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After capturing the elusive Head of Household crown, it was Jun's ex, Jee, who had to make the tough decision of whom to place on the block. Instead of an original vs. original scenario, Jee decided on putting Erika, the Southern California Pilates instructor, up against, Michelle, the South Florida student.

But, as always, there is a chance for a houseguest to make a statement by capturing the power of veto. Who will capture it and what havoc can he or she inflict on the Big Brother 4 house?

The answers await as you, fair reader, scroll down!


As always, reaction from the various houseguests was mixed as a result of the latest round of nominations as the action picks up at Day 13. Erika is calling Jee out once outside, wondering what was it that makes him feel uncomfortable. The younger girls, Dana and Allison, go and comfort Michelle over the process, assuring her that she's not going anywhere.

The two nominees gather at the hammock, and Erika explains that the purpose Michelle was placed up was to be someone safe, so that no one votes Michelle and everyone votes out Erika. When Michelle talks to Jee in the HOH room, Jee reveals his "Plan B." If Erika wins the veto, Dana will be placed up on the block as a contingency plan.

Nathan and Allison were shown in a brief segment boxing around outside. Allison did catch some jabs to her pretty face, but responded by going at Nathan aggressively in her sparring sections. Others think this is a mere exercise of sexual energies.

Another brief clip shows what appears to be a super secret alliance between Jee and Jun. Jun hopes it's just her and Jee at the end, with $500,000 at stake.

Then, the discussion goes back to Dana. If how each houseguests plays the game was based on Internet speed, Dana would be a T-3 cable line, while the others play between a dial-up connection and DSL. Many of the originals suggest Dana be taken out in the immediate future, and is therefore quite expendable.

In the next segment, we see the continuation of a Big Brother tradition, Duckball. A bucket is placed in the center of circle about the size of a free-throw diameter on a basketball court. If a duck lies at rest in the circle, it's one point. Should the duck hit the bucket, it's worth two points. If the ball lands in the bucket, it's three points, and a bonus throw of the duck.

Meanwhile, Dana is given intelligence from Jun that the house is "coming at you." Dana in quick order interrogates the 3 male exs as to what the plan is. When she departs, the male exs plot their next move. Their thinking is Jun is very close into turning on Dana, but also suspect that Jun is the "house informant."

Jun goes into the HOH room, and has a spirited conversation with Jee. Jee warns her that the others are on to her. Jun vows in the Diary Room that Dana is not the best partner to have, and is seeking alternative plans.

The show's third segment begins with more conspiring. Robert suggest that if Erika should get veto, all hell would break loose. In another room, Erika practices her Duckball throws. Big Brother set up a nice pond, resembling a setting at a golf course.

To make Duckball a bit more fun, a twist was added to the competition. The houseguests had to throw from a bridge, and the bucket was replaced by a wider veto-shaped cylinder, but with narrower depth. Order of throws by each of the houseguests were decided by a draw of Ping-Pong balls.

Dave set the pace early in the game with 7 points, including one three-point throw. Allison would come close with 6 points, and Justin would tie Dave at 7. With a tie, this means each player would get another sudden-death round of three throws. Dave would get 9 points, including two three-pointers. Justin fell short with 6. This makes Dave the holder of the golden veto for the round!

Erika and Michelle each hoped he would use the veto, and Dave is equally receptive to shaking things up. In a meeting in the HOH room, Jee insisted Dave not use the veto, and the plan that he hatched be stuck with. Dana, meanwhile, is nervous that for the first time in the last nine veto meetings, Dave would unleash the power only Gerry Lancaster of BB3 has tried to wield.

In the show's next to last segment, Jun is shown being depressing being in the Big Brother house for her birthday. The houseguests decide to hide behind the living room sofas, and yell out "SURPRISE!" Big Brother gives Jun half-a-birthday cake, since half the house is on the Arnold Shapiro diet plan: peanut butter and jelly for the week.

Meanwhile, Michelle and Allison liven things up by continuing another Big Brother 3 tradition, wearing portions of food as a bikini. This year, Allison and Michelle used mainly lettuce and grape-shaped tomatoes. Things really picked up when Dave launched a sneak attack on Michelle's lettuce bikini bottom, revealing Michelle's assets to the male members. The girls scurry to cover up the now mostly naked Michelle.

In the HOH room, Dave and Jee confer about the coming power of veto. Jee insists he did the house a favor by placing Erika on the block, and he's insistent that this plan be stuck with. Nathan joins in on the conversation by saying Erika is less of a threat to win competitions than Dana is. Then Jack enters the conservation and insists Dana is the more strategic threat. Jee remains insistent, that he's "...done the work of the house," and things should say as is.

Wrapping up tonight's show was the most anticipated veto meeting since the very first one in Big Brother 3, where Gerry saved Marcellas Reynolds, propelling him in a run into the final five. Nathan, Jack, and Erika try to encourage Dave to be aggressive, to blitz Jee with use of the veto and to put him on the defensive.

After Michelle and Erika make their brief cases for removal, Dave elects to use to veto on nobody, puts the veto in the box and closes it. Dave tells the Diary Room that he has no plans to "shock and awe" the house this early.

Dana does tell the group that the veto meeting's drama nearly made her wet her pants.

Erika and Michelle each feel somewhat confident they will see the start of Round 3.


It is not hype to say that how this vote will go that very well might determine the immediate future of the game.

The vote appears to be wide open. Only Jack and Dave appear to be solid votes for Michelle's eviction. Robert and perhaps Justin seemed locked in on Erika's being the one gone. This leaves four votes that could go either way: Nathan, Dana, Jun, and Allison.

One of the hidden groups of this house will be forced to show their hand in the vote. If Erika goes, that will mean the original seven are no longer on the same page. If Michelle goes, but only loses 5-3, that means one of the original seven, most likely Dana, will have turned away from the originals.

There's also the possibly of a defector of the "originals" winning HOH as well, and wouldn't that throw things into chaos?

All in all, tomorrow should prove interesting.