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After capturing the Head of Household competition, all eyes were on Nathan. Would he throw a curve into the thinking of the "Elite 8" by putting up Scott, or Erika? The answer was no, as the 23 year-old from Oklahoma stuck to his guns. Amanda, Scott's ex, and Jee, Jun's ex, became the first two houseguests to visit the hot seat of being on the block.

The good news for the exs was that last year's new invention, the "Power Of Veto", would be returning, and we've been told that this year, the veto would come with a new wrinkle.

Who can take the Power Of Veto? Read on...


It's a matter of trust.

The houseguests weigh in on Nathan's verdict. Some didn't take too well to Nathan's decision to target Amanda. Namely, Scott, who called Nate's reasoning was "bulls**t". Others thought bringing up trust was way too strong a call, as Jack confided in the Diary Room. Jee, in an outdoor conversation with Justin, Allison's ex, makes it clear he's already looking towards the veto. Justin assures Jee that he won't be leaving the house on the opening eviction night.

The houseguests are then shown each taking stabs at cutting Jee's hair. Unfortunately, this year's crop of Big Brother presented no one who can cut hair. Dave comes to the rescues, and gives Jee a hairdo...that would be perfect for 1993, not 2003.

Meanwhile, Scott has given Dana a new nickname, continuing the legacy of unflattering nicknames that continued last year with monikers such as "Chiwhora" and "The Friggin' Devil". Scott has taken to calling Dana a "mantroll". Dana is not flattered when the word got back to her what Scott dares to call the Queens karate chick behind her back. She makes it clear that if she gets HOH, Scott might be going up.

Jack, the 58 year-old former FBI agent from Birmingham, profiles the houseguests. He considers Erika and Dave his closest allies, but he seems to have everyone else under surveillance.

Nathan gathers the houseguests around to see a small a rectangular box, and inside is the veto medallion and it's colored gold. This year, all vetoes are golden, so a nominee can remove himself or herself from the block. Everyone vows to try hard to get the veto, even Head of Household Nathan.

The scene shifts back to Scott, and the other houseguests begin to wonder about his mental stability. Amanda, on the other hand, has reached closure with that stage of her life, and has no need or want to look back and reconcile.

After a commercial, Allison opens up about her ex, Justin. In a game of Truth or Dare earlier, she is asked whether or not she'd have sex with him again. She says yes, which seems to shock those playing along.

Onto the "Golden Veto" competition, where houseguests, tethered with rope to the same arc-shaped bracket, have to undo several knots to loosen their line. Once all the knots are undone, they take their specifically colored veto symbol and put it on a center peg. In the end, Nathan and Dana were neck and neck, with Dana becoming the first Power of Veto holder. Reaction to this was mixed, but no one seemed to think Dana would use her newfound power.

The focus shifts to the budding relationship between Nathan and Allison. In the Diary Room, Allison makes it clear that she's using Nathan to position her closer to the 500 Grand, thus making him a target before she becomes one. Allison doesn't think Nathan is, relationship wise, long term material.

Allison, Jun, and Dana talk about the boys. Justin seems to be a turnoff with the "cauliflower ear" while the girls view Dave as a nutcase and an idiot. The girls comment that Amanda is way too skinny, Michelle his too much baby fat and throws her butt around too much, and Erika shows her age. Jun goes on to make comments on the facial appearances of Allison and Dana, saying Allison is in need of a nose job, and Dana has a case of thin hair.

Scott is shown ranting and raving in several clips, swearing like he thinks he's on the MTV show "The Osbournes". Dana then is shown considering putting up Scott on the block via the veto, since they would have the votes to accomplish it. After going to Nathan, the current HOH feels out Scott's allies, Jack and Erika about the plan. In a Diary Room clip, Nathan confides that a switch might indeed happen.

That is, if Scott had made it to the veto meeting.

In the final segment of the evening, Scott talks about his fateful day. He drifted from group to group, feeling miserable, claiming he's a "circus animal", quoting the movie "The Elephant Man". Different groups in the house hear loud thumping noises, and when they go see what's going on, Scott is throwing chairs around the house. When Scott is asked to go to the Diary Room, he defies the request. Some of the houseguest can even describe the vibe he is radiating. He then threatens to throw the large chess pieces around.

When Amanda talks to him, Scott makes it clear, he doesn't want to be in the house. "I really don't give a s*** anymore", he confides to the Diary Room. He asked Nathan if he'd gather the group together, and Nathan grants the request. Scott apologizes to everyone, but when Jun confronts him, he gets defiant again. Scott thereafter goes into the Diary Room...

And does not return.


Please don't tell me that the producers didn't know about Scott's chemical imbalance or his HPV (as the live feeders have been able to gather). They had the option to decline him from being on the show, and choose to put him on.

It was another galling display of exploitation from this series, who seems to glorify all those who are not sane, but insane. They gave an excellent advertisement to the abolishment of the Reality TV genre.

The show also made unclear whether or not Scott was ejected or was granted the game's first voluntary exit. Knowing how the producers like to keep people around at all costs, I still got to think Scott was removed at the producers request.

What the show also decided to hide from the TV viewers was the absolute glee Dana had when Scott was flipping out in the house. Dana is another great example of the sisterhood and brotherhood of man, and yes, I'm saying that with dripping sarcasm.

Dana, I hope no one makes fun of your obsessive compulsive ways.

I will not spoil the results of the Power of Veto, I assume if you want to know, you do know by now. Let's just say I think a trend set by the first evictee of the last two seasons is likely to continue.