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The house, with a seemingly heavy heart, voted 2 to 1 to evict former FBI man Jack Owens of Birmingham, Alabama. Jack was a well respected figure in the house, but Jun and Allison each voted to evict him because of the help it gives them to reach the finals as an alliance, currently taking Erika along under their wing.

The two members of the Stooges alliance were in a must win situation in the next HOH, which dealt with missing items in the house. Early on, it seemed clear Robert, the Los Angeles former restaurant manager, wasn't going to be victorious here. In the end, Jun, the investor from Queens, took her very first HOH title.

As it turned out, her timing was quite good indeed. For being HOH in this round, Julie Chen told her in the Diary Room that she had won a trip back to New York City to watch, in person, last night's MTV Video Music Awards, one of the bigger events on the pop culture scene of the summer. The catch? She had to leave immediately. Jun was taken by limo to catch a flight back to the Big Apple, while the four other houseguests were left to wonder...


Jee must have felt, as baseball player Yogi Berra once uttered, that it was "déjà vu all over again." The Angels, as Allison now dubs her troika with Jun and Erika, felt Day 54 was a huge win for them. She apologizes to Jee and Erika shortly after Jack left. Shortly after the show, Allison approached Robert, but Robert rebuked her. Allison's reply was that she hopes he gets over it soon.

But Robert sinks further into a manic funk. "We should have taken all those b*tches out, man!", he tells Jee. Robert feels the villainous women, who he calls "three sluts", will now be assured of victory.

Jee tells the Diary Room that he thinks Robert has issues with women.

The HOH contest is looked at closer. Apparently, Robert, on at least two occasions, was a spilt second shy of buzzing in first. Could that have been the difference in the game?

The latest twist was replayed where Jun disappeared from view. "Another twist in the Big Brother game. How wonderful!", Jee uttered. Jun went to the Diary Room, and the houseguests were left to wait. And wait. And wait. And wait.

Allison went into the Diary Room, and didn't find Jun. The houseguests than began to get nervous about her whereabouts. Allison then thought this might have something to do with another week of Peanut Butter and Jelly, or maybe Jun got to meet her boyfriend, Bob, as some kind of reward.

After a commercial break, a huge apple appears in the backyard. A note attached to it announces that this is the first of three clues. The three clues lead to an answer, and the first person to make a correct answer wins power of veto for the week. Each houseguest can only wager one guess, and if multiple correct answers are made, the houseguest that rings a bell in the backyard earliest, signifying that they would like to make a guess, wins.

Allison and Erika talk inside, while Jee and Robert guess outside. Erika thinks of two locations right off, New York, or the New York New York hotel on the Las Vegas strip. Everyone starts thinking of what events go on this weekend, like the start of the football season, with many college teams playing this weekend. Allison erroneously thinks Labor Day is the start of the Monday Night NFL games, which actually begin on a Thursday this year, the 4th of September. Jee and Robert bluff the girls thinking they have the correct answer.

Jee wonders about how one of the five people in the house will, in less than four weeks, be $500,000 richer. Erika discuss plans to travel, while Jee dreams of what he'd do with the money. Robert is dreaming of a Porsche like his attorney has, and a Rolex, while Allison hopes to start a family with Donny, pay off his brother's college loans, and have a happy life.

In the next segment, Erika talks about how hungry she is, and how Jee promised to eat PBJ sandwiches with everyone else. Allison, however, has caught Jee in a web of his own deceit, as he's eaten chips, sandwiches other than PBJ, and Mountain Dew soda.

This leads to Robert, in Jun's absence, hosting a food competition, the "Big Brother Ballroom." In the old desert bedroom was a room full of scores of yellow and red balls. Amongst the balls are specially labeled spheres with all the letters of the alphabet on them, which had to be placed in alphabetical order within the five minute allotment. Each letter can appear more than once, and any item not appearing in alphabetical order cannot be won.

While Robert reviews the massive haul the houseguests had attained. Once that was done, the houseguests played around in the ball pit. Allison did a very nice flip into the balls, while Jee discovered one of the items that didn't make the cut...Lobster.

In another clip, Robert, feeling very hungry, just pigs out on some of the food won in the competition, saying that "this is the money."

In the show's fourth segment, Jee and Robert talk about how they can't wait to leave. Allison comes over to again attempt to apologize, saying there's no way she could win. Jee tells her that she's made serious enemies in the game, and that Jun or Erika would beat her in the final. Allison admits that she's played a great game, and to that extent, the boys agree.

Back to the ongoing POV competition, a second clue, a VHS videotape which was made popular in the 1980s with the advent of VCRs, was revealed. Robert immediately thought Jun became the favorite to win the POV, which under the rules, occurs if no one correctly guesses the answer. Allison, meanwhile, jokingly calls this the worst veto game ever.

Jun, wearing nothing but a towel, gets ready for the MTV Video Awards, waves to the cameras, and says she'll see everyone later.

Allison meanwhile, asks Erika where's the MTV Video Awards at? Erika responds sometimes it's in New York, sometimes it's in Los Angeles.

Back across the country, Jun is shown in Manhattan, getting close to the awards site, waving to people in a limo around the Times Square section of the borough.

All the houseguests are anxious for the third clue, and lo and behold they get it. Outside is an astronaut suit on a statue, which is somewhat a replica of the statue anyone who wins the MTV Video Awards gets, the Moonman. Erika now calls it the veto competition from hell.

In the final segment, the houseguests continue to stare at the Moonman. Jee wondered how an astronaut would be tied into New York, while Erika wondered if this had to do with late night talk show host David Letterman. Robert thinks if the group had 20 clues, they wouldn't get it, but he rings the bell and is the first to make a guess.

Robert's guess is Space Mountain, at Disneyland, in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, the girls continue to think about things, but Jee is next to ring the bell.

The girls laugh, confident Jee will guess incorrectly. Then, Allison asks Erika about the statue on the MTV trophy, and both quickly ring the bell. Jee is shown making his guess and placing a golden envelope in a gold box, followed by Allison and Erika.

Later, the houseguests come to the living room. On the plasma screen is the words: where is Jun? A picture of the Empire State building appears, and Jun is shown popping out of a limousine, being interviewed on cable channel MTV. The houseguests are in utter disbelief, having left their seats, and now stand just in front of the plasma screen side by side!

Jun tells the houseguests she's having a blast. Robert calls it the baddest thing he's seen in her life.

Allison had made a correct guess, and wins this week's POV.

Jee and Robert now prepare themselves for the worst, as Allison kisses her new trophy.


With Allison now the POV holder, the question for the rest of the week is clear. Allison has pretty much assured herself of a 2nd place finish and $50,000 if the current alliances hold. If she uses the veto on one of Jun's choice, she could throw fifty grand down the drain. Allison does strike me as the kind of person who shies away from being aggressive, so do not be surprised if she kicks Jun and Erika to the curb in an effort to go for the big money.

A brilliantly produced episode by Arnold Shapiro and company, which goes to show they can make any twist look good on TV. Big Brother 4's show on Wednesday was their highest rated show of the season, according to the earliest of the Nielsen Rating reports.

Robert and Jee appear to be on the short end of the stick, while Allison and Erika appear to sit pretty. But, assuming Jee and Robert are on the block, and Allison does use the veto, Erika would automatically go up, since no one else remains eligible. Now assume Wednesday night, it comes down to Erika and Jee. If Robert votes to evict Erika, and Allison votes Jee, it puts Jun in a heck of a spot as a tiebreaker.

The show isn't explaining that mathematically, this should be the last week the POV can be played for. Could they have another new twist up their sleeves to explain this? Or, are they just asleep at the switch?

Nine episodes of BB4 remain now. With two extra episodes, I'm sure the producers will think of something to keep us on our toes until the end!