Hallelujah, Big Brother Day 01 finally arrived! Send out the banner planes, throw a frozen dinner in the nuker and sit down to the feeds. Early on in the day many of us did just that as we frantically typed out our excitement on the P/X. Those of us who acquired the Superpass to RealOne were treated to an early day surprise--that's right, FOTH! The same old song was back, pleasant music to our long-deprived ears. Those of us who chose the BB Real package, however, had to wait long into the day until the TV show ended to get in on the BB-feed action (or non-action, really, as FOTH should more appropriately be termed).

As soon as the first edition of Big Brother ended at 6pm EST, the feeds came to life for us, and what was to greet us but a fight! Go Big Brother! Apparently, Scott and his ex-fiancée, Amanda, have less than cordial feelings towards one another. As one poster overheard Scott say, "See if I ever talk to you the rest of the ***** time I'm in the house." Oooh, sounds like the X-factor is doing its job!

Immediately soon after, alliance talk dominated the inside of the house. Several members of the eight original (how I will refer to the first group who entered the house) HGs whispered conspiratorially about how they were still sticking to the plan to vote out the "exes." From what we could hear during this conversation, it sounds as if Amanda will be first to get the boot, followed soon by Robert and Justin. Interesting, isn't it, that the last five to enter the house are termed the "exes" and are treated as a whole like some alien breed. An ex has to have an ex, so five of the eight original HGs are exes, too! Later the alliance of eight agreed that in order to keep suspicions at bay, they will have to meet in small groups and then "spread the word" when they can.

Once the original HGs scattered throughout the house and grounds, the tone of the day settled into mostly simple chatter. A garrulous fellow, Justin was clearly in charge of a male-only convo happening outside that revolved mostly around Justin's dismay that "Barbie Doll Girl," a woman with "big, fake boobs" and who was "hotter than any girl in the house now," had not made it into the top 13. The other men murmured their agreement and the sound of their collective IQs crashing to the ground could be heard all the way up here in Vancouver. I am surprised there wasn't a hearty round of Tim Allen-esque grunting to crown the conversation. There was, however, whispers about a certain female HG who has gotten naked about five times already. Hmm, wonder who that could be?

As for the women's conversation, Erika gets the honor of being the first HG this season to wonder how anyone could want to sit at home and watch the feeds. Isn't it boring, she wonders? Jun chimes in, "If you are a sloppy pig, why wouldn't you watch a lot of beautiful women to give you a sense of control?" There we go, folks, this year we are not only pathetic losers who find interest in the boredom of the hamsters' lives, but we are sloppy pigs, too. When, oh when, is Big Brother going to put one of US in that house to defend the poor, misunderstood feed-freak for a change?

Meanwhile, Michelle is beginning to be known as the flirt of the house. This is not surprising considering she is the youngest. Several HGs as well as posters have pointed out her penchant for showing off her panties (be it to dance in them or flash them from under her skirt). Michelle herself expressed concern that BB could turn some innocent tumbling under the covers with Nathan into something raunchy. Apparently Dana agrees. In a conversation with Erika and Jun, Dana spelled out a rather nasty word that she fears Michelle may be called by viewers, but you ain't hearing it here!

Later David lets us view a personal side of him. While chatting with Allison and Dana, he tells them about a dream he once had of being shot. He said it taught him what it is like to die--the pain, the coldness, the fear. He then remarks that he hasn't told many people about this. Well David, you've told thousands of people now! Allison immediately says that the same thing has happened to her, but David isn't buying it. Now why wouldn't he believe her? He wouldn't by chance think that her stints of crying and whines are maneuvers of an attention-obsessed brat? Perhaps not, but it's only time before ~everyone~ figures that out.

As the sun sets and the party moves inside to the dining room table, the hamster antics turn to the tried and true "Truth or Dare." Some of the more memorable moments include some naughty fun. First on the plate, Jun is dared to suck Nathan's toes. Though she comes close to fulfilling the dare, in the end even Nathan's cute, wiggly toes can't tempt her enough to stick them in her mouth. Maybe she is holding out for something better? Next up, Amanda proves more daring than Jun when she meets her dare and sucks on Jee's ear. Allison, too, shows what a wildcat she is (and how much she regards her boyfriend's feelings: "If I wasn't single at 8:00, I'm definitely single now!") when she does a rather evocative and erotic dance for Nathan that, if carried on 15 seconds more, would have been adequately termed a lap dance. But don't think the fun ends here! We are then treated to a rather disturbing view of Robert licking very long licks up Jun's inside thigh, Michelle massaging Justin's bum as he lies on the kitchen island, Robert giving Amanda a rather uncoordinated lap dance in his underwear, and various HGs performing oral on other HGs' microphones. Egads! Things cool down a bit when it is Michelle's turn to come up with a truth question and the best she can do is, "If you had to marry someone in this house at the end of the game, who would it be?" Word of advice, sweetie, stick to massaging bums. But despair not, little thing; when asked which woman in the house he would do it with if he could, Nathan picks her--and on top. Given the abundance of drooling in that house over the Oklahoma boy, Michelle is doing just that--coming out on top.

At the end of this all, they agree that they have done every wild thing they can for their time on BB. It can't get worse than that, can it? I mean, everything stays exactly how you think it will in that house, doesn't it? Is that why the nine who participated in the game discuss the possibility of the four outside forming an alliance? Four (David, Erika, Jack, and Scott), all of whom are supposedly part of the 8-original HG alliance? It won't be long before each hamster realizes that "expect the unexpected" does not only apply to what BB does to them, but what they do to each other, too.

Some various other comments about Day 01:

Jun does not much care for Scott and is wary of Michelle who seems to run to Scott and tell him everything that is said about him behind his back.

Allison is an emotional wreck over Justin, her ex, being in the house. Is this because, as she says, she is concerned about her bf-at-home's feelings or because she is scared about what stories Justin will tell about her for the world, including said bf-at-home, to hear? You make the call. Just remember that by the end of the day, she is eagerly playing Truth or Dare and joining into an alliance with him.

Erika hates basketball, and we feed-viewers agree! Turn them, Erika, sway them in mercy of us! There is only so much "thump-thumping" we can take!

Much of the food that the HGs won in the televised food competition has apparently been taken away. While we are aware that there was another food competition, we are unsure as to why. Perhaps the first was to guarantee the food for the week and the second is to determine the types of food they get? We do know, however, that they have been assured they will not run out of food.

Rumor in the house is that nominations will take place on Day 02 (it appears on the plasma screen). Nathan is HOH. Talk is that he will put Amanda up against Jee, with the assumption that Amanda will go. David, Erika, Jack and Scott (the outsiders during the Truth or Dare game) are also within target-range, but it is too early to make a move on them.

Amanda and Dana are hitting it off, whispering away from others, remarking that a conversation with Allie was "fake" and shutting up when Jun comes near. I wonder if this will have any implications on the alliance the 8-original HGs have since Dana is part of it and Amanda is not? Furthermore, will the fact that Allison, Dana, Jun, and Nathan reveal the 8-original alliance to Justin in the HOH room mean that alliances are, indeed, swiftly changing? Apparently it is okay if they are, because the four above insist that mentally and physically, they can easily beat the rest of the house.

David beat Jack at chess (on the big chess basketball court outside). He's turning out to be much brainier than he came off as before the show started, and here may be why: David fully admits to his fellow HGs that he told the producers what they wanted to hear in order to get into the house, including that he was a player waiting to "do" every "honey" in the house. He feels slightly guilty about this. Scott, on the other hand, says he is through feeling guilty after BB put his ex in the house. As far as he is concerned, BB can "kiss his hairy ass."

Nathan and Michelle do a DR-session together. They then proceed to get more than a little close in bed later that night, murmuring in intimate voices, giggling over silly things, and lacing every word with dripping innuendo.

Backstabbing, talking behind each other's backs, raunchy behavior, and obnoxious attention-getting are all guaranteed part and parcel of this season of BB. From what I can see from a half day of feeds and one show, this season is going to be a bumpy ride folks! Hold on tight, because Day One is just coming to a close and there's a whole lot more to come! Yee-haw!

PS: Triple thanks to all the posters updating throughout the day and giving me lots of info for the summary!