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After New Yorker Jun had won the coveted Head of Household, competition, her disappearance became a mystery for the other houseguests to solve.

Not only did her disappearance become a burning question in the minds of Jee, Robert, Allison, and Erika, but Big Brother made it required thinking. Whoever could hazard a guess as to what event and what city Jun was would win the Power of Veto competition. If no one got the answer correct, Jun would become the Power of Veto winner in abstention.

Three clues were presented to aid the foursome. First, a big Apple appeared. Then, a VHS video cassette, and finally a suit that would be worn by an astronaut. Only Allison guessed that Jun was at the MTV Video Music Awards at the famous Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The houseguests then got to see Jun be interviewed on MTV just before the award show began!

This makes Allison the veto holder, but will Jun be able to figure this out in time for nominations? Find out!


We resume the action at Day 55.

The four houseguests still in California are still recoiling over Jun at the MTVs. Erika and Allison were sad and jealous, both at the same time, over the prize Jun had received. The girls joke that next week that Jun has to go.

Erika and Allison have to hold back laughter when Robert revealed his guess of Disneyland, and Jee's guess of Seattle.

The gang continues to talk about the MTVs, and they seem to know of Madonna's infamous liplocks with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera last Thursday night. Jee openly talks of how this makes Jun a target now, and Robert tells the girls that Jun basically gets to start the game over.

Robert and Erika talk strategy, and about who would win in the finals against whom. At all costs, says Robert, he doesn't want Jun to win the game.

Back outside, Allison has no clue where Jun comes from, since she always seems to talk of her shoes, much like Imelda Marcos, wife of the former Filipino president of 1980s fame. Allison's boyfriend, she reveals, comes from no money, and she wonders what message it sends should Jun win the game. Erika calls Allison a force in this world, and that she's going places.

"These people just make me sick!", Allison concludes.

After a commercial, Jee and Robert wonder if they should approach Allison about cutting a deal to stay alive. Jee thinks Allison has a little chance to win, but Allison responds that the jury should recognize the strength of her play. In a Diary Room segment, Allison tells Jee to "screw off", and that she knows exactly what she's doing.

Jee harkens back to the beginning of the game, and is amazed that two of the five couples are still alive and in tact. When Allison asks Jee if he'll talk to Jun, he says "hell no". Allison tells the group that her current boyfriend, Donny, despises Justin. Robert is thankful for the experience, since he probably wouldn't have patched up differences with Erika.

Allison talks about taking Erika to the finals, while the group as a whole wonders how Jun will come back. All of a sudden, the door rings. Allison yells out "JUN!" and rushes to the door. As soon as Allison opens it up, Jun is screaming and hugging everyone. The group instantly wants to hear details, but Jun is aware that the other girls were jealous.

According to Jun, there were people who came up to her to say hello, and tell her that there were fans of the show. Then, Jun asks who had won the veto competition, and was relieved to know Allison walked away victorious, since it keeps what she had planned in place.

After a commercial, Jun gets to finally open her HOH room, and the girls are along for the christening. Jun immediately picks up a toy penguin, and makes it think of Bob, her most current boyfriend. Allison, after seeing a picture of Bob, remarks how cute he is. Jun also gets a letter from him, saying he'd try to catch a glimpse of her at the VMAs. Her CD of choice was the British 80s band, The Pet Shop Boys.

After the girls left, Jee walks into HOH, and tells her the girls were insanely jealous of her. The girls rejoin her, and Allison tells Jun Robert flipped out about the women being in control. They think Jee is trying to turn the girls against each other. "The more and more I think about it, the more and more I hate him", Allison mutters. They then talk about how Jee, who has in their opinion bungled his two evictions, has to go.

Jee's birthday recently passed, and calls it a bittersweet experience being trapped in this "cage". Robert brings out a special Boysenberry pie, as Jee tells the group he'll never forget his 24th birthday.

Meanwhile, Allison again changes her mind. She now suggests to Robert that the two work together, since Robert is Allison's best chance, and vice versa. Allison vows that she's going to be the game's "floater" until the very end.

In the fourth segment, the houseguests are wondering what's going on in the sequestering house. Meanwhile, Jun announces a new competition. They are given a video camera and props, and the houseguests get to portray some of the jurors. Allison plays Jack, Justin plays Erika, Robert plays Nathan, and Erika plays Dana. The cast changes roles throughout the shooting, and the group seems to have a lot of fun with it.

The group then switched positions and others would shoot the video. The reward was a screening of their film, complete with popcorn, candy, and sodas.

Erika and Allison talk about the possibility of Robert making the finals. Allison assures Erika not to worry, he won't make it anywhere near the end. Meanwhile, Jun and Allison talk while exercising about the possibility of Erika and Robert working together. Allison doesn't seem to mind all the rampant speculation, as long as she's there in the end.

Prior to nominations, Jun and Jee discuss plans in the HOH room. Jee offers to be a shield for Jun, since Robert can't stand her or Allison. He also thinks that Jun is capable of beating anyone in the game. Jee concludes by telling her that if he's safe, he'd do everything possible to protect her as much as he could.

This leads to the next to last nomination ceremony. Of the five houseguests, two get their keys, two do not. After gathering the keys and placing them in their slots, she gathers the houseguests in. After a brief introduction, Erika and Robert get their keys, Allison and Jee do not, each making their second trip to the block.

Jun explains Jee has evolved as a player and a person as a house, where Allison represents the same threat.

Jun tells the Diary Room that for the second time in her life, Jee is about to be dumped.

Allison thinks the bloodbath is about to begin.


Just when you begin to think you have the answers, Big Brother changes the questions.

If either Robert or Jee leave tomorrow night, and Allison or Erika wins POV, the rest of the game could be rather academic. But, tonight's episode makes the scenario much more unclear. It might be just a challenge to keep the girls on the same page until the final three. The cattiness the women have for each other might sink this ship before it could really take flight.

There are also a few potholes that could put a dent in the girls road to victory, and those potholes look bigger by the moment. What if Allison, thinking she could win a vote against Jee, doesn't use the POV? What if Jun, looking ahead to eliminate the top threats, or perhaps to give Jee a greater chance to win, chooses to put Erika on the block instead of Robert? And, what happens if Jee or Robert stay in the game and then become HOH? If Allison were to win HOH, what would stop her from putting both her alliance partners up, considering how devious she has played and can play the game?

A reminder that no matter where you are in the country, the live show airs an hour earlier than it normally does, so that CBS can air the Latin Grammy Awards from Miami.

Tomorrow's show promises to be a good one. Enjoy!