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For the first time in Big Brother, a houseguest became the executioner of their better half. Jun, the young New York investor, put up Jee and Allison. Then, Allison made history by being the first houseguest ever to be saved twice. In Round 3, Nathan did the honors, and just two nights ago, Allison became the first houseguest to save herself.

Jun then put Robert, the former Los Angeles restaurant manager, on the block. Erika and the now safe Allison each voted to send Jee Choe of Elmhurst, New York, to the jury as the fifth place finisher.

Then, with Robert needing a miracle to capture his first Head of Household crown, he got one, as he got his final question correct, forcing a tiebreaker. Erika would narrowly miss the tiebreaker, giving Robert what would seem to be a stay of execution for at least the next two weeks.

Tonight, Robert is the sole man in a house with three women he has openly stated he despises. And tonight, two of the three go on the block, with the remaining woman possibly determining their fate.

What will Robert do? Find out!


The show began with the usual post-mortem on Jee's departure and how Robert won the HOH crown.

The fun begins when Robert opened his HOH room for the first time. Among the goodies were a CD of Cuban music, a large card from daughter Elena, and a letter from his mother, which got him crying. According to Robert, it answered a lot of questions concerning how well Elena is doing.

Jun points out Rob's gift of flowers, and on top of the flowers was a white butterfly. Then, Robert spots a small, stuffed teddy bear called a "honey bear". Both trinkets symbolize Robert's love for her daughter. But for Erika, it meant something else: the bear was also a gift given to Erika by Robert when they were going out.

Then, the infighting amongst the three surviving women got underway. Jun and Allison quickly began getting jealous and petty about how much time Erika was spending with Robert. Inside, Robert quickly lays out the game plan. His goal is to eliminate the Pennsylvania beauty queen.

The girls continue to whip themselves into a lather. "I hate her. I f***ing hate her", Erika tells Jun as both are in the house's large bathroom. The girls go on, calling Erika a traitor. Allison, for one, finds it odd the Robert is kissing her butt, wanting to reconcile their relationship.

After a commercial, the funnier side of the game is looked at. Robert thinks Jun has been getting sexually aroused giving him deep tissue messages, but according to Jun, nothing could be farther from the truth. Meanwhile, Erika and Allison discuss playing with makeup. Erika finds it a little odd that Allison, a supposed beauty queen, wouldn't know much about makeup. Allison tells us via the Diary Room she is merely feigning stupid.

The houseguests are given Mexican piñatas to decorate for an upcoming food competition. The women take several hours preparing theirs, with Allison making a little Indian resembling boyfriend Donny, Jun doing a New York and Gingham style hybrid with hers. Erika's piñata was decorated like a puppy dog.

Robert plasters on two smiley faces and completes his in minutes.

After another break for the sake of sponsor's pockets, the food competition was played, after the girls were given Mexican attire to wear. The object was to bust the piñatas and collect all the Mexican pesos that they could in just 10 seconds. Should they fail to collect a combined 500 pesos, they get PBJ for the week. A total of 600 pesos or more gives them the usual supply of groceries for the week. If they get 2,400 pesos, it's a luxury dinner from a four-star restaurant every day of the week, including a Mexican dinner and margaritas for the night.

When the final tally was totaled, they gathered a whopping 2,800 pesos, giving the houseguests the best possible food for the week.

A Mexican dinner was supplied, and the houseguests gleefully filled their faces with the grub. When they came back inside...Allison gasped! "The table!"

Each houseguest lamented about the finality of the now very small table.

In the fourth segment, Allison is chasing all kinds of ants and spiders with pesticide supplied by Big Brother. The other houseguests comment about how manic Alli is about chasing those insects. In another clip, Jun and Allison talk about their constant jockeying for attention. Alli talks about having problems as a child, being born in breach and having a bad case of jaundice. Then, when Alli got a little older, she had a case of spinal meningitis, a swelling of the brain some children get.

Robert touches base with Jun, and then Allison, to see what's on each ladies mind. While Jun was in, Alli tells Erika that she's only aligned with her. When Alli graces Rob with her presence, he tells her that she is the strongest player. Alli thinks that Robert's best move is to take her along to the finals, since she believes she has no chance to win.

This leads to nominations, and tonight is Big Brother 4's last nomination ceremony. Tonight, three keys are gathered by Robert from the memory wall. And of those three, only one key makes the nomination box.

Erika would be the lucky person to be safe, for now, meaning Allison makes her third trip to the block, and Jun makes her second. Robert tells both of them that they represent the game's top threats as he sees it.

In the closing moments, Allison tells us that if Robert is trying to curry favor with Erika, and if his decision is based on that, he's a "retard".


Well, tonight was the showing of the last nomination ceremony, which was actually taped last night, September 4. The ceremonies have made a complete transformation from the ceremonies we saw during Big Brother 2. You could count on a confrontation or a verbal joust during nominations, but nowadays, it never happens. Could Big Brother be giving the houseguests orders to let the HOH speak his peace, and not to interfere?

Since there is increasingly little to cover in the Big Brother house now that it's down to four participants, the final three weeks of the show will have two episodes only on during a week.

If you are wondering how the POV will work with four people, let me explain. If Erika wins the Power of Veto, and should decide to take either Jun or Allison off the block, Erika automatically trades places with the person she takes off. Needless to say, it really wouldn't be in Erika's best interests to do that. Now, if Jun or Allison win POV, not only do they take themselves off the block, they become the final vote.

This could be most exciting week of the game. Each of the women are strong players, but each has to realize they can only get rid of one of their own. If Allison or Jun should win POV, Erika is probably gone. If Robert or Erika win, it's Jun that is likely gone. As much as Robert would like to get rid of Allison, it's Erika, in that scenario, who's in total control.