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Jee's reign as Head of Household ended in dismay, as all six originals who could vote stood tall and kept Erika, the L.A. Pilates instructor, to remain in the house. This meant Michelle, the 19 year-old from Boca Raton, became Big Brother 4's eleventh place finisher.

But how long will the original seven show their united front, now that Dana, the Queens karate instructor, is HOH? She's been very tempted to fire the first shot in the inevitable infighting amongst the originals. Will she give in to her temptations tonight?


If you're in the Big Brother house, and you're named Robert, Jee, or Justin, there was no joy in Mudville.

"It just shocked the hell out of me.", Robert told the diary room.

"We're just screwed!", Justin bellowed.

The originals make it clear. Justin, Jee, and Robert are marked men. "Never underestimate the power of a woman.", Erika tells the Diary Room.

Meanwhile, for Dana, losing HOH was no option. This doesn't have some of the originals happy. "Did I mention the psycho, crazy bitch is head of household?!?", David mentions is a recent DR session.

Dana is flanked by several houseguests for the unveiling of her HOH room treats, which included several treats from her Bayside Queens roots. And, oh by the way, Dana has found a new pal in Justin. And as many of you know, Justin is Allison's ex. Dana gives a hint to Jun and Justin as to an early plan of attack as to who to nominate. Dana decides to make the final ten a five on five contest in terms of alliances. She, Jun, and the three exs against the rest. Meanwhile, Justin spills information to Dana that several houseguests want her out of the game, including.. you guessed it.. Allison.

When word got back to Allison about this, this led to a verbal altercation between the two where both houseguests hold their own. In the end, Allison makes one request, that Justin not to speak to her as long as they're both in the house. Justin indicates that's just fine with him.

In the second segment, we see Nathan and Robert get French pedicures. Justin, however finds tinkering with toenails too anal.

On to this week's food competition, which will get half the houseguests off that yucky Peanut Butter and Jelly. All the houseguests are given ten minutes to change into camouflage shorts for the men, shorts and bikinis for the ladies. This competition required the houseguests to capture miniature capsules flown in from the house's roof, with parachutes on top, in military helmets. The houseguests then had to deposit those capsules into containers with their names on them. One of the capsules had a Burger King logo on it, which was caught, giving the group Burger King goodies for the week, along with several assorted grocery items.

In the third segment, we find the house is not divided just among the exs and the originals, but the neatniks and those who aren't so neat. Jun is fretting over the house's shabby condition, spewing expletives all over the kitchen.

Jun, of course, has an image of herself, that of house queen, making a majority of the dinners, providing most of the in-house entertainment. She jokes about winning the $500,000 and opening an escort service. Others, like Nathan and Allison, see her playing practically everyone. Debating with Dana, Jun suggests to her that siding with the exs might not be the best idea, and alienating the originals might just put her on an island with no allies. Dana politely disagrees, saying the three exs lack the gumption to turn on her.

In the final segment, Justin is profiled as part jock, part cool guy, part boy next door. Others, like Jack and Allison see him as a threat.

Jack and Dave go to Dana in the HOH room. Jack suggests Justin and Dana have a bond, but tries to set her straight as to who is the real threat in the game. Jack then tells her that in consistency, Justin has been the top performer. Why be in an alliance with someone stronger than you, he suggests, when she can be top performer in a group of her own?

When Robert tries to go into Dana's HOH room, Erika sees this, and gets into an argument with her former flame. This in turn gets Robert emotional, thinking of his kids at home. Even Erika comes back to comfort him when he is emotionally drained in bed. Robert tells the DR that he longer wants to go after Erika specifically, and will try to spend his remaining time repairing the breach.

In yet another powwow in the HOH room with Nathan, it's obvious Dana hasn't come up with a set plan. She tells Nathan that she's heard things that he has said being her back as well. One gets the sense that if Dana could nominate everyone but herself, she would.

This leads to the most dramatic moment in Big Brother, the nomination ceremony, much more dramatic this time because many of the houseguests have no clue who is going to be on the block.

"This is huge.", Dana says as she leaves the HOH room, keys in place.

After a brief introduction, the keys are unveiled. In order, Jun, Erika, Robert, Jee, David, Justin, and finally.. Nathan are given their keys. This leaves Allison and Jack as nominees.

As to why Dana made her choices, Jack was chosen based on pure strategy, whereas Allison was placed on the block for not knowing where she stands.

Erika summed it up with her own brand of originality.

"The walls came crumbling down today. She went like this... $500,000?"

Erika takes the imaginary money, and blows it away.


It's official: Big Brother 4 is no longer a team sport.

You might love Dana, you might hate Dana, but I have to give her her due. She probably knows the house is coming to get her now. So, why not try to take down the best players? She might be on a suicide mission, but her decision was highly strategic and even showed signs of, dare I say it, brilliance.

And finally, chew on this:

In the first Big Brother, Eddie co-won the vote to stay in the house in Round 4, and won the game.

In BB2, Will won the vote in Round 3, and won the game.

In BB3, Lisa won the vote in Round 4, and won the game.

So if the pattern holds, whoever wins this round will go on to win BB4, unless, of course, the trend comes to an end.