Day 20 begins late for most of the HGs who stayed up into the wee hours of the morning after a long, drink-infused night. Erika and Jack are up first, as usual, but they stay in bed and whisper. What is on their minds today? They hope that Nathan won’t use the veto—if he does, he will only be further splintering an already splintered group. Although Alie ~is~ capable of winning competitions, Jack concedes, he believes Nathan only wants her around for flirtation and comfort. Furthermore, Nathan’s ties remain with the queen of his Harem rather than with David, Erika and Jack. Jack laments that he didn’t try to strengthen their bond more. Erika, meanwhile, wants to blame everything on Justin: “It’s not Dana, it’s Justin. He does the thinking for her. It pisses me off. Bitch.”

BB attempts to wake the HGs up at around quarter to eleven, but to little avail. One by one, however, they slowly crawl out of bed and begin their usual morning routines of teeth-brushing and face-washing and looking generally like they’d rather sleep another day.

Nathan, as soon as he gets to the washroom and finds Erika there, broaches the idea again of pressuring Jun to vote with them (he considered this last night). Erika, however, would rather see Jun nominated were Nathan to use the veto, but Nathan doesn’t think this is very likely. Jack comes in and asks Nathan if he is, indeed, going to use it, and much to Jack’s displeasure, I am sure, Nathan replies in the affirmative saying that it is in their best interests to keep such a strong player. Dana, meanwhile, is outside talking to one of her cronies and expressing how she will be the “meanest mother ***** to that bitch” if Nathan uses the veto. And so sets the melody for the day.

David, too, is concerned that Nathan will use the veto and understandably so. He is quieter than usual, but still manages to throw in a joke every once in awhile. He mentions that he will talk to Dana about it, but the others tell him that she doesn’t know anything; she is, however, “pissed” because she doesn’t want David to go. David doesn’t take much comfort in this. Erika even admits that she can understand why Nathan will use it—if it were one of them on the block and she had the veto, she would use it, too.

Erika then heads outside under the pretence of getting some sun, but immediately veers for the ManTroll herself to talk about what is coming. To be precise, she asks Dana that, if the veto was used and David nominated in Alison’s place, would Dana be willing to have Jack voted out over David? She adds that it is more about sequestration and whom they’d rather be with for those weeks—David or Jack. Though Dana doesn’t answer it, she does appear to be mulling over the idea in her head.

Back inside, we get our first guffaw of the day when we hear Alison tell David that she wasn’t drunk last night—that the problem last night was not her interaction with Justin in the hot tub, but how the others, who were wasted, reacted to it. Uh-huh. She also suggests to Dave that he flirt with Dana in order to try to sway her from either nominating him or voting him out. I guess after her success with seduction last night, she figures she can give advice about it—puh- leeze.

Though the veto meeting is less than an hour away and the question will be settled then, the HGs don’t take a rest from talking about the “what-ifs.” Jack heads outside where Dana immediately asks him if he wants to stay. When he says yes, she tells him then that he will stay, guaranteed—whomever she nominates in Alison’s place will be voted out, of that he can be sure. Jack then asks who it is exactly she will nominate, and she replies, “I don’t have much choice; both of them are good players.” Obviously she is only considering David or Erika.

If it were up to Nathan, however, this wouldn’t be the case. In fact, he approaches Dana in the HOH with a deal to try to keep David, Erika and Jack safe. He starts off by saying that what he is proposing is not a threat; it is just an offer and she can think about it and do what is best for her. The deal proposed is: Dana “redeem” herself for betraying the original alliance by nominating one of the Stooges in Alison’s place ~if~ he uses the veto; if she does, none of them will nominate her next week. It is important to note that he reiterates several times that he doesn’t know for certain yet whether he will use it or not. Dana retorts that it would be stupid if she did, for next week she will be Alison’s primary target; to this, Nathan assures her over and over that Alison, who will have owed him a favor if he vetoes her, will do ~exactly~ as he says. Dana doesn’t trust this and begins to blather on about how she nominated Alison for specific reasons —she is immature and won’t fit in well with the group that has to be sequestered; she also is the “kind of girl” who would vote against Dana in the final vote just because of her relationship with Justin. Furthermore, “Would you want to be sequestered with someone you knew hated you?” she asks Nathan. Nathan agrees that he wouldn’t, but he doesn’t play the game with emotions, unlike Dana. “All you think about is the final vote; who says you are going to get that far?” He tells her that her safest move was to stay with them, but she disagrees—she doesn’t feel particularly safe with either side. After they hash it all over and Nathan ends by saying, again, that she should do what she needs to do, but “think about it,” he leaves the room and murmurs quietly to himself, “Got her.”

Nathan, smug as can be, heads over to Alison to tell her the details of the conversation, while Dana heads out to Robert and expresses a very different side to her perspective on the convo than we had seen during it. While talking to Nathan, she had seemed to be considering Nathan’s proposal in a calm manner. Outside with Robert, however, Dana is ~mad~ and he joins right along with her in being pissed as pissed can be. “That stupid mother *****,” he utters. “He must think you are stupid to accept a deal like that!” Dana paces back and forth and says, “Who do you think it would hurt him more to see go? Because that is my main goal right now—to hurt him.” Dana doesn’t just get angry, she gets vengeful. Robert answers her and it is what we feared: David. Dana nods her head in agreement and then says, “Exactly. And don't worry about what he said, that deal, because I am not doing it. I wouldn't do that and you know it.” The Stooge tosses his hand in unconcern and replies, “Oh no, I know.”

The two then walk over to the HOH room where they are joined by other members of their alliance and, let me tell you, their talk is BIG. Nathan, as far as they are concerned, is a “stupid mother *****” who is as good as gone next week. Dana rants about how angry she is that Nathan offered her a “second chance” (“who does he think he is? Better than the HOH,” Robert bites out), so much so that she wanted to “kick him in the nuts” or “smash his pretty face in.” She adds that her speech (when he uses the veto) will be so big that it will make the Daily News. “***** loser.” Throughout all of this, we hear Nathan called all sorts of names from bitch to worse words that will be fothed here. Robert, in particular, sounds angry and bitter enough to actually do someone physical harm. Justin is not so bad, but he does offer the comment that “Alie has him so brain-washed. She pushes her breasts in his face and rubs his ***** and he can’t think for himself. He’s not a man.”

About this time, the veto meeting occurs. We don’t go to FOTH, however; BB is considerate enough to let us see four different camera angles of the backyard (*sigh*). Soon enough we see some movement as some HGs trickle outside, and as Nathan and Jack sit down to talk, we clearly hear that Nathan ~did~ use the veto and that David was nominated in Alison’s place. Nathan: “I did what I had to do. She lied to us; she lied to Alison and told her she was safe 5 seconds before nominations. I did what I had to do.” Jack tells him that he understands, but he is evidently disappointed. When Jun comes out, however, her reaction isn’t as forgiving. Though she doesn’t dare to let anger or, really, any emotion lace her voice, she does tell Nathan that she doesn’t understand why he said “all that stuff about betrayal” when they were going to turn on Dana and vote her out if they got a chance. Nathan doesn’t really respond to that; he only looks upset and says, “It sounds like you are defending her.” Jun backtracks a bit, but maintains that his speech was a bit harsh.

David, meanwhile, is not outside with his alliance members; instead, he is in the HOH room getting as buddy-buddy as he can. Dana is experiencing a bad case of verbal incontinence as she bashes Nathan every which way she can: “Insecure, whimpering little man. He’s ***** pissing his pants right now. I am not even sure if he has a ***** penis between his legs. I’ve seen him squat to pee,” and “I will not be ***** civil to him anymore. I will make that bitch cry every ***** day.” She then blasts herself for not having nominated him alongside Alison this week; “I am so ***** pissed. SO ***** pissed right now!!” The other Stooges join in (Robert the worst of all), and David, though he doesn’t disagree, doesn’t say much as he sits back and listens to them. Eventually, however, they offer him a deal: they will keep him over Jack if he agrees that next week, were he to win HOH, Alison and Nathan will be nominated. David replies, “If Erika is down with it, I am down with it.” Dana seems happy by this arrangement, but the second David leaves, the others start placing doubts in her head. To make it short, Robert, Jun and Jee (Jun most of all) think that David is too strong of a player to keep around; he could ally with Nathan and they would be a hard team to beat. Justin and Dana, however, both want Dave to stay—Dana because she has the hots for him and wants to hurt Nathan (assuming Nathan wants Dave out because he is competition), and Justin because he wants to cut Nathan’s strategic move off at the ankles.

Erika comes in at some point during this conversation, and while most of them are ready to talk to her and ask her if she is willing to sacrifice Jack for David ~and~ vote out Nathan next week, Jun delves right into bitch mode and says something like, “Is there any point in asking her? She doesn’t give us anything, so why should we sit here and pretend to share information? I mean, really.” What’s important to note about this is that she said that directly in front of Erika while referring to her in the third-person. Erika replies somewhat snottily herself, “Well, Jun, I am not sure yet what I want to do. I don’t really know.” After she leaves, Jun does some more of her smooth-talking, and Dana, who must hum “If I Only Had a Brain” to herself over and over, finally agrees that David is toast.

Whew. This is a lot before two in the afternoon! Fortunately, the afternoon settles down somewhat. A few interesting bits to note: Alison wondered if “those internet nerds” could really capture stills of her naked and share them—is that legal? Erika and Nathan remind her that she signed a clause coming into the house saying that she is a “public figure;” if she’s naked, she’s naked and that’s all there is to it. “I will never be nude, damn it,” Erika adds. “I mean, I have my morals. I only get naked for money.” The others laugh at this, but Alison is visibly upset since, as she maintains, she didn’t do it on purpose. A bit later, the group gathers for their Burger King lunch and David remarks that the tension is so thick one could cut it with a knife. A poster thinks they overhear Alie tell Nathan that Jun said to her, “Don’t talk to me. I want them to think I hate you.” Hmm. A bit later we do, in fact, overhear her talking to Alison and Nathan as though she is still aligned with them. Jun tells them that she is voting out David; that she “blew up” at Erika earlier; and that they (Alison and Nathan) “did the right thing.” I have to admit, Jun ~is~ playing a good game; I have never seen someone play both sides so effectively before. It may come back to bite her on the ass, but right now it is working like butter on toast.

Other afternoon tidbits: Dave rubs and squeezes Alison’s backside as the men admire her posterior; she says for the umpteenth time that there is “no way” she has a boyfriend anymore. Both Alison and her brother have lost their licenses for driving too fast; her father then bought her brother an Explorer (gotta love those parenting skills). Nathan sees a dentist in the DR; he may have a cavity. Jee tells the others that his dad had a circumcision without anesthesia in the Korean army (ow!!). He also admits that he has never applied for US citizenship. He then regales the others on how “good” his “girl” is because she does his laundry and, when they go to his friend’s house, sits alone reading a magazine, not saying anything at all, while he plays games. (I bet Jee can find a woman Nathan would like. Losers.) Justin thinks Dana is cool for eating sunflower seeds (color me confuzzled??), and Dana replies, “I will be the coolest girl you will ever know.” Jee calls Jun “a hamster with a little pouch.” (Anyone else suspect that, while he congratulates himself on staying with her while she was fat, he was one of those boyfriends who constantly made fun of her and criticized her?)

Throughout the night, David and Erika whisper back and forth about how they are going to save David; Dana and her Stooges, however, also whisper back and forth about how they are going to vote him out. The three Stooges also plan how they will stick together and be the final three and how they can’t “*****” people over since they will be voting for them in the end. They then bash their Queen and say how “anal” and “weird” she is—and “that’s how it’s going to be when you have sex with her, too.” Seems like the ManTroll is only good to them as far as she can help them get in the game. We also learn around now that Robert admits to having used the “white stuff” daily—but apparently he doesn’t anymore. Uh-hmm. Dana, meanwhile, is cleaning the bathroom (one of the HOH's duties) and complaining every inch of the way.

As the night progresses, Jun makes dinner as usual, Jee repairs the backyard hose, and Alison informs us that she is constipated—the prunes aren’t working, apparently. David wanders around being his normal odd self babbling: “Monkey mother lovers; monkey mother monkey lovers. Spam, spammm. Spam, spammm,” and flipping off the camera. Eventually they eat, and a few of the boys do the dishes afterwards. David heads off to the HOH room to listen to some music; Jun follows close behind to molest him. She rubs his bum and says, “I am playing piano on your ass, Dave.” She mentions that she gets lonely and horny in the house, but he doesn’t respond. Later he hightails it out of there and goes in search of Jack to strategize (strange that, since one will be gone on Wednesday). As they converse, it is apparent that David thinks he will stay—he says as much to Jack. He knows that the Stooges are only stringing along Dana and Jun and will cut them loose at the first opportunity. He also mentions that he wants Alison or Nathan to win HOH next week (so much for his deal…lol; but this way, if anyone from the other side wins HOH, David and Erika are safe for a week or two; if Alie or Nathan win, they are all back in the game). Jack in the meantime comments how he can’t flirt with Dana the way David does or hang around too much with “them”—it would just be too obvious. David laughs and admits that whenever Dana hugs him, he makes faces at a nearby camera. He is surprised that she is so easily fooled. As for Jun, David’s visible distaste for Jun’s overtures of affection is not misunderstood: “Every time Jun touches me, I want to slap her and tell her to get the ***** off.”

Around 12:45am in the morning, Erika joins the two guys and they do a little bashing themselves—though I have to say, it is rather tame in comparison to the HOH-room talk. At most, there are some “they are so stupid” comments and “what morons” remarks, but they are kinder to Nathan than the others. Despite being put into a bad position themselves, they understand why he did what he did—after all, were the situation reversed, they would have done the same. Erika tells the others that Jun is on her *****-list now; Jack comments that he and Dave need to prepare a strategy that will work for either of them whoever stays; Dave considers throwing the HOH competition next week.

As for the Berts, they are strategizing, too, mostly saying that Dave, no matter how nice and charismatic he is, has to go. They slam Alison and Nathan (surprise) and agree that Nathan should go first, since Alison is “nothing without him.” Again Dana bemoans not putting up Nathan; again they remark on what a “tool” he is. It will make “great TV” when he is nominated. And on and on until late in the night. Maybe they would do better to take their cues from Alison and Nathan who are actually studying various facts in order to prepare for the upcoming HOH. (I am so not a big Alie-Nate fan, but MAN would I like to see one of them win the next HOH!)

And that is Day 20. Now it’s time to settle down for a couple of days until the vote. Will Dana choose David to stay over Jack? Let’s hope Dave’s muscles and boyish charms will do the trick.