In Case You Missed It:

Big Brother held its first eviction night, and in the most lopsided vote in Big Brother history, Amanda, the bartender from Chicago, was gone.

The other nominee, Jee, made a stunning comeback to capture the Head of Household crown, in a competition that took TWO tiebreaking questions to decide.

Will Jee led the exs to vanquish one of the original seven, or does the Elmhurst bookkeeper have something else in store? For on!


All nine houseguests are shown voting to evict Amanda. It was a best case scenario for Nathan, who led the charge to take the Chicago bartender down. Even Dave voted for Amanda's eviction in an effort not to show weakness amongst the group.

The original 7 were all out of the HOH competition going into the first tiebreaker question. Dana called it quite the "kick in the ass", while Jee was utterly amazed, and thinks this will be the round the "Elite 8" breaks into pieces.

As usual, a bunch of houseguests lead Jee into the HOH room. He tries on the new HOH robe and the huge new bed. His ex, Jun, verbally spars with Jee and seems quite unexcited about things.

The early speculation as to whom will be nominated puts the Queens karate instructor, Dana, at the center of the house's gravity. Dana seems to share a trait shown by another houseguest from Queens, one Josh Feinburg. Dana can't seem to keep her emotions in check, and seems to make it known that various and numerous things around the house agitate her.

The second segment, which always starts with the lighter side of issues in the Big Brother house, deals with Nathan and his Oklahoma dialect, namely his use of "golly" and "gosh darn".

Time for this round's food competition, called "Clash of The Casseroles", required the team to correctly identify the meat and vegetable ingredients in each of five casseroles, one houseguest per casserole. The twist? For each incorrect answer, the houseguest is required to take an additional bite of the casserole before making an additional guess. Jee, as HOH, gets to eat healthy for the week, as do the winning side of five. The losers get their first taste of a Big Brother tradition: eating Peanut Butter and Jelly and drinking water for the next week.

The Red Team of Jack, Erika, Justin, Jun, and Allison were the winners, 5 casseroles to 3. Which means, Michelle, Nathan, Dana, Robert, and Dave have the purgatory of eating peanut butter and jelly for the next seven days.

In the next segment, the houseguests wonder how someone as gorgeous as Erika could end up as someone as physically unattractive, but self-confident, as Robert? The younger crowd thinks Robert has a good personality, wisdom, and the ability to be self-forward. Erika, however, thinks Robert would make a good used car salesman.

Erika does seem to be in a funk as of late, dealing with the emotional issues of being with her ex in a house while trying to win a game. Allison and Jun are giddy about Erika's emotional funk, while Robert sees it as an act to manipulate her fellow houseguests. Jack, meanwhile, sees Erika as a "woman of compassion" in the house.

This raises the question on whether or not Erika should be the one to go this week. Justin, visiting Jee in the HOH room, thinks it would throw the "original seven" for a loop going right after Erika, and wouldn't be surprised if the votes were there for her removal.

The Big Brother house's newest animals, tortoises named Cuff, and Link, are briefly featured.

Now that Jee seemed set on putting Erika on the block, the question seems to be who else to put up with her?

Enter the youngest player ever to play, Michelle, who is David's ex. Michelle isn't endeared to Dave's comic wit, and only finds his presence in the house to be caustic. When Michelle visits the HOH room, Jee tells her that she'd be the perfect "pawn" to offset Erika, who Jee sees as a person who would be the clear-cut choice to go. Michelle instantly starts crying, in the HOH room, diary room, and outside, wondering why can't someone else could be "the pawn".

When Dave hears from Michelle that she's on the block, he sets Jee aside in the HOH room with a suggestion. Why not put Dana up with Erika? Dave then suggests if there's a deal you want, he would guarantee the safety of the current HOH, Justin, and Robert, if Dave gets HOH in the next round. Jee initially likes the idea, and comments he'd only do it if he could guarantee Dana's removal.

The houseguests all wait outside for nominations. Erika gives a pep talk to Michelle that these people aren't your friends, but can't kill you either. Meanwhile, Jee grabs the ten keys, other than his own, from the memory wall. Of those ten, eight are inserted into the new purple covered nomination box. Those eight will be safe, not nominated, for now.

Jee informs the group that he's ready, brings the box out, and starts the ceremony. The eight keys, in order, were Allison, Nathan, Justin, David, Dana, Jack, Robert, and lastly Jun. This means Michelle and Erika are this round's nominees. Jee explains that Erika's nomination was a strategic one, and that she makes people feel uncomfortable. Michelle was chosen merely as the pawn.

Erika, in the nomination post-mortem, tells the Diary Room that she has no clue as to why she was nominated, while Michelle tells the DR that the innocence she presents ends immediately.


A huge tactical blunder on Jee's behalf. Jee, Justin, and Robert all don't think that the "original seven" will rally to save Erika. This leaves the door wide open for Michelle, yet another pawn, to end up leaving.

Dana, however, is still a threat to go...THIS week. She is by far this group's Josh. Always playing the game, alienating the people who seems to be her friends. If Jee and company suddenly wise up to the idea that Michelle is more likely to go than Erika, than taking Michelle down and putting Dana up would be a good way to make amends for this error in judgment.

The exs have to realize that the "original seven" are still, more or less, thinking as a group, and still seem committed to the original goal of taking the exs down before working to take down each other. If Jee had placed any 2 of the 7 heads up against each other, it's quite possible that the original group begin to work in factions and against each other.

As it is, the only thing Jee did was to make it that much harder for an ex to be walking away in the end with the big money. He cut off his nose to spite his face.