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Normally, we'd know the nominees by now, but this was not your normal week of Big Brother. This week, the game was spiced up with a new twist.

The Power of Veto competition was held in secret before nominations were even held. Julie Chen, Big Brother 4's host and chief interrogator, asked the houseguests if they would accept winning Power of Veto in exchange for causing some pain and suffering. Namely, putting the rest of the houseguests on a peanut butter and jelly diet.

After all of the houseguests declined offers to put the group on the diet for the rest of the game and for two weeks, Jee, looking to secure his nominations, accepted the offer for one week.

Many in the house didn't take it well at all....and we STILL don't even know who is on the block. Who will Jee nominate? Find out!


We pick up the action right where things left off, on Day 48.

Jee is still livid over being grilled as he was by Jun, who of course is his ex. Jun wonders if Jee's decision is really going to pay dividend. Jee, meanwhile, wonders if Jun's open questioning is merely a ploy. Robert, in a Diary Room conversation, thinks he was a target anyway, and considers suggesting to Jee putting up a Jun-Erika tandem for nomination to Allison as kind of a "shock and awe" campaign.

Jee and Jun have a heated conversation in the HOH room. Jun suggests that she was defending Jee, not questioning him. Jee shows a new demeanor during the conversation, suggesting that the group toughen up. With that, he grabs the remaining six keys off the memory wall and begins preparing for nominations. This week, three keys will be pulled from the nomination box, sending two one step closer to their appointed doom.

It's nighttime outside as the houseguest meet their weekly appointment from hell. Jee begins the nomination ceremony by pulling out Robert's key. Allison's followed, meaning it's down to Jun, Jack, and Erika. Allison tells us...

JUN is safe. Jack makes his third trip to the block, Erika makes her second, both times appointed by Jee. Jee tells them both that they are well respected, and that the move is purely strategic. Jack vows not to campaign against Erika, and Erika does likewise. They both, however, will promote themselves in an effort to stay in the game.

After a commercial, Robert and Jee talk about the game. Robert suggests to Jee that they had to see it coming. He then tells Allison that she needs to vote out Erika, since she is the strongest unaligned player. Erika, in another clip, talks to Allison in the hot tub, plotting to get rid of Jee. Allison tells her of her distrust of Jun. Erika is less worried than Allison is.

Then, Allison talks to Jun about who should go, Jack or Erika. Allison calls Jack a negotiator, and thinks he throws competitions, and thus, according to her, someone who could backstab them at a later date. In the Diary Room, she tells us that a two player alliance is almost stronger than HOH.

But wait...what's Marcellas Reynolds, BB3 contestant, doing outside? And, what's with all those gnomes?!? Houseguests were required to get into various colored jumpsuits, and then we hear our pal Marcellas on the public address system piped into the backyard. The rules of the contest are that houseguests are to smash the gnomes to find gold tickets. Three of them win the game, but black tickets means elimination. The first to register three gold tickets wins McDonalds for the winner and a fellow player of their choice.

Jun, Allison, and Robert all garner black tickets, eliminating themselves. After Erika scored her two gold tickets, she found a black one, eliminating her. Jack and Jee remained in the game, each with two gold tickets. Jee found his third before Jack's, but delayed before hitting the button, wondering if it wouldn't be best to give victory to Jack. Several houseguests found Jee hogging all the wins to be quite distasteful, while Allison seemed happy that the target on his back got larger.

In the third segment, the girls lament on who stupid Jee seems to be, and how cocky he's getting. In the HOH room, Jee wonders if his winning streak is a bad omen. "It's not like I planned to win this", he tells Robert.

Jee decides to share his opening McDonalds meal with Jack, who tells us he deserves a break today. He calls his Big Mac the best hamburger he's had in his life. Jack's also shown wolfing down a salad, and that it was a good time for the great taste of McDonalds.

After the commercial message inside BB4, Jack climbs into a hot tub with Robert and Jee. He begins to think he's safe amongst the remaining stooges. Inside, the girls strategize together. They realize that "Girl Power" may have to carry the day, and that the ladies should pool their efforts to take down all the remaining men.

Jee steps out of the Diary Room, and tells the houseguests they have 5 minutes to don warpaint and to "get primal". Jee was given a checklist of clothing items for the houseguests to bring along, like, for example, Erika's pink hat that makes her look like a Caucasian version of LaToya Jackson.

It turns out to be yet another very special Luxury Competition, called the "Fashion Fire Pit". Jee tells us that if everyone partakes in this sacrifice, they will receive a very special reward. Erika, who did a lot of gyrating for the men, took Jee's article of clothing, and threw it into the pit. Jun selected Jack's sweats, throwing them pitward. Alli selected Jun's fishnet shirt for demolition. Jack selected Allison's "butt shorts", which seemed to anger Alli a bit. Jee took Robert's article of clothing, so that the game could conclude by Erika's pink hat being sacrificed. And so, everyone took part in the ceremony, which means the houseguests get to visit a longtime Big Brother stable, the Big Brother boutique.

The next clip showed that the boutique was about to be open for a visit. Each houseguest had 90 seconds to put on as many clothing items as possible, and whatever was on their person was theirs to keep. Each houseguests got several new duds to wear in the house for the remaining weeks of the competition, with Allison complaining about practically everything, being the fashion expert she alleges to be.

Jack makes a last second plan to Erika over the veto. He suggests working an angle with Erika that Jee use the veto, and put someone else in that spot. Jack suggests that in exchange for this, Jee would be taken under their wing, and that the unaligned "floaters" be dealt with before anyone else.

In the final segment, Jack and Jee talk in the hot tub, and Jack tells him that if he puts Allison up, she's frozen tight with nowhere to run. Jee admits prior to POV that Allison is becoming a concern. In the veto meeting, both Jack and Erika make their case. Erika doubts Jee will change his mind, while Jack applauds Jee for his shrewd strategy.

Jee then makes his call, and he decides not to use the power of veto this week, meaning Jack and Erika are now locked in as nominations.

As the show winds down, Jee seems concerned about Robert backstabbing him, while Allison even thinks she will become like "the plague".

As the announcer hypes tomorrow's live episode, he announces that in a surprise twist..






Ohhhhh baby!!! We got a REAL twist coming tomorrow!! Tune in!! Tell your friends!!

Breaking news today came from longtime entertainment newspaper Variety, which announced that CBS has ordered two more episodes of Big Brother 4 in an effort to boost ratings for the upcoming launch of the fall season. This extends the game one week. It will now end September 24, and the game will now go 82 days as opposed to the formerly scheduled 75. Instead of what we thought would be 31 episodes, there will now be 33. So after tonight's show, there are eleven episodes left instead of nine.

The smart money says Jack is evicted tomorrow night, because it would be of benefit to Jun and Allison, two of the three possible votes, to boost their chances of making the end of the game. If they brought Erika along, it's one more person who can take down Robert and Jee in the near future.

One trend from the last two Big Brothers prior to this one comes to play here. The person who's won HOH when there's five left has never won the game, or even made the final two! Hardy Hill couldn't do it in BB2, Jason Guy only made the final three in BB3. It's almost a disadvantage to win HOH now, because they couldn't compete for it the week afterward, when four remain in the house, and only three are eligible for the honor.

One person who's probably better off without HOH, providing Jack is out, is Allison, since she has a deal of sorts with what would be everyone left in the house. Winning that would most definitely make her a target in the round where four remain.

So whoever wins HOH tomorrow may set the table, but it appears someone else will get served a lot of green come dinnertime on September 24th!