It’s Tuesday morning and as every Tuesday morning goes, BB announces a wake-up call around 9:00am. There is some voting to be done today, folks! As the HGs tumble out of bed and go through their daily morning routines, one of them notices that there is a game outside for them to practice—apparently for the HOH. It involves water jugs and balls, and is “kinda gay” according to Jun. Immediately Alison and Erika head out there to practice. The game goes something like this: they have a water jug filled with blue ping pong balls; standing on a platform, they must empty the balls out of it and into a black plastic tube being careful not to get the balls caught in the bottle; they must keep both hands on the jug at all times and the game is timed. Everyone who tries it seems to suck at it—so it appears that the HOH competition really is up for grabs by all. The HGs, however, can’t believe that this is the whole game. There must be more to it, they agree. The only two who aren’t practicing are Dana (who can’t compete in it) and David (because he believes he will be evicted—he does join in later, however). The two most eager to practice? Alison and Nathan.

The HGs are one by one called into the DR to vote, but nothing exciting happens to report. Unfortunately, this could very well mean David is a goner.

Apparently somewhere in this brief time (a couple hours at most) something happened to again cause Erika to cry. Though we aren’t sure what it is, it seems to involve Robert: “This has gotten really dirty. This game has gotten dirty. It doesn’t have to be this dirty.” Dana, meanwhile, is commenting on how “awesome” David is and that in five years or so he will be a “great boyfriend and Dad.” The two women then meet up in the HOH room to discuss David’s eviction, how Dana would feel about Jun being nominated, and why Nathan used the veto on Alie. Though Erika, with tears again, tries to illustrate to Dana how Nathan used it as a strategic move and it was really no worse than Dana nominating who she did, Dana just can’t get it (as I said yesterday; she’s either stupid or constructs totally different standards for herself in the game than for anyone else).

Though it might be easy to make fun of a weepy Erika, she really does seem to be taking Dave’s imminent eviction badly. She heads over to the BlueRoom to joke around with him and thank him for making her laugh, but she seems very choked up throughout it. Dana meanwhile is talking to Jun about “how pissed at Nathan Erika is” and how that will work in her favor—of course, we all know that this is not the case. While Erika would have preferred that Nathan not use the veto, she is ~not~ angry at him for doing so.

While Alison and Erika head out to practice the HOH some more, the Stooges only look on and either remark how badly they are doing or complain that they want that “*****” out of the backyard. Justin then goes on to say how we people at home watching BB think that they vote live (we do?), when in fact they vote on the previous day. Uh, Justin, you need to watch a live show someday—it will become more than apparent that only a fool would think that.

The afternoon falls to practicing, to card-playing and lounging in the sun. It is your average-we’re-so-bored day. Oh, and there is more crying as Erika lies on the couch with Dana and whimpers under Dave’s army cap that she is wearing. Dana talks her usual talk and tells Jee that if Nathan wins the HOH, she will most certainly be nominated and she will “win the mother ***** veto like a mother *****.”

Around two o’clock, the HGs dig into not only their Burger King lunches, but a roast that Jun has cooked, as well. Outside, Erika lounges in the hammock and pets one of the turtles. Robert plans to splash her with the help of some others, but there are no takers and eventually she gets up without having been soaked. After his failed plan, Robert sits down with Jee by the dryer and they talk about coming up with a name for Justin that means “*****-whipped.” Apparently they think Dana has him under her thumb. And, of course, around this time Dana and Justin are lying together in the HOH room. She tells him as she plays with his hair that he had better have David cut it tonight since tomorrow, “who knows?” I thought you were supposed to know, oh hallowed HOH!!

The day is soooo slow that for some time the cameras focus in on David and Michelle’s pictures. Foreshadowing? Or maybe trickery? (I’m allowed to keep hope.) Soon enough we find some conversation, but as Jee talks about loving when “girls” ask him to spank them, some of us wish for the silent faces on the wall again. There is more Alie and Nathan-dissing by the step-sisters today; in particular (and in amazing hypocrisy), Dana mocks the DR asking Nathan, “How do you feel about betraying your alliance?” Robert later comments that “three months in here” are worth it if he gets recognized for a year and gets a couple of commercials. “They” (meaning us fans) “will think you are something special, but won’t know.” Oh Robert, we know, we know! The Rat Pack then all agree that the house will be so boring without David around (and today is evidence enough as Dave remains a good portion of the day in bed, sleeping).

There is a lockdown and their rambling, boring ways are confined now to the inside of the house. Some discuss how they “found” their keys—when BB surprised them to let them know they’d be on BB. Jee tells the others how his father left his mother, him and his sister in Korea and came to America to open a construction business; soon after, he brought them all over. Over in the HOH, Dana and Justin cuddle and Justin gets a bit perky in his “happy area,” as a poster remarks. He was about to get up, he says, but when Dana sat on that particular spot to look out the window, nature took its course and now he has to wait.

By eight in the evening, the lockdown is over and when the HGs venture outside, they see that the platform they were shaking their ping pong balls from has been raised to be much higher. Some HGs immediately try to think of a new strategy for the game, while some of the boys head to the basketball court to shoot some hoops. Dana, not being interested in learning the particulars of the game, remains in the HOH room and looks at some pictures while she listens to some music. When Jun comes in, it’s the same old, same old. If I even have to tell you that they are badmouthing Alison and Nathan, then you just haven’t been watching the feeds or reading the updates at all!

Bits that we learn this evening: Dave only lives an hour away from Erika; she is happy that she will easily be able to see him. Dana seems to think that she will go out on a date with David after the game (“Oh my God, I am so in love with David”), and when she mentions that she wants to kiss him, Erika replies, “You’re not the only one.” She believes that there will be many “girls watching and crying when he goes.” Alison and Nathan concur that Dave must be staying since the Rat Pack is telling him he is going (to shake things up). Nathan then confronts the Stooges in the hot tub and tells them he thinks they are BS’ing him about David going; he also says, “Why are we fighting with each other?” Apparently the coldness towards him over the past couple of days has taken its toll. He tells them that both he and Alison hate Dana, so why don’t they all throw the competition and let one of them get it to get rid of her? They don’t agree to this; in fact, Robert gets somewhat upset about it all. Nathan really seems to be trying to smooth things over, however, when he says, “If one of you put me up, I won’t go out badly. Let’s have a good time.”

Of course, Ratbert runs like a good little crony and tells Dana everything—once again, she is “pissed” enough to hit someone. She cusses left and right and throws a mighty good tantrum; she again wonders if Nathan even has “a penis between his legs.” Jun says, “Maybe, but he has no balls to go with it.” Hypocrisy rears its ugly head again when Jun further remarks how she doesn’t “like the lies.” And on it goes…too much so what we’ve heard before, too much so what makes me nauseous, too much so that I can’t be bothered summarizing their lunatic ravings. As for Alie, she is hanging with Erika and wondering if Nathan could be gay—he acts like her older brother, she says. Erika doesn’t think that he is.

About now, as 2:00am looms on the clock, BB reminds them that they have a show on the morrow, but it doesn’t stop the HGs from lounging around and chatting. The Rat Pack discuss how much they want to win the HOH tomorrow; Dave hangs out with them and engages in his general silliness; Alison and Nathan talk still as if Jack is the one going to leave (they really believe it; Nathan reiterates a few times that he feels like a “prick” because of it); the Rat Pack makes fun of Alie for coming into the HOH room to say goodnight (because, you know, being sordid enemies over a stupid game is so much better); Robert says before he gets married, he will have his “chick” tailed for a month and not tell her; when Rob recommends to Jee to do that with his girlfriend, Jee says he never would because “she is a good one.” Dana and Justin settle down in bed together and appear to sleep together for the first time (really sleep).

And so it goes. Being the shortest summary I have ever done (not including the first half-day), you’d think that I shirked my summarizing duties. Heh. But folks, just take a look at the updates, if you will, and you will see that I was faithful to that day’s occurrences. It was a long, boring, tiring day. Well, sometimes we need a rest, and tomorrow there will be drama enough!