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The game yet again showcased the talents of Alison Irwin, the Cinderella of Big Brother 4. The "Diamond" POV winner saved herself a second time in a row, and the third time overall, both Big Brother records. As a result, Erika Landin, the Pilates instructor, was placed on the block by default. Seeing Erika as a threat to win the game, Alison sadly cast the sole vote to evict Erika, making her a fourth place finisher, and the sixth member of the jury.

The last HOH competition, which has always been a three part affair, began its opening act with an endurance contest. While standing on miniature Big Brother houses, the three competitors had to stand on the top of the houses while holding on to their respective keys in a tray. Then, just to make things a bit more difficult, the houseguests were pelted with some makeshift snow.

But unlike Big Brothers past, this round of three remaining will be a normal week. And tonight, we'll see a food competition, luxury competition, and America's Choice, plus the winners of the first two parts of the HOH competitions. Who will be BB4's Ultimate HOH? Find out!


It didn't take long for Alison to admit her anguish over voting to evict Erica was fake, and only a plea on Ali's behalf for Erika to vote for her in the end.

But, quickly on to unfinished business, the first part of the HOH competition. Alison warned the other two houseguests that she builds snowmen in Pennsylvania in her swimsuits, so this kind of competition, she feels, is quite suited to her. It doesn't take long for the contest to be resolved, as Jun accidentally loses grip of her key at the one hour mark. Robert asks Ali to consider taking him along to the end, and releases his grip in an effort of good will.

While the contest still went on, Robert admitted to Jun and Alison that Julie Chen confronted him in the HOH interview on his use of demeaning terms when he talked to Jee a couple of weeks ago. This infuriates Jun and Ali in Diary Room conversations to the point where both seem to want to send the Cuban-American home next.

After a commercial, a present awaited the final three outside. When Robert opened it, a mime popped up, with a message on its neck, which says his presence has to do with a luxury competition. The mime, who of course can't speak, couldn't reveal what the clue was.

With the mime performing for over three hours, and doing everything he could to enrage the houseguests, the mime pulls out a key, and motions the threesome to come with him to the Desert Room. That room had now been transformed into a movie theater. The winner of the competition would get a screening of the movie "Runaway Jury", starring Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman, which doesn't even hit the movie theaters until the October. But, on top of the screening, the winning houseguest and a guest gets invited to the red carpet premiere after BB4 ends.

The game was simple. The mime had to wear a Velcro vest, and the houseguests had to throw Velcro balls at him. The first houseguest to rack up three hits wins, and it didn't take long for Robert to claim victory. Robert could take ever Ali or Jun for the in-house screening, and selected Alison.

In the third segment, Ali and Robert sit down on their leather chairs, have their popcorn and candies and watch the movie on the plasma screen. Jun was left to be entertained by the mime, who kept her company briefly before leaving the house for good. Then the houseguests were told of America's Choice, which this week gives a houseguest a chance to take part in an online chat with fans.

After a commercial, wouldn't you know it? Robert won ANOTHER America's Choice, much to the Diary Room chagrin of the two girls. Robert puts on a shirt, and is off to the HOH room to chat. Questions ranged to the trivial, like why Robert plays with his nose, to the serious, like why Robert chooses to speak of the women in degrading terms.

Then, the houseguests begin to feel trepidation about the second part of HOH. Jun is confident going into the second part of the contest, while Ali, touching all bases like she always does, relays this to Robert. Robert then tells Ali that he will only commit to a deal if Alison is fully committed.

In the final segment of the show, it was time for part two of HOH. Alison, as the part one winner, cannot watch this second part. Outside, there are five X's with four hooks on each, and on the side, there were 20 faces. Each X had two questions on it, and the correct answers would be linked up diagonally. For instance, if one of the questions was "First two nominated", the correct answer would be Jee and Amanda. Jun was the first to answer all the questions right, making the final part of HOH an all-girl affair.

Alison, in the Diary Room, says she saw it coming, because Robert sucks.


Unless Alison wins HOH and pulls off her most underhanded tactic of all, Jun Song will be, in all likelihood, your BB4 champion in eight days. I cannot see anyone but Robert being evicted tomorrow, or Jun not winning the final jury's vote. Expect quite an anti-Alison backlash in the coming days.

It's also pretty clear Alison will not honor Robert's deal. Look at all the deals she's dishonored so far, plus the lack of respect the girls have for Robert.

The mime was a neat twist, and quite funny. Interesting how CBS, the network that had two mimes hosting a variety show back in the late 1970s, Shields and Yarnell, now have had reality TV's first on-duty mime.

One interesting thing about the websites Big Brother trotted out that were supposedly fan sites of Alison's, Robert's, and Jun's: if they exist on the Internet, I sure never heard of them. I'd have to assume that Big Brother is trying to keep them from the popular opinion that all three of them aren't well liked.

Three episodes left to go.