee and Erika meet in the HOH. Jee tells her that she and Jack are the two biggest threats. But, he tells her that he's only leaning in that direction. Jack then goes into the HOH room, and tells him his idea. Why not get rid of Allison, since she's constantly a wild card, and make himself, Erika, Jee, and Jun in the final four. Jee found his idea a bit incredulous in the Diary Room, while Jack found him to be receptive.

Then Jun visits her former boyfriend in the HOH room. Jee tells her that he really don't has a preference who goes between Jack and Erika, but that one of them should go. Jun suggests Alli be put up, but Jee tells him Robert would be against that. Jun retorts that Robert is trying to strong-arm him in his alliance, and that he'd be considered a weak player if he continues on with the remaining stooge.

Julie Chen appears in the next segment, making a rare non live show appearance. Julie tells us that this is a power of veto competition, which occurs, for the first time, BEFORE the nomination ceremony. The POV holder will NOT be revealed until AFTER the nominations. And, for the first time, for a houseguest to win POV, they will have to inflict some "pain and suffering" on the group.

One at a time, each houseguest will go into the Diary Room. Julie asks each HG to hold the POV medallion, and tells each player this power can be theirs. She then asks each houseguest if they would like it. And of course, there is a twist. Each houseguest is told that to win POV, they would have to put everyone other than themselves on the PBJ diet FOR THE ENTIRE GAME!

Each houseguest declines the offer. Julie lowers the offer to two weeks to everyone, and appeals to what would be each individual's best interests. For instance, she asks Erika about the Stooges attempt to get back at them for evicting Justin.

Julie then lowers the offer one final time, giving the rest of the houseguests one week of a PBJ diet. Everyone declines even that..

Except Jee!

After a commercial break, Julie tells the group the one player or more than one player, has accepted the offer. Robert gets up, telling the group over and over that it sucks, and kicks a pillow like a football thru a goalpost. Jee, trying to act calm, walks around, trying to gage the emotions of the house. Outside, Robert is livid, asking Jee to put him up on the block.

Outside, everyone else has come to one conclusion. Jee had accepted the offer for one week. Meanwhile, Robert thinks Jun took the deal.

With Allison joining Jee and Robert outside, Jee confesses the he took the deal. Robert breaks out of his funk and tells Jee that it was a good idea. He then admits his treason to the rest of the houseguests in the kitchen.

Outside, Jun asks Jee with the HOH in tow, why would he take such a deal to accept a POV at such a steep price? Jee tells the group that he will voluntarily eat PBJ with them, but that he's man enough to admit it.

Jack tells the group, eat all you can, because after midnight, it's PBJ for seven days.

Erika tells the Diary Room that Jee went from not being a target to being quite a legitimate one.


In all honesty, the new twist was not one at all. It wasn't new, since a similar bribe was made to the houseguests during BB2. It also wasn't really a twist, since the POV was at stake and since the HGs are eating PBJ sandwiches for a week, it was more or less a food challenge and POV rolled into one.

By the way, why can't they have milk with their PB and J? They'd get all four food groups if they did!

Seriously, the bigger question very well may be, if the twists don't work, why is everyone watching? Last week, the show's ratings rivaled the best in their history, with the Tuesday and Wednesday show (where Nate was evicted) were 8th and 6th, respectively, in the Nielsen ratings. The twist didn't sit well amongst the Internet savvy fans, but I'm sure CBS will simply point to the ratings and reply with two words: who long as the show is profitable and can draw in mainstream sponsors.

Looking at the record books real fast, Jee becomes only the second HG to take the HOH-POV double in the same week, along with Jason Guy of BB3.

If my estimations are correct, there are now ten episodes left of BB4. Jee did himself no favor tonight, and I can't really see Jun or Allison winning, since the house knows they aren't afraid to scheme. And if Jee leaves, where will Robert be? Plus, whoever stays in the house between Jack and Erika, assuming the veto isn't used, is going to be in a weakened position. Of course, the problem is one of these six will be half a million richer in just three and a half short weeks.

For now, my magic 8-ball is stuck on "Ask Again Later."