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The houseguests were still in recoil over the shocking new twist that's in effect for Big Brother 4, a game this year that began with three houseguests, and five couples at various levels of estrangement. Battle lines were drawn early, as within minutes of the twist being revealed, the "elite eight" vowed to take down all five exs, one by one.

In the game's third day, the houseguests had their inaugural Head of Household competition. While Scott agreed to sit on the sidelines, the team of Allison and Nathan outlasted the others in an endurance contest. Scott go to be the kingmaker, deciding whether or not Allison or Nathan should be HOH. Since Nathan did the hard work, Scott chose him.

So with alliances already drawn up, who will Nathan choose tonight?


The houseguests comment about the HOH competition. Amanda seems to think that the first out, the team of Jack and Dave, deliberately went out early. Meanwhile, Nathan, Big Brother's 15th head of household, seems to be enjoying his moment. The 'elite 8' have an ally, and the woman are swooning over him as the 'house babe', while the exs are on the outside looking in. Jun, however, seems more interested in washing Nathan's underwear.

The group converges on the opening of Nathan's HOH digs. Nathan gets U2's "Joshua Tree", and a bronze robe with the letters "HOH" on it, something that looks like a boxer would wear going into battle. Meanwhile, Erika has become the house mommy, much to the chagrin of some of the other members of the Elite 8, who's in-house behavior Erika deems that similar to a "frat house". One of the exs, Robert, even suggests she go on the block first.

One person everyone seems to be have an opinion on is Michelle, the 19 year old, the youngest player ever to play on the American Big Brother series. Jack, the oldest player in BB history, calls her the house mascot. In the next clip, Allison suggests there are only three point who can be trusted. Nathan, Jun, and Dana. Allison suggests to Nathan in the HOH room that Erika be nominated if not now, sometime in the future.

For the second food competition, players would be divided again into two person teams. The two persons consist of a lifter and a stander. Each team wears a different shirt representing a food group. The lifter must place the standers weight in potatoes in a circular bin resembling a large trash can. Each team had 6 minutes to achieve the proper weight in the bin, and they must come within 25 pounds of their partner's weight. Failure to do so would mean a team loses that food group for the week.

When weights and potatoes were weighed, disaster struck. The group only achieved breads, pastas, and cereals, snacks and deserts, beers, wines, and juices. Dana is quite unhappy about the results, based on her diary room interview, and takes a dig at those who didn't pull their weight at the dinner table.

When we came back, Allison and Justin start sparring out in the backyard. One punch Justin throws hits Allison squarely in the eye. Allison goes to get ice, and starts talking of her boyfriend troubles. This causes Allison to start crying, as several girls console her. The conversation moves inside, and Dave sprints in to hug Allison.

"Don't cry! Be happy!", Dave tells Allison. This leads to a series of clips of David being the house's king of comedy.
"David takes mundane things and turns them into spectacular events", Jack says of him in the Diary Room. Meanwhile, some even find that Dave has bipolar traits. In one clip, Dave submerges himself in the bottom of the pool for what appears to be several moments.

One night, the houseguests break up into two groups. The Exs, Dana, Nathan, Jun, and Allison are inside playing Truth or Dare, while the other four are outside, playing chess and talking. Scott comes in for a bit, and Jun tries to invite him in, but Scott declines, finding it immature. Jun is repulsed by Scott's facial expressions and reactions, and this leads to conversation with Nathan that Scott could be the one going home early.

Scott talks to Amanda outside at the start of the fourth segment. While Scott explains himself, Amanda draws him into a debate of past incidents. Scott's ploy couldn't even fool young Michelle, who thinks the chatter is merely a ploy.

Nathan brings out a brand new nomination box, and he explains the procedure. As head of household, Nathan places the keys of all the houseguests who are safe in the box. They are then revealed one by one, with the person revealed on the first key unlocking the next key, and so on, until all keys are out. The two left who were not revealed are the two nominees of that round.

Scott engages a conversation with Nathan, Allison, and Jun. Scott gives Nate a pep talk in an effort to keep the Elite 8's two factions together. Once he leaves, the remaining three goof on what it is he had to say.

Tensions mount as the nomination ceremony approaches, a time that has led to some of Big Brother's most riveting moments in its history. Many can remember Hardy Hill getting called a coward by Shannon in BB2, or Josh Feinburg mocking Marcellas in BB3.

Nathan spouts the usual script..."I will go to the memory will and gather the keys..", and so forth. When he's done, he tells the gang, "Let's do it." Nathan brings the box out and calls it the most dreaded time of the game.

Out come the keys. Nathan tells Dana that "you are safe". Allison, Jack, Robert, Justin, Jun, Dave, Erika, Scott, and finally Michelle have their keys pulled. With that Nathan makes his explanations, and tells Amanda that she can't be trusted. Jee is also nominated as "a best bet", probably as a backup plan. While Amanda wonders what is was she did to Nathan, Scott is furious at the disrespect levied toward Amanda, and he wants to send "hick boy" home.

Jun is hoping Jee is the pawn who's saved for later.


Here's where it gets interesting, folks.

The "Elite 8" have now morphed into two factions. A group I call "The Thinkers", made up of Jack, Dave, Erika, and Scott, and "Nathan's Harem", made up of Nathan, Jun, Allison, and Dana. Sooner or later, these 8 will stop cooperating.

Why is it "Big Brother" has to used the same verbiage year in, year out? Nathan with the "I will go to memory wall and get the keys.." blah-blah-blah. The houseguests telling each other "you are safe", and so forth. Wouldn't hurt to change this every couple of years, people.

I haven't seen someone so fascinated in knit caps, like Scott is, since the O.J. Simpson trial.

I do have a feeling an ex might slip thru the cracks and win this game, as the factions of the original 8 seem to hell bent on destroying each other.

Finally, please note the wording the announcers used on the end of show tease...everybody being at risk. Methinks there is more to the veto twist than meets the eye.