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David, the former Army ranger from South Florida, made his impact on the game by capturing the lucrative Power of Veto. David then tried to talk Jee into an agreement to remove Erika from the block and place Dana there in her place, thinking Dana is more worthy of the position based on the strategic and physical threats she presents. Jee insisted that the original plan that he conceived of be carried out.

Since no agreement could be reached, and David sensed using the veto power so early in the game would be way to aggressive a move, he elected not to use the power he had.

And so tonight, one more houseguest will be shown the door, reducing the field to ten remaining. Then, nine of those ten houseguests compete to win the third Head of Household competition, which can be a reprieve for one lucky houseguest, but will send one more closer to their doom.

Read below, and see how this night unravels..


A snazzier dressed Julie Chen welcomes us to the second eviction night of Big Brother 4.

In the segment which captures recent events in the Big Brother house, Erika is still quite annoyed by Jee. Erika thinks Jee is merely doing Robert's bidding. Dana, who is pining to vote Erika out, things life would be much easier with her out, and Michelle in. Robert and Jee seem not to see what we see, and think the vote is going to be a shutout.

Dave has come to the conclusion that Jee is a moron, and isn't playing to win. Jack and Nathan are working a strategy where they are telling Robert, Justin, and Jee that the votes will go their way, but are, in fact, voting the opposite. Jun and Jee are shown having more conversations, some in Korean, where Jun is telling him that he needs to play it cautiously.

"Dumb freaking dumbass", Jun mutters to herself..
Julie interrogates a much livelier group of houseguests this week, and calls Allison the Muhammad Ali of the group. When she asks Nathan about the week's worth of peanut butter and jelly, Nathan confides that he hasn't worked out with weights. Poor guy!

Time to get the opening votes. With eight votes at stake, Jee can only cast if there is a tie. Robert votes out Erica, but Allison and Dana's votes are not revealed to us. At this juncture, Erika leads the race for 11th place at 1 to 0.

In the second segment, Erika and Michelle are profiled. Dennis and Connie, Michelle's parents, tell us what you see is what you get. Julie, David's Mom, is glad to know that the couple are still friends, but was surprised over Dave's little tryst with Amanda. Meanwhile Bonnie, who is Erika's Mom, tells us she's a forgiving soul. Jorge, Robert's buddy, also thinks the Erika-Robert tandem is a bit awkward, and finds Erika to be mostly "ice cold."

"Robert's a loser. Get it? Big L. Loser." Bonnie retorts near the segment's end.

In the "exclusive interview" with Jee in the HOH room, Julie gets right at Jee's secret alliance with Jun. Jee insists the deal is temporary and could be revoked later. Jee also thinks the vote will be unanimous, but will vote Erika out in event of a tie. Jee is pulling for either Dana, Justin, or Robert to win the HOH.

Nathan, Justin, and Jun cast their votes, but again we only see one vote actually cast. Justin votes out Erika, making the tally 2 to 0 amongst what we've seen, with Erika leading the way.

In the third segment, it's another look back at the cast of Big Brother 3, as Lori, Danielle, Roddy, and Jason are profiled. Jason, who is still a virgin, has gone back to Mobile and has traveled around with his Christian band. Lori, with a new hairdo, has moved to Duluth, Minnesota, and is a radio saleswoman by day and bartends at night. Roddy has gone back to New Jersey and continued to write and do charity work. Danielle, who now sports long hair, doesn't regret calling Roddy "the freaking devil", and is now doing her dream job, personal training.

Back to the year 2003, Erika and Michelle are permitted to make their last minute pleas. Erika says it was a pleasure to meet most of you, with the seeming exception of Robert. Michelle thanks the group for making the experience so pleasurable.

The diary room is where we find David and Jack, and they give observations on the vote. Jack and Dave vote to evict Michelle, meaning the tally is now even, at 2 to 2. This also means Nathan, Jun, Allison, and Dana, have each voted the same way.

Now that we know the vote is 6 to 2, and the second person voted out of the Big Brother 4 house...

And the 28th person voted out in Big Brother history...with Amy Crews counting only once, since she was evicted twice..

Live from Studio, City California at 6:38pm PDT on the 19th Day..



Jee is in utter disbelief!!! Someone mutters out, "whoa."

Hugs all around, from Allison, from Erika, from David, who says "sorry about that.", and gets hugs from everyone else. Michelle places the travel bag on her shoulder, and departs in 1 minute and 20 seconds. Michelle gets a handshake from Julie..

We look back into the house, and another person is stunned...Justin. Others hover in the kitchen, awaiting the upcoming HOH competition. Erika is shown drinking water, Robert is on the living room sofa area, also quite surprised.

A teary Michelle tells Julie that the vote was quite surprising, that she was assured that she was the pawn, and is hurt that she was lied to. When Julie told Michelle David was not one of the two votes for her, she was surprised even more. In the farewell message, Dana, David, Allison, Jun (who called her flaky in the message), Justin, and Nathan say their peace. Greeting the now blubbering Michelle is her father and brother.

One round ends, but a new one, Round 3, begins. This odd-looking competition has the houseguests divided into three groups of three each. Much like a game show, a question is asked, and the first to buzz in and successfully answer wins that pairing. If someone answers incorrectly, they are out of the hunt, and the remaining members get a new question. Dana, Justin, and Allison won their groups.

In the finals, you either had to answer 2 questions right to win, 1 wrong answer means elimination. After Dana, Justin, and Allison had each answered one right, Justin, and then Allison each answered incorrectly. This left Dana, who is our brand new Head of Household.

After promoting the next three shows, Dana and Jee are shown in conversation outside. "I've meant everything I've said all week.", Dana is telling Jee. Allison tells Nathan she was concerned her breasts would be exposed on national TV, as the credits roll.


The next time you see Jee on your TV screen or on the live feeds, repeat after me:


Did anyone else think Jun's farewell was a little tacky?

Erika lost a lot of brownie points with me in regard to her comments after nominations, using a racial slur on Jee outside with no one, but us, to hear. I'm not going to repeat it here, but it began with a 'm' and there was a 'f' in the middle. If you want to hold a grudge, fine, but racism has no place in today's society.

If Dana is going to make a turn on her original housemates, being HOH would make for the perfect time to do it. Dana was gesturing earlier in the show that she'd vote out Erika, but she played it safe and took down Michelle. With her being HOH, I'm sure she'll no longer lack the fortitude to make the move.