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Big Brother had what will probably be one of the most talked about episodes in their history. Scott, the Chicago native, could not stand the strain of coexisting with his ex Amanda, and was gone from the house.

Tonight, the first houseguest will be leaving the Big Brother 4 house, and become the 27th houseguest to evicted by vote overall. Will it be Amanda, Scott's ex? Or will it be the pride of Elmhurst, New York, Jee?

Or...could it be someone else entirely, since we still have a veto meeting to decide?

Find out, as Big Brother comes to live from the CBS Studios in Studio City, California!


We see the happy face of Julie Chen splashing on the television screen. If it's Julie on a Wednesday, it usually will mean Big Brother will have a pink slip out, ready to hand to one of its own. Tonight marks Day 12 in the Big Brother 4 competition.

The last few days inside the Big Brother house are highlighted. While the mood in the house is somber, some saw it as a chance for redemption. Erika and Robert try to hash things out, but Robert is very quick to reject Erika's peace offering. This gets Erika emotional and teary.

The matter of the veto raises last-minute strategies. But, Dana saves any wild speculation by not using the power of veto, therefore locking in Amanda and Jee as the nominees this round.

Dave confides to Amanda that he finds her attractive, and the next thing you know, Nathan offers Dave the HOH room...and off they went. The two got deep into a romantic interlude, and become the first two houseguest ever.. to do the wild thing!!

Julie then interviews the live houseguests, and if you've never seen a live show, it resembles the pain of a third grade teacher quizzing her students when no one has their hands raised. Jee and Allison are asked about living with their exs, with a girlfriend and boyfriend, respectively, living in the house with a former flame. Allison hopes she still has a relationship to come back to.

Erika, Michelle, and Jack are asked what they're thinking as they cast their votes, but votes are not cast. And that usually means this vote is going to be an unanimous decision, if past Big Brothers are any indication.

After a commercial, a special look at the effect the "X Factor" has had on the house is highlighted. Carmen, Jee's girlfriend, and Yoon Hee, Jee's sister, are interviewed to get better insight on the Jee/Jun relationship. Donny (a football player for the Pittsburgh University Panthers), Allison's current boyfriend, is also profiled, who seems to fret whenever Justin and Allison coexist.

Nathan is interviewed from the HOH room, and Julie reminds him that he can speak openly and candidly. Nathan is pulling for one of the original 8 (now down to 7) snags the HOH for this round, namely Jack, Erika, or Dave.

Robert, Dana, and Justin share their pre-vote thoughts as another segment ends.

The 12 houseguests who were in the house one year ago during Big Brother 3 are profiled. Marcellas has moved out of the Windy City and in Los Angeles, continuing to model and keep close to several houseguests. Tonya, the Las Vegas mother, is engaged to a new beau, Albert. Josh has also moved to Los Angeles, and has posed for Playgirl. Lisa, last year's winner, did some risqué poses for Ramp magazine, but did not continue the relationship with Eric. The BB3 houseguests seem to be wowing over Nathan and Justin.

Amanda and Jee are interviewed moments from eviction, and are given a chance to make their customary final statements. Amanda says it was a pleasure to meet them all, and Jee tells all that he's had fun, and tells Amanda she's very good hearted and shakes her hand.

Allison, Jun, and David share their prerecorded thoughts on the coming eviction.

The moment of truth was no surprise at all, as...

At 6:38pm Pacific Time, Amanda Craig is evicted by the vote of 9-0, the most lopsided vote in US Big Brother history. Amanda also becomes the first woman voted out for the third year in a row. Michelle, Allison and Jack give hugs, followed by Nathan, Justin, Robert, Allison, and Jee. Dave gives Amanda a kiss, and she leaves in exactly the one minute allotted. Julie greets Amanda as she makes her way to the broadcast position.

While Amanda gets set up, we take a live look inside the house for a moment. Jee is congratulated all around...

In the live interview, Julie senses Amanda is not surprised at all by how her eviction came about, and that the deal Nathan cut to keep Robert and Justin safe pretty much sealed Amanda's fate. Robert, Dana, Jun, and Dave tape farewell messages for the now departed houseguests. Amanda's dad and brother make their way to the studio to greet the evictee.

Julie tells Amanda that she won't be part of the jury, but will be on the year-end finale in September.

And now, the power is again up for grabs, as 10 of the remaining 11 houseguests, excluding round one HOH winner Nathan, now go to battle to determine the new Head of Household. In this competition, what houseguest think the majority will say on a given question decides who goes on. For example, a question was, who was funnier, David or Dana? A green or red colored paddle would be raised. If any of the houseguests differ with the majority, they are eliminated.

After five questions, a sudden-death question is asked, which comes down to Justin, Jee, Robert, and Michelle. The question was the total weight of all the standers in the Spuds competition. Justin and Jee each answer 700, keeping them alive for a 2nd sudden death question. That question was: how many days old is Amanda? The correct answer is 9,000 plus, and Jee, guessing 4,000, wins a VERY CLOSE HOH competition!!!


The plot producers were hoping for has come to be, an ex has won HOH. This should throw the now "original 7" into total and complete chaos.

Poor Julie was frantic near the end of that HOH competition. It had run to 9:57, Eastern time. Three more minutes and we'd have had no idea who would have won.

Speaking of the original seven, I have to give them praise for sticking to their guns with their original plan. Don't think that will be the case this round...

Could Amanda have shown more cleavage when she was interviewed by Julie? Had she bended down a little lower, much of America would have seen two of Amanda's best kept secrets!

Josh Feinburg in Playgirl? Who woulda thunk it?!? And where was Merritt?!?

What could they do to an evicted houseguest who takes more than a minute to leave, anyway?