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After a whirlwind tour of New York, Jun returned to the Big Brother studios just north of Los Angeles. After returning, the houseguests had a luxury competition where the various houseguests played members currently residing in the Jury House.

It was then time for a later than normal nomination ceremony. Jun decided to place what she feels are the game's two biggest threats, Jee and Allison, on the block. Each make their second trip to the hot seat.

But, as you may remember, Allison also holds the Golden Power of Veto. It gives her the opportunity to remove herself from the possibility of being evicted if she so chooses. It also means the only player who is safe right now is Jun.

Tonight, not only will we find out who is Big Brother 4's fifth place finisher, we will see the Power Of Veto meeting occur live. Then, one of three houseguests other than Jun will do battle to determine who will be the next to last Head of Household.

How will the night unfold? Let's find out.


Julie Chen welcomes us to what is now the 61st day of Big Brother 4. Tonight, five houseguests will become four, and after tonight, a mere 21 days remain in the competition.

First up was a recap of the events of the last few days...

Jee and Robert sit outside, and Robert think Allison had no idea she was being nominated. Allison and Erika, meanwhile, marvel at their acting skills. Apparently, Jun approached Allison that she was being put up so that Alli could take herself off. It was all a ploy to feign a rift amongst the girls.

Erika does a "happy dance" in the kitchen, and says "Don't hate the player, hate the game!"

Robert feels confident he can massage the girls egos to victory, and even asks Erika for a date. Erika, in the Diary Room, says there's no way in hell it will happen. But to Robert, she says that she'd think about it.

Jee still believes he has an alliance with Jun. Not so fast! Jun tells the Diary Room that this alliance is over.

Julie then gets to grill the houseguests. Jun remarks how nice it was to have her own bed for a night, while Allison tells Julie that if she could pick somewhere to go for a night, she'd go home to watch her boyfriend's first football game. Robert thinks life as the potential last man in the house will be good, while Erika thinks that BB4 has a strong group of women. Jee sends a shout out to his girlfriend Carmen, and can't wait to see her.

In the next segment, Robert's "fast talking" ways are profiled. He makes a lot of boasts about having "hook ups" all over the place, and drops celebrities names like rain falling out of the sky. Erika, in a Diary Room clip, calls him a "lying, cheating, son of a bitch". Even Allison doesn't believe a word he says, and thinks Robert might have a name other than Robert.

Jun is interviewed in the HOH room, and it proves to be one of the most candid, truthful interviews a HOH has ever given. Jun makes no bones about it, the alliance between Jee and herself is over. The thing is, Jun says later in the interview, that Jee could vote for her in the finals, so she tries to be nice to him.

After a commercial, the Jury House is looked at, and it's taken no time for Justin and Dana to reunite and get close to each other again. Nathan, meanwhile, has been playing the third wheel. Later, Jack arrives, and gets initiated with water balloons from the other three jurors. Jack, being the good sport he is, takes it in stride.

It's then time for the veto meeting, which is held live. After stating that she does this in a gesture to Erika and Jun that she can be good to her word, she saves herself. In turn, Jun places Robert on the block, making Robert a two-time nominee as well.

Time for the vote. Allison and Erika can vote, and Jun only votes in a tie. The vote would prove anticlimactic, as Erika and Allison both send to the jury..


Jee quickly departs the house after receiving hugs from everyone, and after Jee makes the walk to Julie's location, the house is quite subdued.

In the live interview, Jee initially indicates he was surprised that he finishes in fifth place. He says he cares for all of his opponents, and understands the game is pretty much a business. He doesn't feel betrayed by Jun, and felt that she was honest with him, but doesn't know if their will be a future with Jun. He predicts Robert won't be able to handle being in the house with the three women, and thinks he has issues with women.

Farewell messages come from Robert, Erika, Jun, and Allison, who thinks "the outside world will have no limits" for him.

The all important HOH game is next, where HGs are questioned about how jurors would respond to various questions. Each question has two possible endings. A correct answer scores a point, and the most points after eight questions wins.

After the first seven questions, Erika had a one point lead over Robert, with Allison too far behind to catch up. The only way Robert could stay alive would be if he answered correctly, and Erika didn't.

The eighth question, that Justin answered, was which contest was the toughest: the "Clambake From Hell" or "The Steel Cage Match". Robert thought it would be the Clambake, Erika chose the "Steel Cage Match", forgetting maybe that Justin didn't take part in the latter. Robert gets it correct, forcing a tie.

The tiebreaker question was: what's the total number of hours since the exes entered had the houseguest been in the house, with the closest to the correct answer without going over winning.

Robert chose 800, Erika chose 1440.

The correct answer was ONE THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED...


Against the odds, ROBERT HAS WON HOH!!

America's Choice returns this week. The question: which houseguest should get a T-Mobile phone call?

Julie invites everyone to tune in Friday to see how Rob nominates. In the final moments of the show, the houseguests marvel at the location of the Jury House.


What a difference six hours can make!

And so, Robert Roman of Los Angeles has made the final 3. This again takes the game and turns it sideways.

Robert's best chance in the game right now would be to take Allison along, but he could also feel threatened by her indecisions and what he feels may be her lack of trust. There's also the matter of who NOT to nominate, since that person casts the only vote.

According to some reliable sources, there WILL be a POV game in the final four this year, whereas last year, the POV contests ended with five remaining. How does the process work if the unnominated person wins POV? I have no idea. Will the person not nominated not be able to compete?

A remainder that there are now only seven episodes of BB4 left...enjoy them while you can!