It’s a slow start to Day 14 of the Feeds in the BB house. As eleven o’clock rolls around BB issues its usual wake-up calls which are either begrudgingly obeyed or ignored in stubborn fatigue as usual. As the HGs mill about in their early day routines there is some speculation over when there will be a luxury competition —some think that it must be today. Of course, similar hopes have arisen on previous days, too, as the inevitable ennui of the BB house preys on its inhabitants. Whether or not it will, indeed, be today is up to the great Space-Muffin above.

Over a breakfast of pancakes, which initially seemed doomed to failure without Jun present (she was in the DR for quite awhile), the PB&J-cursed HGs contemplate with satisfaction the last day of their limited diet. Dana, in particular, is eagerly anticipating eating “real” food on the morrow as her body is “seriously starting to ache.” After warning everyone present that if they mess up her chances for food the next week, she will “seriously mess them up,” she also complains about the temperature of the house at night. She blames Justin for turning it too low. Jee, too, agrees with this and comments on the “lack of circulation” in the house. Jack mentions that BB took the chin-bar from them, which upsets him, while Erika reiterates for the umpteenth time that she’d like a treadmill in the house.

A bit later, Dana returns to bed and Justin joins her. They spoon again as they did on the night before. Though nothing seems to happen this morning, let me supplement last night’s speculation on what happened between the two under the covers: a poster swears that Justin’s hand took a definite journey south on Dana where it engaged in some noticeable rhythmic activity. Jun was ~in~ the bed with them at the time, and Rob watched the whole thing with a fairly good understanding of what was going on (he later complimented Dana on what a “real woman” she is because of her sexual feelings). Other comments made by Dana herself make us not only go “hmmm” but “ewwww,” as well: “I was about to lose my marbles under there;” “You’re not going in my bed unless you rip that camera out of the ceiling;” and “That was awesome. I couldn’t even give you back what you deserved.” It seems like the “tummy rubs” were only precursor to some much more intimate petting—and if that is not enough to make you go ew, how about this: Justin headed to the kitchen ~without~ washing his hands and reached inside the bread bag to grab some bread. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. Let me reiterate, however, that this is only speculation as another poster I trust watched the whole thing and thought it was much more innocent than suggested. In any case, on this morning, the cuddling ~is~ rather innocent and when Dana thanks Justin as he leaves her bed, it seems nothing more than simple affection.

After Justin leaves, Jun joins Dana in bed and they begin whispering about strategy. Dana maintains that she is unaligned at the moment and will “go (her) own way.” She knows that she was going to be put up if David used the veto, and even though he hasn’t, “he’s putting a big, ***** target on his back.” Jun doesn’t appear to offer much info during this confab, but there is some talk about numbers and votes this week. Unfortunately, it is all too muffled to discern for certain what they are saying, but one poster definitely overhears Dana say, “I’m not stupid. I’m not going to align myself with three as opposed to six.” Hmmm.

The afternoon falls to the usual: sunbathing, pool-wading and general chitchat. Erika and Dana discuss Playboy and how much money it would take to get them to pose: Erika said 100K, Dana said she’d do topless for 500K. Robert tells Justin that he and Erika could “do it twice in one day,” to which Justin replies (much to Rob’s shock), “Yeah, I heard all about that.” They then go on to break BB rules when they agree to give one another 50K if either of them wins the show; they also agree to talk to Jee to get him in on the deal. Meanwhile, we are startled to learn that Jun was once a Sunday school teacher and met Jee in church and that Dana is from a “born-again” family (though she has stopped going to church “for awhile”). Alison, by the way, is squeezing lemon into Michelle’s hair to help sun-bleach it.

Later in the kitchen, Jun takes some potatoes from the competition casseroles to fry up for the non-eaters of this week (they were allowed to eat the casseroles if they wished). They are effusive in their appreciation and it takes little time for them to wolf down their treat. The eaters for the week get hamburgers and hot dogs and they, too, make short time of their meal—as Jack comments, “Jun worked on this for two hours and we eat it in seven minutes.” But don’t think it is eat and dash—the HGs actually help clean up this time, and to make an honest man out of himself, Justin grabs a sponge and dives into the sink to wash some dishes.

The chatter continues: Robert tells Michelle that he needs Erika to go not because he hates her but because he simply doesn’t want her in his life (if that is the case, why doesn’t he leave? After all, as he states over and over, it is just a silly game anyway, and he misses his daughter and “all the sex” he has outside of the house). David and Nathan join them and the conversation turns to their time before BB in sequestration: David and Robert remember seeing one another in the elevator during finals; Michelle is the only one of her “group” to get so far; Dana, Erika, Jack, Jun, Nathan and Scott all applied for the show (the others, apparently, were approached by BB). Justin later tells Dana that he told BB in the DR that Alison was ~not~ his girlfriend; she and he agreed to call what they were to each other “***** buddies.”

Meanwhile, a passing smidge of a conversation between Jee and Jun in the kitchen make all our ears perk up and our eyes squint in distrust. Jun, when seeing Jee come from the DR, asks, “Did BB ask about me?” He responds, “Yes. Did they ask about me?” She answers, “Yes, we have to keep quiet so no one suspects.” So no one suspects!!

Around twenty to five, BB announces that there will be a lockdown in about a half hour, so a few of the females rush outside to get their daily workout done before they can’t go outside any longer. At five on the dot, however, they are instructed to move inside, so they take their workout into the living room. Right in the middle of a stimulating camera shot of Justin shaving his “monobrow,” the feeds cut to FOTH and don’t return until six in the evening (forty-five minutes later). The lockdown is now over and the HGs are free to move about as they like.

Around this time we overhear a jewel of a comment to make any of us laugh at the “irony”: Michelle, when David says he would rather do a “porno” than pose for Playgirl, remarks, “It’s the trashiest thing ever to have sex on camera and have it broadcast nationally.” Oh Michelle, if only you knew…

Evening tidbits of interest: The Sandbox apparently smells like feet. Yum. Dana and Justin cuddle on and off in bed, but do nothing of particular interest (except look more than a tad frustrated). Robert utters these stellar words of wisdom to Jee: “The more people that leave, the better chance we have of winning.” And Robert wonders how Michelle could possibly ever have thought she could win the game? Sheesh. Jee spends some quality time gazing at the picture of his girlfriend. Alison speculates that her boyfriend is no longer her boyfriend. She then launches into a story about her parents and various affairs that they have had. One, in particular, she broke up herself when she called the listing for the name of the man who was having an affair with her mother and told his wife (actually, she called the wrong house, first, and told the wrong woman her husband was having an affair). Alison actually ~names~ the man and where he works (apparently she told him he didn’t make enough money—65K—for her mother so he should come back when he obtained a better job) and the feeds surprisingly don’t go to FOTH (lawsuit, lawsuit, lawsuit). Alison also tells Nathan that her father had an affair with her mother’s best friend and that it lasted for five years, and we get a clearer picture as to why Alison is the way Alison is.

Dana and Jun resume strategizing this evening, and Dana seems to contradict what we overheard this morning; now she insists that she will vote Erika out, despite Jun’s prodding otherwise, because Erika would vote her out “in a minute” (but so would everyone else in the house! Well, except maybe Justin…er, no, even Justin). When Dana remarks that there will only be two votes maximum for Erika (I suppose she means David and Jack’s), Jun keeps silent. Over in the hallway, David is playing with the memory wall and repositioning the pictures of the HGs upside down, sideways and slanted; he then plays with the individual paper bags with the HGs’ faces on them and lingers over Amanda’s (awww). Not long afterwards, he is called into the DR, perhaps for being naughty.

The evening falls to mundane chatter over what the HGs will wear for Wednesday’s live show and a couple of the women try on different dresses and model them for consideration. We get some rather flagrant views of both Alison and Michelle’s backsides as they dress and undress. At the same time, Jee, Justin and Rob are all called to the DR and speculation has it that they are being reamed about their deal to share the grand prize with one another should one of them win. Once out, though, they engage in the banal chatter that preoccupies the rest of the house. Robert makes fun of Erika who loved her dogs too much and wouldn’t let him push them out of her bed so he could sleep with her (okay, he might have a point; four dogs on a bed and no room for him—it’s a bit odd). He then tells the others how he was an alcoholic who lost his job and car because of it.

If you think that strategy talk today can’t get any more convoluted or contradictory than it has, think again. Alison and Jun plot in the bathroom and it goes something like this: Jun wants someone to tell Dana on the morrow to vote Michelle out. Alison and Jun could then vote Erika out, making it a 4-4 tie. Jee would then break the tie and evict Erika. This would put Alison, Jee, Jun, Justin, Michelle and Robert against David, Jack and Nathan, and Justin and Robert could easily pull Dana over to their side after the vote to make it seven against three. If, on the other hand, they vote out Michelle, it would pit all of the original seven against the three Stooges. The question is who do they trust more? Alison states that she doesn’t trust Robert or the fact that they approached David and Jack with a deal to align with them. She does, however, trust David and Jack because they came to her and told her about the offered deal. Alison also states that perhaps by keeping Erika in the house, the Stooges will remain preoccupied with evicting her; Jun doesn’t necessarily agree with her as she feels they will “give up” once they realize they weren’t able to accomplish the deed. Jun argues that they may be able to use Michelle later if they keep her, but by the end of the conversation, the two agree that for now (until they talk more tomorrow—no more, please, no more! Just get to the vote already!!) they will stick with the plan to vote Michelle out.

After some dinner (including homemade applesauce made by none other than Chef Jun), there are card games and ping pong games and chatter about bruised breasts (Jack bruised Dana’s chest on the previous night when he ran into her during the chair game), the anticipated reaction of the Stooges and Dana when Michelle is voted out on Wednesday, and how Dana will be on the block for the next nominations. It’s really the same-old, same-old that we have heard for the past few nights. The Stooges have the nerve to say they distrust Alison for dissing Dana behind her back and then being her friend to her face (pot, kettle?), while Alison reads the Bible to Dana, Dave, Jack and Jun and Jun massages Dave. Alison says to Jun, “See, I’m the good one. I hope they put this on. I’m reading the Bible while you’re touching guys’ bodies!” Jun and Nathan briefly talk and the gist is that they all agree to “stick to the plan.” There are also various references made by HGs to telling Dana to vote for Michelle just before voting tomorrow so that she has no time to run to the Stooges.

Before bed, Jack tells Erika that he plans to tell Jee after Michelle is voted out that Erika was the main proponent in saving him and ousting Amanda the previous week (not true). He has hopes that this might reduce the attention the Stooges pay to her and him in the following weeks. David then joins the conversation and there is talk about the camera angles in the HOH and how well they caught his retching (that ain’t all they caught); Erika and Jack assure him again that BB won’t show it, and so far they haven’t—that part, at least. They wonder what the HOH competition tomorrow will entail, and Jack thinks it will be more physical than mental (because BB practiced with cameras in the backyard, he doesn’t think the booths will be used again). Still, they go through the colors of the ducks the HGs had and what order they played in in the Duckball POV competition for about the gazillionth time.

At about 1:30am, the house settles down into the final remnants of a long, quite tedious at times day. After some play-fighting between Jun, Michelle and Nathan, some weird stories about monkeys told by David to Erika and Jack, and some enthusiastic hygienic routines engaged in by the Stooges (Jee brushes his teeth like a maniac as he had on the previous night; Robert puts on deodorant before bed), the HGs finally climb into bed to slumber for the night. By half past two in the morning they are all sound asleep, and it won’t be long before BB greets them with an early morning wake-up call to tally their eviction votes for the week. For a few hours, then, at least, we will have a temporary respite from the constant plotting, scheming and strategizing—or at least we can hope.

Till tomorrow, adieu.