In Case You Missed It:

Jee Choe, Jun's ex, continued one of the most impressive winning streaks in the show's history. Not only has he captured the Head of Household, then put the rest of the house thru a week's worth of Peanut Butter and Jelly thru winning Power of Veto, he went on to win a special luxury competition, where he and a guest of his choice win five straight days of McDonalds.

Jee decided to break up the game's top alliance in placing Jack and Erika up for nomination. The Jee and Robert alliance have been working hard to secure Erika's eviction, but with "floaters" Jun and Allison as two of the three nominees, who's to say that the Stooges won't be fooled again.

And tonight, we understand that in an unexpected turn, someone else in the house will be leaving! But, is it a temporary departure, or a permanent one? It promises to be a night of surprises for the seventh eviction night of Big Brother 4!


Julie Chen welcomes us to Day 54 of BB4. We now know for sure that after tonight, 28 days remain. Tonight, six houseguests begin, and at most, five will remain.

The show's last few days have been summarized. Erika is on the hammock, complaining of being weak from eating the PBJ sandwiches. She smells McDonalds French fries in one clip, and Robert pounds the table in frustration. Jack thinks Jee is a greater target than ever.

Erika and Jack talk in the hot tub, and Erika confesses she has seen him more than her real father. Meanwhile, Erika lays down what the plan appears to be. Not to campaign against Jack, but to campaign for herself. Allison, meanwhile is in the position of being the critical swing vote, and plays it to the hilt. She tells both sides exactly what they want to hear in different clips.

Jun, meanwhile, wouldn't trust Allison with anything. Jack thinks Erika couldn't have played it any better, and that Allison is intolerable.

In the interview with the remaining six houseguests, Julie starts off by holding up a small portion of what was Jun's fishnet bikini top. Asking Jee how life is after his supply of cigarettes expires, he apologizes to everyone if he was a bit snippy this past week. Robert says he wouldn't be understanding at all had someone else won POV.

Jack thanks Erika for her friendship and alliance when asked to do so, and apologizes to her for his mistakes. Erika thanks Jack for being a blast playing "these games", and tells him she's been a father to him.

A reminder is given that tonight's votes return to taking place LIVE!

After a commercial, Allison's boyfriend Donnie is revisited, and yes indeed, she will have explaining to do when she gets home! Allison's parents, Melinda and James, tells us Donnie has been playing football at Bloomsburg University like a wildman. Donny makes no bones about it, she finds her in house activities unacceptable. He promises to scream for a good hour when he sees her again!

Jee gets an exclusive interview with Julie Chen in the HOH room. Julie asks if Jee regrets winning POV, and Jee calls his decision strategic and has decided not to dwell on it. He tells us he did try to throw the McDonalds competition, until he also saw Jack also in the running for it. Also, he's hoping Robert, Allison, or Jun to make the final two with him.

A quick look at the jury house, where we last left Dana and Nathan. Dana and Nathan are shown enjoying some body of water, skiing and surfing. They don't know it, but joining them in the house was Justin, who gets quick hugs from Dana and Nathan. Justin brings a tape of the past week where he was evicted, and Nathan and Dana continue to not be big believers in one Allison Irvin.

The nominees are given one last chance to plead their case. Erika tells the group she's had a great time, and would love to stay. Jack tells the voting threesome that he places himself in their hands. We go straight to the vote, WITHOUT a commercial break!

Roberts goes to the DR first, and votes out...Erika, making the tally 1-0, Erika halfway out the door.

Jun goes second, and votes out Jack. This makes Allison the deciding vote!

With everything on the line...Allison votes to evict...


Jack is gone, 2 votes to 1.

Jee and Robert hold their heads down, and Erika tells him, I believe, that Jun and Allison were the two votes against. Jack leaves in 45 seconds, keeping the houseguests nearly perfect in exiting within the one minute time frame given to them. Jack tells Julie he hoped to meet her a little later.

The two remaining men are resigned to accepting Jack's departure, telling Jun and Allison it was the best move for them. In the exclusive interview, Jack meets he threw the Quoridor POV game, but nothing else. He wanted early on to be a father figure and to lie low, and he enjoyed being in for 54 days. Julie tries to pin down what Jack was trying to accomplish, and Jack responds that it's a much tougher game then it looked.

Farewell messages come from Robert, Jee, Allison, Jun, and finally Erika, who again calls him a father figure, which gets Jack to chuckle watching it.

We're now ready for the eighth round of competition, and after tonight, only two HOHs competitions remain! Jee, of course, can't win HOH. Robert and Jun have yet to score a HOH win, Erika and Allison have one each. The four stand behind a panel that looks much like your typical game show stand.

Tonight's competition has to do with items in the BB4 house that have been missing in the past week. In a prerecorded clip, all the items are shown vanishing one by one, some returning, some not.

The competition, called "Disappearing Acts", begins. Eight questions are asks. Correct answers are worth a point, but incorrect answers mean disqualification. Whoever gets the most correct answers, or is the sole survivor, wins.

The girls quickly pile up the points, and in question five, Robert barely avoids being out of the game. Erika tied Jun with 2 points after question six. Jun retakes the lead after seven, and when Erika couldn't answer question eight...JUN WINS HOH!! It's her first win, and the girls quickly embrace her!! Stage one of the girls master plan is now complete!

BUT....Julie tells us after the break, it's Jun who's being removed!

Julie quickly asks Jun if she was studying the missing objects, and can't wait to get some stuff from home.

She then asks Jun to enter the Diary Room, and asks her to speak quietly. Julie lets Jun in her surprise, that Jun...will be going home to New York City...


Julie tells her to put on a blindfold, and follow a rope that will lead to her limo, and her flight to New York.

The houseguests are shown in the living room, beginning to wonder about this twist that was hatched just now, and probably wondering...



I got to stand up and applaud Mr. Jack Owens. He played a great game, and deserves his place among the best pure players in the four year history of the series. Way to go, sir!

The girls master plan to take down another one of the guys is now in full swing. It's starting to look to me like Jun could be the favorite to win BB4, depending on the handful of variables left in the game with five players left.

And boy oh boy, did Donny, Allison's boyfriend, look quite displeased tonight! I'm no Dr. Phil, but if I was Donny, there would be only one thing left to do: dump her!

Congratulations tonight go out to several posters on the Internet who guessed most of what the twist was going to be correctly. The problem is, however, if we can figure this stuff out, are the producers really doing their job, or are they just coasting on their high ratings?